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BRITISH Mark VI Webley revolver # 271933 (back of cylinder "shaved" for .45 ACP), mfg. by Webley & Sons in 1917 with 6" barrel and square butt. Near Excellent condition, with 80-90% original oil-blacked finish. All matching numbers, has slightly worn Vulcanite grips. Complete with lanyard-ring.  Bore is strong and bright with very little pitting.  Very tight action and smooth functioning. Not import-marked. PHOTOS  . . . $750.      C&R

CZECH Model P-38 Walther semiautomatic pistol # 684 (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Spreewerke (code cvq) and assembled at CZ in 1946.  Excellent condition, with over 95% dull gray phosphate finish with strong and mirror-bright bore and late cog-type hammer. All-matching numbers, very strong markings with E and Czech lion on left triggerguard, date 46 on right triggerguard, Czech lion stamped atop barrel and Nazi-era CZ WaffenAmpt WaA76 on left side of barrel, code fnh on bottom of lug. Includes one eight-round jvd-marked magazine electropenciled 684 on left side. Not import-marked, rare. PHOTOS . . . $875.   C&R    SOLD

GERMAN Model PP Walther semiautomatic pistol # 776236 (.32 ACP) mfg. at Walther, Zella-Mehlis in c.1936.  Very Good condition, retains over 60% bluing with strong and bright bore, bluing faded on frame. Back of grip stamped R. F. V. 845 W for German Finance Ministry. Not import-marked  PHOTOS . . . $675.   C&R    SOLD

GERMAN Model PP Walther semiautomatic pistol # 386074p (.32 ACP) mfg. at Walther, Zella-Mehlis in 1945.  Near Excellent condition, with over 80% dull bluing remaining and a strong and mirror-bright bore. Slide and frame mismatched (as usual for these). Not import-marked  PHOTOS . . . $625.   C&R 

EAST GERMAN Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol # BT2619 (9x18 Makarov)  mfg. at Suhl by Ernst Thälmann in 1962 Excellent condition with 95% full original bluing and a decent high-polish finish with some minor handling and holster marks.  Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes black bakelite grip and one magazine as well as East German weapons status card. PHOTOS  . . . $400.   C&R   SOLD

EAST GERMAN Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol # DM2609 (9x18 Makarov)  mfg. at Suhl by Ernst Thälmann in 1964 Excellent condition with 95% full original bluing and a decent high-polish finish with some minor handling and holster marks.  Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes black bakelite grip and one magazine as well as East German weapons status card. PHOTOS  . . . $400.   C&R 


ARGENTINE Model 1891 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # L7178 (7.65x53) mfg. by Ludwig Loewe in 1895.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% strong bluing. Partially scrubbed crest (as usual) with vivid fire-bluing on small parts, all-matching numbers (including cleaning-rod), bore is strong and mirror bright. Walnut stock has original finish with very few handling-marks, features short handguard. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $475.    Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

BRAZILIAN Model 1908 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # 8998Gg (7x57) mfg. by DWM Berlin in 1912.  Near Excellent condition, with 80% bluing on the parts that should be blued (receiver "in the white" which is proper for these). All matching serial numbers, with Brazilian crest above chamber. Bore is mostly bright and very strong. Walnut stock has star of David cartouche on right side and has been shellacked (but NOT sanded), numeral 26 painted on left side. Missing cleaning-rod and rear sling-swivel (which is part of the sling on these) PHOTOS . . . $375.      C&R  

BRAZILIAN Model 1935 Mauser bolt-action long rifle # 7961 (7x57) mfg. by Mauser in 1937UNISSUED with 100% bluing and all-matching numbers. Perfect mirror-bore and fantastic detailed Brazilian crest above chamber. The very lovely PRISTINE walnut stock is AS-NEW with subtle tigerstripe figure in the grain. Complete with matching-numbered bayonet with metal scabbard. Not import-marked, simply astonishingly beautiful with Mauser BANNER on rear of receiver, worthy of the finest collection. PHOTOS . . . $1750.   C&R    SOLD

CHINESE Model 1907 bolt-action Mauser rifle # 2045 (8mm) mfg. by Mauser in c.1910.  Good condition, with basically no remaining intact bluing. All parts mismatched but functional. Bore is very dark but has strong rifling, some pitting at wood-line. Wood is battered with a few cracks, with Mauser banner cartouche still visible on right side and numeral 34 deeply carved into left side. No cleaning rod, rarely encountered.  PHOTOS . . . $375.   C&R    SOLD

