Soviet Ministry of Defense marked
91/30 Mosin Nagant rifles

updated 12/26/06

The following Russian 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifles are stamped with two (or more) dates and the letters MO, indicating that they were issued to the Soviet Ministry of Defense, an enigmatic Soviet organization really responsible for "internal security" (think of boxcar-loads of people being "relocated" to Siberia and elsewhere while being guarded by soldiers of this organization holding these very rifles).  

The earliest "double-date" MO rifle I have seen is 42, but most are dated in the early 50's (those dated during WWII are rare and seldom encountered).  None of the MO-marked rifles are common, and this is by far the largest and most comprehensive listing ever published.

There are also a few German 98k's known with MO markings. . . one (a 42-code 1940/42 dated rifle) is pictured on page 187 of "Backbone of the Wehrmacht" by Richard Law (though that author did not realize what the /year and MO marking meant).

All of these rifles have been arsenal-refurbished to AS NEW condition, with 100% bluing and finished like-new wood furniture.  Each includes a cleaning-rod, correct web-sling (with leather "dog-collars"), ammo-pouch, and oil/solvent can with screw-top lids. All serial-numbers are stamped and matching.  The wood may have a few innocuous stock-repairs, plus some minor scuffs and dings from crate-storage and transportation but is otherwise excellent to as-new and extremely attractive.  All bores are bright and look excellent to new, and most bolt-faces look like they have never fired a round.

THIS is how these rifles were packaged for storage and transportation. . .

A few of these rifles are reconfigured 1891 Dragoon rifles.  The Izhevsk ex-Dragoon shown below has three dates, 1929 being the original year of manufacture (as a Dragoon), (19)46 and (19)52 being when the rifle was transferred to (or inventoried by) the Ministry of Defense (note that is one is unusually MO-stamped twice as well).

All these rifles qualify as "Curios & Relics" by ATF for direct delivery to licensed collectors.

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serial #

type of markings

stamped matching? receiver type


1927/53 Tula 18476 5-line legend with CCCP Y, small arsenal repairs in stock hexagonal $225 SOLD
1930/49 Tula 87015 arrow in star Y hexagonal $200 SOLD
1932/48 Tula 57152 arrow in star Y hexagonal $200 SOLD
1935/46/50 Tula 9727 arrow in star Y hexagonal $240 SOLD
1933/50 Izhevsk 13653 arrow in triangle Y hexagonal $200 SOLD
1939/44/50 Tula XA890 arrow in star Y round $275 SOLD
1934/49/53 Izhevsk 55 arrow in triangle Y hexagonal $260 SOLD
1941/48/51 Tula 165 arrow in star (weak) Y hexagonal $275 SOLD
1933/51 Tula 50925 arrow in star (very weak) Y hexagonal $180 SOLD

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