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    AUSTRIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action carbine # 1540M (8x50R original caliber) mfg. by Steyr  in 1908. Good or better condition, very little original bluing remains. Bore is dark but has strong rifling. Stock has quite a few handling-marks. PHOTOS . . . $295.     C&R 

    AUSTRIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action stuetzer carbine # 3879F (8x56R) mfg. by Steyr (undated). Near Excellent condition, arsenal refinished with full bluing. Bore is excellent and very bright, wood has very few handling-marks. PHOTOS . . . $250.     C&R    SOLD

    BRAZILIAN Model 1935 Mauser bolt-action long rifle # 4482 (7x57) mfg. by Mauser in 1937UNISSUED with 100% bluing and all-matching numbers. Perfect mirror-bore and fantastic detailed Brazilian crest above chamber. The very lovely PRISTINE walnut stock has gorgeous tigerstriped stock with only a couple extremely minor handling marks but is otherwise AS-NEW with extremely lovely grain. Complete with original leather sling in excellent condition, hinged muzzle-cap, and matching-numbered bayonet with metal scabbard as well as 1937-dated original Mauser test-target numbered to this rifle.   Not import-marked, simply astonishingly beautiful with Mauser BANNER on rear of receiver.  Definitely WORTHY OF THE FINEST COLLECTION! PHOTOS . . . $3450.   C&R  

    BRITISH Martini-Enfield Mark I short-lever single-shot carbine # 3769 (.303 British), a Khyber Pass copy dated 1913, but with crowned letters of Queen Victoria (who died in 1901).  Excellent condition, with full bluing. Stock has some scuffs and an arsenal repair at tang. Bore is Very Good with strong rifling, rear sight graduations consist of nonsense characters.  PHOTOS . . . $525.     C&R     SOLD

    BRITISH No.1 Mk.III* SMLE bolt-action rifle # Z45819 (.303 British), mfg. by Birmingham Small Arms in 1916.  Very Good condition with much oil-blacked finish on external metal. Bore is very bright and strong, all matching numbers.  Stock has very few handling marks. Includes correct military web-sling.  This rifle has an "issue" that requires that trigger be pulled slightly when closing the bolt, no doubt a minor adjustment that I do not know how to fix.  Sold as-is.  PHOTOS . . . $350.   C&R     SOLD

    CHILEAN Model 1895 Mauser bolt-action rifle # C9766 (7x57) mfg. by Loewe in 1895.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with full bluing on metal parts and retains some vivid fire-blue on the smaller parts. Chilean crest above chamber is very strong, all-matching serial numbers (including cleaning rod). Bore is very strong and mirror bright. Lovely figured Walnut stock has bold cartouche and original unsanded finish with a few very minor scuffs from handling and storage over the last 122 years. PHOTOS . . . $850.    Antique, no FFL required       SOLD

    FINN Model 28-76 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action TARGET rifle # 10191 (7.62x54R) with undated barrel. Excellent condition with 90% or better external bluing. Bore is strong and mirror bright. Has aperture front and rear target sights. Birch target stock is quite attractive with a few very minor dings.. PHOTOS . . . $1850.    C&R 

    FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 218205 (7.62x54R) mfg. by SAKO in 1941 on a 1907-dated Izhevsk receiver.  Excellent-PLUS condition with full bluing and has a very bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). Matching bolt-knob, includes cleaning-rod and correct green-leather sling. Transitional buttstock and handguard has literally zero handling marks. As nice as these come. PHOTOS . . . $675.    C&R    SOLD

    FRENCH Model 1866 Chassepot bolt-action needlefire rifle # P76278 (11mm linen cartridge) mfg. by St. Etienne in 1873.  Good condition, external metal has been lightly spray-painted (easily removable with acetone) to keep metal from rusting (wood not painted). No matching serial numbers, bore is a bit dark with strong rifling. Bolt retains its needlefire design (has not been converted to metallic cartridge) and is fully functional. Walnut stock has original finish with intact arsenal cartouche dated June, 1873.  PHOTOS . . . $575.    Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

    GERMAN Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 7249z (8x57) mfg. by Mauser (code 42) in 1939.  An all-matching brigback 98k in Very Good condition with mostly bright and strong bore. Much external metal browned, with evidence of actual service use. Wood has never been refinished or sanded, with intact faint military cartouches on right side and serial number at bottom.  No cleaning-rod, sling intact with buckle. Not import-marked.. PHOTO . . . $1375.   C&R     SOLD

    HUNGARIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action carbine # 5321G (8x56R) mfg. by F.E.G. (barrel dated 1934). Near Excellent condition, NOT arsenal refinished with nearly full bluing. Bore is mostly bright, BUDAPEST above chamber, wood has some light handling-marks. PHOTOS . . . $295.     C&R    SOLD

    INDIAN Model SMLE .410 musket # 14728A, Originally a No.1 Mk.III* rifle mfg. by British Small Arms in 1916 and converted to single-shot 2 1/2" chamber .410 shotgun by Rifle Factory Ishapore in 1941. Very Good condition, with much remaining bluing intact, all numbered parts matching and some dings and handling marks in stock. Bore is absolutely prefect and simply dazzling. Includes 40 rounds of POF.410 brass-cased ball ammo made for this rifle (4 tattered paper-wrapped bundles of 10 rounds each). PHOTOS . . . $325.      C&R     SOLD

    INDIAN Model SMLE .410 musket # 25375H, Originally a No.1 Mk.III* rifle mfg. by Ishapore in 1943 and converted to single-shot 2 1/2" chamber .410 shotgun by Rifle Factory Ishapore in 1948. Near Excellent condition, with most remaining bluing intact, all numbered parts matching and some dings and handling marks in stock (number 3 painted on left side). Bore is absolutely prefect and simply dazzling. Includes 40 rounds of POF.410 brass-cased ball ammo made for this rifle (4 tattered paper-wrapped bundles of 10 rounds each). PHOTOS . . . $375.      C&R     SOLD

        More .410 Enfield ammo available. . . email for details.