DUTCH Model 1871/88 Beaumont-Vitali rifle # R630 (11x52R) mfg. by .P. Stevens, Maastricht in 1878.  Very Good condition, with an excellent, mirror bright strong rifled bore. External metal was "in the white" and has mostly turned brown but shows little actual wear, wood retains original finish with awesome cartouche of crowned W (for King William III, reigned 1849-1890) flanked by flowers, MAASTRICHT above and date 1878 at sides. All-matching numbers (630), barrel and buttplate renumbered 3254 in 1889 when Vitali magazine was added. Mechanically sound (including the magazine-disconnect), no cleaning-rod. I would not hesitate to shoot it this rifle if I had any ammo at all (.43 Egyptian ammo can be safely used if no Beaumont ammo can be found). Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $475.   Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

FINN Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # YD5303  (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1939 with [SA] on left side of barrel-shank. Very Good original (NOT-rearsenaled) condition with 60% or better bluing on all metal parts, bore  is bright and strong and NOT counterbored at muzzle. All matching Russian serial numbers (including magazine floorplate). Buttstock has a few dings on right side with strong circular cartouche on right side (proving it has never been sanded). Includes cleaning-rod. PHOTOS . . . $200.    C&R   SOLD

FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 44711 (7.62x54R) mfg. by TIKKA in 1943.  Excellent-PLUS, literally UNISSUED condition with arsenal-tag still attached.  Has 100% bluing and a literally perfect mirror- bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). Matching bolt-knob, includes cleaning-rod. Near perfect new buttstock and handguard. One of the nicest examples of one of the scarcest M39 variants I have ever seen. . . literally . PHOTOS . . . $750.      C&R    SOLD

FRENCH Model 1936-51 MAS bolt-action rifle # F68794 (7.5x54 MAS) mfg. by St. Ettienne. Excellent-PLUS, arsenal AS-NEW condition with full Parkerized finish on all metal and a nice mar-free wood stock. Strong, mirror-bright bore, bolt handle matching receiver, no other parts stamped with serial number. Includes grenade-launcher and integral spike-bayonet as well as correct leather sling and buttpad. PHOTOS . . . $375.  C&R    SOLD

GERMAN Model 98k bolt-action Mauser rifle # 5994k (8mm) mfg. by Steyr Daimler Puch (code 660) in 1940A Russian reworked rifle in Excellent-PLUS condition, with 100% rebluing and intact bold Nazi eagles. Has stamped front band, else all-milled parts. The bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Buttstock is laminated with faint Army (eagle/H) cartouche on right side and blued cupped buttplate.  Includes repro cleaning-rod, sight-hood and locking-screws. PHOTO . . . $450.   C&R    SOLD

GREEK Model 1930 Mauser bolt-action short-rifle # A273 (8x57) mfg. by Fabrique National in 1930.  A mismatched example in Very Good condition (bolt numbered 4789) with bold Greek crest atop chamber. The bore is quite dark and rough, no cleaning-rod. Buttstock and handguard have quite a few handling-marks. PHOTO . . . $325.   C&R   

IRANIAN Model 49 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 2136-28 (8x57) mfg. by Mosalsalsasi in 1949 with 18" barrel.  Excellent-PLUS condition with 95% bluing and all-matching numbers. Rear sight has Farsi numerals, includes cleaning-rod.  Perfect mirror-bore, gorgeous stock with bold cartouches and a couple minor nicks from storage (virtually invisible). Not import-marked, Quite rare (as if I need to actually point that out to anyone) and in absolutely UNIMPROVABLE condition!. PHOTOS . . . $950.   C&R   SOLD

JAPANESE Type 44 Arisaka bolt-action cavalry carbine with folding spike-bayonet, Series 1, # 08488 (6.5x50) mfg. at Kokura in c.1936. Excellent-PLUS condition with full bluing on all major metal parts (smaller parts have intact "straw" color). Has intact mum, with all matching numbers on all serial-numbered parts (except sliding action-cover). Bore is mirror-perfect. This is BY FAR the finest example of a Type 44 carbine I have ever encountered, and worthy of the finest collection. Stock has original finish with only a few minor handling-marks. Not import-marked.  PHOTO . . . $1850.  C&R    SOLD

