Finn Model 1891 Mosin Nagant rifles

updated 9/20/09

The following Finn Model 1891 Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifles come from recently released Finn long-term storage facilities and reserves.

They are in EXCELLENT external condition (95% or better bluing on the metal) with new-looking Finn 2-piece stocks *ALL* having some storage dings, gouges, scratches or compressions from being palletized while in-transit (the Finn metal sling-swivels being the usual cause), but are VERY ATTRACTIVE nonetheless (see photo of a typical example picked totally at random below).

A few rifles (if noted) have used one-piece Russian stocks that show some signs of actual service use. 

ALL have serviceable bores (or else the Finns would not have kept them), most still have the Finn arsenal-tags attached, all are [SA] stamped and have force-matched bolts.  None of these rifles are in their original Russian configuration, all having been reworked by the Finns (in other words the magazine-floorplates and buttplates, *IF* numbered, will *NOT* match the barrel or receiver).

Many of the Russian-barreled M91's have counterbored muzzles, and if so there will be a Y in the counterbored muzzle? column.  

ALL have a 99% or better bluing on the metal (the Russian-barreled rifles were reblued by the Finns). All include cleaning-rods and are attractive truly HAND-PICKED examples (see photo below of a rifle chosen entirely at random from our stock).

 Please read and agree to our Terms of Sale HERE *FIRST*, 
then order by serial-number from the following table 
(we will not "HOLD" any item without BOTH payment and paperwork in-hand

FINN Model 1891 rifles
Sorry, no individual photos available

DATE Barrel

serial #

sling swivels

arsenal tag?

counterbored muzzle? FFL required?



1901 Tula 8070 metal Y (detached) Y Y bolt not matching $280 SOLD
1915 Westinghouse 827333 leather N N Y beat-up Russian 1-pc stock $295 SOLD
1943 Tikka 49347 metal N N Y pitted OEWG marked receiver $325
1915 Westinghouse 656577 leather Y N Y S# stamped on r. side of wood $350 SOLD
1942 VKT 20240 metal N N Y mismatched bolt, great stock $325 SOLD
1915 Westinghouse 597022 leather N N Y banged up stock missing chunk at toe $300 SOLD
1915 Westinghouse 634421 leather N Y Y banged up stock $325 SOLD
1942 VKT 28159 leather N N Y initials EH carved on l. side $325
1940 VKT 03944 leather N N Y 1-pc Russian stock repaired at toe $300 SOLD
1942 VKT 26181 metal Y N Y nice wood $340 SOLD
1940 Tikka 12684 metal Y (torn) N Y nice wood $350 SOLD
1940 VKT 08007 metal N Y Y nice stock, missing front sight blade $275 SOLD

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