YUGOSLAVIAN Model 24/47,
48 and 48A Mauser rifles

updated 9/5/04

The following Yugoslavian Mausers are in arsenal AS-NEW condition.  Bores are all bright and strong, bluing is close to 100% (with perhaps some minor wear on edges & corners). All have matching bolts and receivers, but the numbers on floorplate and / or wood may be arsenal stamped to match. The wood stocks and handguards have very few handling-marks from transport & storage (but can easily be refinished to look perfect).

All are based on the intermediate Mauser action, and feature the following communist Yugoslavian crest  

above the chamber and "Factory 44" markings in Cyrillic characters on siderail.  These were manufactured from 1948 until around 1952 and are all Curio & Relic eligible.  The Model 24/47 has a straight-bolt and sling-swivels on the bottom of the stock (which often have round plugs in the wood where side-swivels once were).  The Model 48 has a bent-bolt (with bottom of knob flattened) and features a side-sling arrangement with a slot in the stock (as shown above) and has all-milled parts with a cupped-buttplate.  The Model 48A is the same but has stamped magazine-floorplate and/or triggerguard.

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serial #

handguard/stock magazine?


48 M14107 teak/teak force-matched $195 SOLD
48A G36344 walnut/teak, 1" repair at heel matching $149 SOLD
48A 32458 walnut/teak, light handguard, many marks matching $169 SOLD
48 K22277 teak/teak matching, 95% bluing $195 SOLD
48 K1955 teak/teak matching, 95% bluing $195 
48 T11007 teak/teak force-matched floorplate & wood $175 SOLD 
48A 40362 teak/teak matching $160  SOLD
48 H6042 teak/teak matching $219 SOLD
24/47 J4282 teak/walnut matching (triggerguard not matching) $129
24/47 2501 teak/walnut matching (triggerguard not matching) $149
48 M93876 teak/teak force-matched  wood $195 SOLD 
48A 52139 teak/teak matching $199 
48A 23567 teak/teak matching $199 SOLD 
48 K6344 teak/teak matching, stock chipped by buttplate $179 SOLD
24/47 1242 walnut/walnut force-matched  wood, mag-floorplate $129 SOLD
24/47 456 walnut/walnut force-matched  wood $149 SOLD
24/47 9070 teak/walnut tiger-striped wood $149 SOLD
24/47 9251 teak/birch matching $169 SOLD
48 M87092 teak/teak force-matched  wood, mag-floorplate, repair by butt $159 SOLD
48 A2874 teak/teak force-matched  wood $189 SOLD

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