    ITALIAN Model 1918-1930 semiautomatic carbine # 457 (9mm Glisenti) mfg. by Beretta for the BUENOS AIRES PROVINCIAL POLICE. This is an extremely rare and interesting piece, with a 12 1/2" barrel that is specifically exempt from the NFA roster.  Condition is Near Excellent, has been Parkerized while in Argentine service. Bore is excellent and mirror bright and 100% functional with one 25-round magazine. PHOTOS . . . $3250.   C&R    

    ITALIAN Model 91/28 Mannlicher-Carcano Truppi-Speciale bolt-action carbine # AF8994 (6.5x52) mfg. by Gardone Valtrompia in 1934 (12th year of Fascist rule) and marked BAVARIAN RURAL POLICE / CIV(IL) GUARD on left side of magazine. Very Good condition with most bluing remaining, bore is somewhat bright and very strong, stock is matching barrel and has quite a few handling marks. Bolt functions but is difficult to insert in receiver (needs work but is priced accordingly). No cleaning rod. Not import marked, muzzle has extension on end to qualify for importation before 1968. PHOTOS . . . $275.   C&R     SOLD

    ITALIAN Model 38 Mannlicher-Carcano Truppi-Speciale bolt-action carbine # 2255 (7.92x57) mfg. by FNA-Brescia in 1942 (20th year of Fascist rule). This carbine is a mess, missing front sight, stock is badly cracked on both sides (no doubt from heavy recoil) however the bore is mirror-bright and looks unfired. No cleaning rod, functional, priced very cheap. PHOTOS . . . $125.   C&R   SOLD

    ROMANIAN Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine #  SK299 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Cugir in 1954. Very Good condition with most bluing on all metal parts and a gorgeous mirror-bore (has NOT been counterbored at muzzle). No matching numbers, bolt is from a Westinghouse Mosin. Stock is beech with some handling marks. Includes cleaning rod and PPsH sling. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R 

    SOVIET Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 160287 (7.62x54R), barrel mfg. by Izhevsk in 1920 .on a Remington receiver with Remington bolt and magazine assembly. Very Good original condition with un-numbered bolt and a very bright and strong bore. Stock has some handling marks, includes cleaning rod and correct sling. PHOTOS . . . $290.    C&R    SOLD

    SOVIET Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 61344 (7.62x54R), barrel  mfg. by Izhevsk in 1928 on a 1920 Izhevsk receiver.  Very Good original condition with 70% bluing on all metal parts and a decent mostly-bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). Buttplate matches barrel, other numbered parts no matching. Includes cleaning rod, stock has a few nicks in finish. PHOTOS . . . $210.    C&R

    SPANISH Model 43 short rifle # 2J-9299 (8mm) mfg. by La Coruna in 1955. Very similar to a 98k in appearance, but with an auxiliary bayonet-lug (like the Chilean & Argentine-type bayonet) and no sling-slot through wood. Near excellent condition with all-matching serial numbers, maple stock has nice figure with only a few handling-marks since. Not import marked.  PHOTOS . . . $275.    C&R     SOLD

    SWEDISH Model 1894 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 85885 (rechambered to .30-06) mfg. at Carl Gustaf in 1916. Has been totally sporterized by drilling and tapping the receiver, sweeping back the bent bolt and restockiing it in a beech sporter stock.  Very Good condition, with 80% original blued finish and a sharp mirror-bore. Matching bolt knob, stock has thin crack at  tang which has been repaired with a cross-bolt. A typical late-50's way to turn a $1000+ carbine into a $300 deer rifle while "only" spending an extra $200 or so on it.  PHOTOS . . . $275.     C&R    SOLD

    U.S.A. Model 541X bolt-action U.S. military training rifle # A1066406 (.22 Long Rifle) mfg. by Remington in 1952.  New condition, UNISSUED with perfect bluing and stock and a mint bore. Includes one 10-round magazine. Has front and rear aperture sights. PHOTOS . . . $750.     C&R    SOLD

    U.S.A. Model 77 Mark II bolt-action rifle # 781-86467 (6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser) mfg. by Ruger in 1994.  New condition, UNISSUED with perfect bluing and a mint bore. No sights, some very minor handling marks on wood. No box or papers, a fan of Swedish Mausers purchased this but never fired it before he passed away. Not many Model 77's were produced in this excellent caliber. PHOTOS . . . $400.    NOT C&R    SOLD

    YUGOSLAVIAN Model 1959/66 A1 SKS semiautomatic rifle # H-282713 (7.62x39) mfg. by Zastava in 1971. Excellent condition, with 98% bluing, very bright and strong bore and all-matching numbers with integral bayonet, non-ported grenade-launcher and night-sights. Wood is exceptional beech stock and has some minor dings in the finish (keeping us from grading this rifle as UNISSUED). Includes cleaning-rod but no other accessories. Quite attractive. PHOTOS . . . $425.    C&R         SOLD

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