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Various military rifles
all items are import-marked unless specifically stated otherwise

    ARGENTINE Model 1909 Mauser bolt-action cavalry carbine # A9940 (7.65x54) mfg. by DWM in 1912.  Very Good condition, with dull bluing on most parts, receiver in the white (as is proper) but is subdued. Argentine crest above chamber clear. All matching serial numbers, bore has strong rifling but grooves are somewhat dark from corrosive ammo use.  Walnut stock has many handling-marks and looks dry.  PHOTOS . . . $500.    C&R     SOLD

    BRITISH Mark I* Snider-Enfield three-band musket conversion of an 1853 Enfield musket # 9334 (.577 Cartridge) mfg. by Enfield in 1869.  Good or better condition, entirely functional with surprisingly strong and mostly bright bore.  External metal browned, original buttstock (with faint Enfield cartouche) sound without cracks or splits. All English made with a considerable number of proofs.  Includes cleaning-rod.  Includes copy of capture documentation from Afghanistan dated Dec. 7, 2007.   PHOTO . . . $825.*   Antique, no FFL required      SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.2 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # A18302 (.303 British) mfg. by Fazakerly in 1955 and underwent Factory Thorough Repair (FTR) in 1957, also at Fazakerly.   Excellent condition, with over 98% original Suncorite painted finish, all matching numbered parts except for non-numbered magazine.   Has a gorgeous mirror 4-groove bore with 1-marked bolt-head, rear sight is of the milled ladder type.  Normal beech stock and handguards have some light dings, else as new.  PHOTOS . . . $875      C&R     SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.5 Mk.1 Enfield bolt-action "Jungle Carbine" # AA2886 (.303 British) mfg. at Fazakerly in April, 1947. Very Good condition, with 70% Suncorite finish.  Buttstock numbered AA2886 (matching), bolt and magazine mismatched.  Has very strong but not very bright 5-groove bore and 1-marked bolt-head. Stock and handguard has many handling marks.  Not pretty, but fully functional.   PHOTOS . . . $625.     C&R      SOLD

    BULGARIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action long rifle # 6854C (8x56R) mfg. by Steyr in 1903. Near Excellent condition, an arsenal refinish with all bluing remaining.   Bold Bulgarian crest consisting of rampant lion in shield above chamber. Bore is very strong but not very bright. Bolt electro-penciled 6854 (matching), stock renumbered 6854 to match on right side.  Beech buttstock has quite a few handling marks, ash handguard is quite roughly finished.  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $750*    C&R      SOLD

    CHILEAN Model 1895 Mauser bolt-action rifle # B5222 (rechambered to 7.62 NATO) mfg. by Loewe in 1895. Very Good or so condition, with 60% original bluing on all metal parts.  Very bold Chilean crest above chamber. Bolt handle numbered B5222 (matching) but all other serialized parts mismatched.   Bore is exceptional and mirror-bright, 7.62 N stamped on back of receiver. Walnut stock is dirty with some dings and handling-marks in the wood from contact with adjacent rifles but has not been sanded. Includes cleaning rod, not import marked.  PHOTOS . . . $525.*   Antique, no FFL required       SOLD

    DANISH Model of 1917 bolt-action rifle # 521166 (.30-06) mfg. by Eddystone in April 1918.  Excellent-PLUS condition, barrel stamped E over 4 - 18.  Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, buttstock and handguards are walnut, bottom of butt stamped 521166 (matching) in the Danish fashion, semicircular inletting on top of receiver by chamber.   PHOTO . . . $1250.*    C&R       SOLD

    DANISH M1 Garand rifle # BMR 9780 (.30-06) mfg. by Breda Meccanica Romana in Italy in 1955.  Excellent-PLUS condition, receiver (marked with Danish crown over FKF at top rear) has nearly full light-gray Parkerizing, Barrel stamped SPRINGFIELD GENSEO .30-06, many parts SA-marked. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, buttstock and handguards are walnut with virtually NONE of the expected handling-marks. Not import-marked, and worthy of the finest collection. PHOTO . . . $1850.    C&R       SOLD

    FRENCH Model 1907-15 Berthier bolt-action infantry rifle # Q95158 (8x50R Lebel) mfg. by St. Etienne in 1917, barrel marked MA S 1917.   Near Excellent condition, with nearly fill bluing on external metal (magazine has black enamel finish). This rifle has extended magazine for use with M-16 type 5-round en-bloc clip (3-round en-bloc can also be used).   All  matching serial numbers. Bore is extremely bright and quite strong.  Stock has some light handling marks and two very small arsenal-repairs on right side. Not import marked. PHOTO . . . $625.*     C&R       SOLD

