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Terms of Sale
updated 18 October 2014


please read this page each time before ordering ANYTHING from us

Please don't get insulted or intimidated by our "no-nonsense style" or "attitude"
There is a very good reason for every speck of information on this page as 
we are really trying hard to avoid misunderstandings & misconceptions 
between ourselves and our (potential) customers. . . please feel free 
to email us if you have questions not specifically addressed here
AND if you have a question that you would feel better asking
someone in person please feel free to call Denny and talk
to the boss directly during business hours 10-7 Tue-Fri
NOTE:  We do not & will not accept phone orders

General Information:

Minimum order: $30.00

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EMPIRE ARMS are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating
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Ordering information:

We keep all of our web-pages totally up to date in "real time" and everything listed on them NOT marked as SOLD is most likely available for sale at this very minute. 

No other company on the internet does this!

We prefer that you pay with a CREDIT CARD! We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and even Diner's Club cards (with no added "fee" or charge), and we usually will get your firearm purchase on its way to you within one or two business days (depending on workload). Accessory and book orders will only be shipped on Thursdays.  



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some (unfortunately) graphic examples:

"I WANT the Y2K number 12345 from your new list. I don't have an FFL but my buddy at BIG GUNS here in town has already sent you a copy of his FFL and I want to put this purchase on my VISA card XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX expires XX/XX. Thanks, Joe Blow, 678 Main St, Anywhere USA, phone (555) 987-6543"

"You have my C&R FFL and credit-card number on file. Ship me one of those Finn target rifles that you just listed. Alphonse Capone, Chicago"

"I'm kinda interested in that there Enfield. Is it available? M.L."  
or the classic
"I would take the Mauser if you answer a couple questions about it. Call me ASAP. Bob." (WHO are you? WHICH Mauser? HOW can we call when you left no phone number? Do you even REALIZE how common the name "Bob" is?)... sheesh!

Both of the latter
not acceptable examples noted above are e-mails we have actually received in the past. If you send us such a message, nothing will be SOLD to you until we receive more information about you, which item SPECIFICALLY you want and a commitment to purchase it on your part (with payment and shipping details provided). You also stand a very good chance of "losing" that item to someone else in the interim while we are playing e-mail or phone "tag".

Also, realize up-front that WE DON'T *EVER* "HAGGLE" ON PRICES!  If you contact us trying to get a "better deal" on an item (or series of items) we offer for sale. . . even if you say "I WANT IT"  nothing will be set aside for you until you agree to purchase it in a timely manner at the price listed (PLUS actual shipping costs).  

We will ABSOLUTELY NOT consider counter-offers!

We ONLY ship our merchandise via
If that is not acceptable, please don't order from us.
HAVE ALWAYS sent buyers an email containing UPS tracking info

Shipping and insurance charges:

We only charge *EXACTLY* whatever UPS charges us to ship an item from us to you.  We *NEVER* charge for "packing" or "handling" or for packing-materials.  

Below is APPROXIMATELY what charges will be incurred, however we will only charge you EXACTLY what we have to pay UPS (and not a penny more)

Note:  The rates below includes "ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED" which is required by Federal Law for shipments of all firearms (CFR 178.31d), which adds $2.75 to the basic shipping fee (and makes sense anyway, as nobody wants a firearm "dropped" off at your doorstep where anyone can walk off with it).


ADD $3.00 for RESIDENCE (as opposed to business) addresses
ADD $8.00 to the above for destinations West of the Mississippi (except Texas)

$8.00 for second, $5.00 for each additional handgun in the same parcel.

$17.50 to business address, East of Mississippi
$21.00 to business address, West of Mississippi

$19.50 to residence address, East of Mississippi
$23.00 to residence address, West of Mississippi (except Texas)

$9.00 for second, $7.00 for each additional in the same parcel (up to three in each parcel).

Delivery times:

Payment information:

Sales Tax:

Sales PROHIBITED or RESTRICTED (due to peculiar and usually idiotic state or local laws) to residents of the following states and locales:

Empire Arms GRADING standards:


         (I thought it best to repeat this disclaimer three times)


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Order Cancellations:

  Antique gun sales:

Want Lists:


Exclusive EMPIRE ARMS BUYBACK policy:



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Get instructions on how to safely e-mail your credit-card information to us by clicking HERE