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FINNISH Model 71/S Valmet semiautomatic rifle # 150920 (.223) mfg. by Valmet in the 1970's . Excellent condition, over 95% original bluing with a mirror-bright very strong bore. Essentially a very high quality AK design but with much better ergonomics, exceptional accuracy and intact bayonet lug. Has wooden buttstock and black plastic forend. Includes one removable Orlite Engineering 30-round magazine (not pictured). Not import marked, scarce in the U.S.A.. PHOTOS . . . $1650.     NOT C&R  FREE SHIPPING IN A HARD CASE!

FRENCH Model 1949-56 MAS semiautomatic rifle # G35809 (7.5x54) manufactured at St. Etienne in c.1963. Excellent condition, with all Parkerizing intact and very little signs of wear. Has great mirror-bright bore. Includes full compliment of accessories (blade-bayonet with scabbard, four ten-round magazines, rubber buttpad,  night sights and many more packaged accessories. Wood stock has some dings and scrapes from handling and storage. PHOTOS . . . $975. REDUCED! $875.   C&R   (no California sales)

JAPANESE Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle Series 23, # 24023 (6.5x50) mfg. at Kokura in mid 1943 to March 1944. Excellent or better condition with full original bluing, has intact mum. This type has no matching serial-numbered parts, peep-type ladder rear sight with anti-aircraft "wings" and front sight with "ears".  Includes correct cleaning rod, but is lacking monopod and action cover, has dark but strong bore, no import-marks, Stock has battle damage on left side and (rare) original rubberized-canvas sling is tattered and torn but present. Wood has original finish and has not been sanded. PHOTO . . . $475.  REDUCED! $425.   C&R

JAPANESE "Peace" Arisaka bolt-action training rifle # A321, made from a Type 30 with Type 38 features and a smooth bore, Kanji atop chamber reads "Peace Type". Excellent condition with nearly full original bluing and strong markings. Bolt (and all bolt parts) numbered A321 to match. No cleaning rod., Wood has original finish with a few of the expected handling marks and a bold rectangular cartouche on left containing Kanji for uncertain "youth school". Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $210.  REDUCED! $175.   C&R 

U.S.A. Model 1903 Springfield bolt-action rifle # 330667 (.30-06) mfg. by Rock Island Arsenal in 1918 (high-number) with SA 8-42 barrel.  Very Good or better condition with most Parkerizing intact. Bore is very dark and rough (likely from shooting blanks at funerals and such), TE = 7, MW = 1.0. Walnut stock has faint ordnance wheel and boxed FJA cartouches on left side with a few scuffs from handling. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $575.  REDUCED! $500.   C&R 


U.S.A. Model M1 Garand semiautomatic rifle # 3598768  (.30-06) mfg. by Springfield Armory in March, 1945 with original SA 1-45 barrel. Made in March,1945.  All WW II correct with "SA / NFR" cartouched stock. TE is 5.0 and MW is 4.0. Bore is dull but with no pitting or corrosion despite the  wear numbers. Stock has the usual scratches, minor dents and rubbings from troop use. All parts are correct for a January, 1945 rifle and metal finish is original. Pad is NOT chromed and rod is NOT modified.  Lock bar rear sights are present. This rifle was purported to have come home from the Pacific with a veteran. No proof of this but the rifles appearance suggests that this story may have some truth to it. Not import marked, with data-sheet. PHOTOS . . . $1895.   REDUCED! $1650.  C&R

SWEDISH Model 94/14 bolt-action Mauser carbine # 29763 (6.5x55) mfg. by Carl Gustaf in 1904. Excellent condition, about 95% external bluing with near-perfect mirror-bore, all-matching numbers including barrel-bands. Nice walnut buttstock and handguard with a few handling-marks.  Has muzzle extension (added to able importation before 1986) with original leather sling with buckle. Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $1325.   REDUCED! $1200.    C&R  

SOVIET Model 91/30 reproduction PU SNIPER Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # LD2116 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Tula in 1938 on a low-wall receiver. Excellent-PLUS arsenal-refurbished condition with 99% or better bluing on all metal parts. All matching numbers (2116 without prefix letters) on all numbered parts (scope mount unnumbered). Bore is mirror-bright (has NOT been counterbored at muzzle). Stock has only a few very minor handling marks. Includes cleaning rod, correct sling and leather lens-caps. PHOTOS . . . $650.    C&R

TURKISH Model 38 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # 2092 (8x57) rearsenaled by Ankara arsenal in 1937. Excellent condition, with full bluing remaining on all external metal. Bolt not matching (but is correct straight bolt). Bore is extremely bright and strong, completely functional. Includes cleaning-rod. Stock is walnut without much figure and relatively few handling marks. Includes leather sling. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R  