    GERMAN Gewehr 88/05 Commission bolt-action rifle # 8453L (8x57JS) mfg. by Spandau in 1890. Very Good or better condition, a Turkish refurb with mostly full remaining bluing and retaining its metal barrel-jacket, magazine altered in 1905 to utilize regular stripper-clip loading. No matching numbers (as usual).  Receiver is S-marked, bore is quite bright and strong. Walnut stock is a little scuffed-up but sound and has a lovely striped figure.  Rear sight re-graduated with Western numbers. Completely functional, I would not hesitate to shoot this (however I DO NOT recommend any firing military ammo in it, only modern U.S.-manufactured commercial loads in it rather than milsurp ammo). Includes cleaning rod and detachable rear sling swivel, not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $675.*    Antique, no FFL required       SOLD

    ITALIAN Model 91/24 Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action Cavalry carbine with attached folding-bayonet # C4539 (6.5x52 Carcano) mfg. by F.N.A. Brescia in 1935 (year XIII of Mussolini).  Excellent condition with 90+% full bluing and an excellent, bright and strong bore.  Beech stock and handguard has serial number on left side and some spots from shoddy cleaning,  Includes one  six-round en-bloc clip.  PHOTOS . . . $475.      C&R     SOLD

    JAPANESE Type 38 Arisaka bolt-action TRAINING rifle # 8284 (6.5x50 smoothbore) mfg. by unknown arsenal c.1920. Excellent or better condition with mostly full original high-gloss bluing. No markings on top of receiver, matching bolt, left side of stock has rectangular cartouche. Wood has original finish with crack at tang and very few handling marks..  Not import-marked.  PHOTO . . . $325.*      C&R       SOLD

    JAPANESE Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle Series 4, # 66389 (7.7x58) mfg. at Nagoya in October 1941 - March, 1942. Excellent or better condition with mostly full original high-gloss bluing.  Chrome-lined bore is mirror-bright and very strong. Bolt and all bolt parts except extractor numbered 389 (matching),  Mum is heavily ground,  Has ladder-type peep rear sight with aircraft wings, no monopod or cleaning rod, Wood has original finish with very few handling marks, with reproduction wide leather sling..  Not import-marked.  PHOTO . . . $450.      C&R       SOLD

    PERSIAN Model 98/29 rifle # T09214 (8x57) mfg. by Brno in 1931 (1309 Anno Hijera).   Excellent-PLUS condition, with all-matching serial numbers and lovely bluing (small rusty patch on top of barrel from being leaned against a rack). Internally perfect with a mirror-perfect bore.  Wood is walnut with nice grain and a beautiful furniture-type finish, some minor contact-marks. Includes correct leather sling with thong tie.  Considered by most as the most elegant and accurate 8mm rifle ever made.  PHOTOS. . . $950.*     C&R      SOLD

    SOUTH AMERICAN Rolling Block military saddle-ring carbine (no serial number) chambered in 11mm Spanish, mfg. at Remington in c.1885 with three-line Remington legend on tang.   Very Good condition, no markings other than top of tang with a replacement very small folding rear sight (graduated for 100, 300 & 500 meters).   External metal has little finish (these were not originally blued) but has no rust or other damage present. Bore is quite bright with very strong rifling. Stock has very few handling marks and no damage (sling mount on right side has been filled in). Action is very tight and totally functional. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $750.    Antique, no FFL required       

    SPANISH Model 1893 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # 2C999 (8x57) mfg. by La Corua in 1926.  Very Good or so condition (most external blue intact) with no matching serialized parts.  Bore is mostly bright and very strong, includes cleaning rod. Stock has vivid tiger striping and a large arsenal repair on bottom.   PHOTOS . . . $475.*     C&R    

    SWEDISH Model 1867 Rolling Block single-shot rifle # 50    (12.17x44mm converted to Centerfire) mfg. by Carl Gustaf in 1867.  Good or better condition, no external finish (as receiver had case-hardened finish and was not blued).  No serialized components are matching. Completely functional (cartridge ejector is missing), with a strong but not very bright bore. Wood is very dry with original finish.  No brass Unit-Disk on left side, no cleaning-rod. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $650.*     Antique, no FFL required   

    SWEDISH Model 96 bolt-action Mauser infantry rifle # 398978 (6.5x55) mfg. by Carl Gustaf in 1916, with straight bolt and unthreaded muzzle.  Excellent condition, 90% or better external bluing with mirror-bright and strong bore (disk stamped 6.51/2), all visible serial numbers matching (un-numbered cleaning rod).  Very pretty straight-grained elm buttstock has a barely noticeable 2" x 1/4" arsenal repair on left side of forend. PHOTO . . . $850.*      C&R    

    SWISS Model 1893 Mannlicher straight-pull cavalry carbine # 4690 (rechambered to 9.3x53mm Swiss round) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1897. All-matching serial numbers, was sold out of service in 1919, Excellent condition with 90% or better bluing remaining and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Walnut stock has nice grain and some minor marks from actual use. Very scarce.  This cartridge was developed in 1925 for hunting and target use.  Both RCBS And Hornady made loading dies for this cartridge.  Not import marked.    PHOTO  . . . $950.      Antique, no FFL required      SOLD

