Argentine Police Mausers 

Manufactured by Mauser at Oberndorf in the mid 1930's, these short rifles were made for the police in Buenos Aires in 7.65mm and are so marked on the top of the receiver.  All are numbered between 1000 and 1500, leading us to believe that only 500 of these rifle were originally manufactured.  Each rifle carries commercial proofs, MOD. 1933 on the side-rail and a faint MAUSER BANNER on rear bridge of receiver.  The rear sling-swivels look home-made and they likely originally had a quickly-detachable devise on the sling itself (which was common during that period).  The rear tangent sight is adjustable to 1400 meters in 100-meter increments and the front-band was attached by screws and has a Gewher 98-type sling-hook.  The bolts were bent and the stock inlet for the bolt-knob.    The wood and handguard are well-made of European walnut. None have cleaning-rods and it is uncertain if they originally had them or not.

These rifles are listed in Chapter 28 of Colin Websters excellent and only recently published (2002) reference "Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871-1959".

Each has obviously seen hard use during their period of service (which apparently only ended recently).  The bluing has oxidized from sweat and likely indifference, with some scattered light rust and pitting (but nothing major).  The wood has considerable handling-marks and graffiti and likely has a crack or two (all of the handguards are cracked to one degree or another).  The bores range between dark and strong to bright but frosty.  All are mismatched but completely serviceable and the headspace has been checked.  They're not real pretty, but they are quite rare and interesting.


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