YUGOSLAVIAN Model 48A Mauser bolt-action rifle # 55068 (8mm) mfg. by Zastava in c.1952. Near Excellent condition, a large-ring intermediate-length Mauser with 90% or better original bluing on the metal surfaces and a mostly bright bore. Clear Tito-era Yugoslavian crest above chamber. All-matching numbers, with stamped and welded front band and stamped triggerguard and magazine-floorplate, knob of bolt has flattened bottom. Stock is straight-grained teak with quite a few handling marks from actual service use. Missing cleaning-rod and front sight-hood, with worn but correct sling. PHOTOS . . . $325.  C&R 

  CZECH Model vz24 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # 6869X4 (8x57mm) mfg. by CZ in 1938.  Very Good original condition with a very sharp if kind of rough and not very bright bore. Very bold Czech national crest (two-tailed rampant lion) atop chamber. Bluing is 80% or so, browning on small parts. Mismatched serial numbers on bolt and buttstock. Walnut stock has a few minor handling-marks and compressions, handguard chipped on left side at rear. Includes cleaning rod, front sight protector and reproduction 98k-type brown leather sling. PHOTOS . . . $350.    C&R

  GERMAN Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 8845j (8x57mm) mfg. by Steyr-Daimler-Puch (factory code 660) in 1940.  A "bringback" 98k with all matching serial numbers except for stock and barrel-bands. Bore is very sharp and mirror bright. Has bold Nazi eagle swastikas and other Nazi markings. Excellent condition overall, with full original commercial-quality bluing.  This rifle had been duffle-cut, with the cut forend and barrel-bands misplaced or lost (a common occurrence). The previous owner purchased a Russian-capture 98k (from us) and swapped stocks with this rifle and added the barrel bands from the RC in an attempt to restore it. The cleaning rod is one of our reproductions.  Very attractive, not import marked. PHOTOS . . . $1250.   C&R  SOLD

  GERMAN Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 5230ah (8x57mm) mfg. by Brno (factory code dot 44) in 1944.  A "bringback" 98k with all matching serial numbers and totally original except for repro sling. Bore is very sharp and mirror bright. Has tiny Nazi eagle holding swastikas and other Nazi markings. Excellent-PLUS condition overall, with full original bluing, magazine floorplate is stamped 5250 in error for some unknown reason (too much schnapps?)Includes original cleaning rod, front sight hood and locking-bolts for the action screws. Sing is modern reproduction. Very attractive, not import marked. PHOTOS . . . $1750.   C&R 

  GERMAN Model 98/40 Huzagol bolt-action Mannlicher rifle # 2128b (8x57mm) mfg. by Femaru Fegever (FÉG, nazi code jhv) in 1941. An unusual WWII Nazi milsurp rifle with Mauser-style magazine and Mannlicher-style rotating bolt (the bottom of the bolt-knob flattened and checkered). Very Good condition with full original bluing and all matching serial numbers except for bolt. Bore is somewhat dark but very strong. All Nazi eagle / swastika markings strong. Forend of stock has been cut-down and lacks any barrel-bands and other fittings, several small holes drilled in bottom of stock for commercial stock-swivels. Includes original front sight hood. Not import-marked, very scarce. PHOTOS . . . $450.    C&R    SOLD

  SPANISH Model 1943 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # K-3268 (8x57) mfg. by La Coruña in 1948. Excellent condition with 90% original bluing (wear on triggerguard and magazine floorplate from carry), very bold  crest atop chamber. All-matching numbers, bore is very bright and strong. Walnut stock and handguard has smooth finish with a few handling marks. PHOTOS . . . $350.    C&R 

  YUGOSLAVIAN Model 24/47 Mauser bolt-action rifle # Z6315 (8x57) mfg. by Zastava in c.1950. Excellent condition, a large-ring intermediate-length Mauser with 95% or better original bluing on the metal surfaces with little apparent wear and a sharp mirror-bore. Weak Tito-era Yugoslavian crest above chamber. All-matching numbers, with stamped triggerguard and magazine-floorplate and straight bolt handle. Walnut stock and handguard has a few handling marks but sound with no cracks. Includes cleaning-rod, front sight-hood, and used sling. PHOTOS . . . $275.     C&R   SOLD

  ITALIAN Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action infantry rifle # TI1140 (6.5x52) mfg. by Terni in 1896 with Tubata-lined barrel. Very Good PLUS condition with 90% or so bluing remaining, bore is somewhat bright and strong. Stock has sharp stamped numbers on left side. Includes cleaning rod.  Not import marked.  PHOTOS . . . $475.   Antique, no FFL required


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P.O. Box 2068     Ormond Beach, FL 32175    (386) 677-7314
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