    SWISS Model G-11 Schmidt-Rubin short rifle # 378775 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1914 and purchased out of service in 1927.  Very Good to Excellent condition with 80% or so original bluing (a few patches of verdigris) and a perfect, mirror bore. All-matching serial numbers including 6-round magazine. Stock is streaked walnut with quite a few of the usual handling-marks.   Includes soldiers tag beneath buttplate.  PHOTO  . . . $525.*     C&R   

    SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin cavalry carbine # P.408182 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1952. A private-series rifle with all-matching numbers, Near Excellent condition with 85% bluing remaining and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Lovely walnut stock and handguard has original finish without the usual scuffs and handling marks, label from the 1979 Lucerne schutzenfest still adhering to handguard (with several painted bands on stock from other matches) and is dated VIII 44 under buttplate.  Very scarce private issue. PHOTO . . . $875.    C&R       SOLD

    SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin cavalry carbine # 228056 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1954.  Near Excellent condition with 90% bluing remaining and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Lovely walnut stock and handguard has original finish with the usual scuffs and handling marks,  Has soldiers tag and is dated XI 44 under buttplate. PHOTO . . . $750.    C&R      SOLD

    TURKISH Model 1893 bolt-action rifle # 22042 (8x57mm) mfg. by Mauser in 1893/4 (1312 A.H.) and re-chambered to 8mm (from 7.65x54mm) at Ankara in 1936.  Good condition or so, metal has most bluing turned to brown on receiver and barrel, triggerguard and magazine floorplate is almost worn white.  Tangent rear sight has Western numerals, no matching serial numbers (as usual). Strong and quite bright bore.  Buttstock is dirty and dry walnut with a few dings and a non-critical crack on right side by magazine cut-off ()which has been deactivated). Includes cleaning-rod. Rifle is functional and I would not hesitate to shoot it with modern ammo. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $425.*    Antique, no FFL required      SOLD

    U.S.A. Model 1816 FLINTLOCK muzzle-loader infantry musket (no serial number), .69 caliber made by Springfield Armory in 1823.    Good or better condition, most metal seriously browned.   Bore is rough from shooting black powder. Original 5 foot long military configuration with 1823 dated sideplate, locking mechanism is completely functional.    Its walnut stock has a few cracks, but not bad for being 200 years old. Ram rod is missing but flint is included, not import marked.  Very few 1816 muskets escaped being converted to percussion in the middle of the 19th Century.  PHOTOS . . . $1950.*    Antique, no FFL required       SOLD

    U.S.A. Model 1866 Trapdoor single-shot infantry rifle (no serial number) chambered in .50 Government Centerfire, a 2nd Model Allin Conversion of the 1863 Percussion musket by Springfield Armory in 1867. Good or better condition, most metal browning with some light freckling on barrel bands, breech block and barrel. Has a gorgeous, mirror-bright bore. Original military configuration with 1863 dated sideplate, locking mechanism bears 1866 date. Totally functional, its walnut stock has a repaired crack at wrist and some of the expected scrapes and handling-marks, missing cleaning rod.  PHOTOS . . . $850.*    Antique, no FFL required       SOLD

    YUGOSLAVIAN Model 24/47 Mauser bolt-action rifle # A4659 (8mm) mfg. by Zastava in 1948/9. Excellent-PLUS condition, a large-ring intermediate-length Mauser with 99% or better original bluing and a sharp mirror-bore. Faint Tito-era crest above chamber, straight-handled bolt numbered A4659 (matching), other numbered parts mismatched with all milled small parts.  Both front and rear sights have been replaced with aftermarket Mojo aperture sights. Stock has a few very minor scuffs and scratches, but is otherwise as-new. Includes cleaning-rod. PHOTOS . . . $475.     C&R    

    YUGOSLAVIAN Model 24/47 Mauser bolt-action rifle # 28754 (8mm) mfg. by Zastava in 1948/9. Excellent condition, a large-ring intermediate-length Mauser with 95% or better original bluing and a sharp mirror-bore. Nicely struck (for these) Tito-era crest above chamber, no matching serial numbers with all milled small parts.  Stock has many scuffs and scratches, but is otherwise as-new. Includes cleaning-rod, front sight hood and brown leather sling. PHOTOS . . . $375.     C&R     SOLD

    YUGOSLAVIAN Model 1959/66 A1 SKS semiautomatic rifle # G-187294 (7.62x39) mfg. by Zastava in 1970. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 100% bluing, perfect bore and all-matching numbers with integral bayonet.   Has non-ported grenade-launcher and night-sights. Wood is beech and has a few minor nicks from handling and storage, else looks unissued.  Includes cleaning-rod and sling as well as bag with other accessories. PHOTOS . . . $850.      C&R      SOLD

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