ROMANIAN Model SKS semiautomatic rifle # CD4471 (7.62x39) mfg. by Cugir in 1958. Very Good condition, with much bluing remaining and all matching serial numbers except for triggerguard and action-cover. Gorgeous chrome-lined bore, includes cleaning rod and correct leather sling, stock has some scuffs and other handling marks but is sound. PHOTOS . . . . $375.  C&R    SOLD

RUSSIAN Model 1870 Berdan II bolt-action single-shot rifle # 9422 (10.6x57.5R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1885.   Excellent condition, with 95% blue with very strong markings, Czarist eagle atop barrel-shank.  Bolt mismatched as usual for these # 19020 (struck-through) and 10973, includes cleaning-rod.  Absolutely PERFECT mirror-bright bore (these are usually sewer-pipes). Very cool volley-sight arrangement, with front volley-sight on right side of front barrel-band and rear volley-sight simply being an extension of the rear sight-leaf on the right.  One-piece birch buttstock with original finish having cartouche on right side, a few scuff, scrapes and dings from actual use. Certainly one of the nicest Berdan II rifles (especially the bore) that I have ever seen. PHOTOS . . . $950.    Antique, no FFL required   SOLD

RUSSIAN Model SVT-40 Tokarev semiautomatic rifle # GH723  (7.62x54R) mfg. by Tula in 1941. Excellent condition, an arsenal rework with 98% or better bluing on all metal parts, bore is mirror-bright and very strong. All matching electropenciled or stamped Russian serial numbers on all parts but magazine. Receiver grooved for scope-rails, muzzle-break is of the twelve small chamber type. Buttstock has some well-done arsenal repairs on both sides and a few minor handling-marks. Includes cleaning-rod. PHOTOS . . . $1050.    C&R    SOLD

SERBIAN Model 1924 Mauser bolt-action Type II carbine # 91695 (8x57) mfg. by Kragujevac in 1935.  Very Good overall condition, with mostly full (if a bit crusty) bluing on upper receiver, but worn off barrel bands and triggerguard / magazine-floorplate. Royal Serbian crest above chamber visible and detailed. All matching numbers except for bolt (132302), bore is strong but not very bright. Walnut stock has fiddleback figure, no cleaning rod.  PHOTOS . . . $250.   C&R   

SPANISH Model 1921 Destroyer bolt-action carbine # 46581 (9x23 Largo) mfg. by Ayra Duria in 1968. Excellent condition with 90% bluing throughout. Has a sharp mirror-bore, stock is of pistol-grip type with some minor dings and compressions.  Includes one 7-round magazine (more available). PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R    SOLD

SWEDISH Model 96B Mauser bolt-action rifle # 273633 (6.5x55), mfg. by Carl Gustaf  in 1910 with straight-bolt and threaded muzzle. Very Good PLUS condition, with 70% bluing on all parts (triggerguard and magazine floorplate faded and browned from carry). Has strong markings and a very bright and strong bore (disk marked 6.50/3).  All matching numbers (except cleaning rod, # 417). Has unusual muzzle-break screwed onto end of barrel. Walnut stock & handguard has quite a few handling-marks but is sound. PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   

SWEDISH Model AG42B Ljungmann semiautomatic rifle # 11913 (6.5x55) mfg. by Carl Gustaf in 1943.  Excellent-PLUS condition with 98% or better original bluing. Includes cleaning-rod and excellent leather sling. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright with a 6.49/2 stamped bore-disk. Wood is beech with a few of the usual handling-marks and an insignificant crack at back of handguard, another hairline crack at tang. Includes ten-round detachable magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $950.   C&R    SOLD

SWISS Model 1878 Vetterli bolt-action infantry rifle # 180516 (10.4mm Swiss rimfire) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in c.1879. Excellent condition, all-matching numbers (and every part is numbered). All original blued finish essentially as nice as these ever get. Bore is a bit pitted but has strong rifling. Wood is walnut with its original finish (cartouches clear) having a few minor handling-marks and dings. Lacks cleaning-rod. Not import-marked.   PHOTOS . . . $325.  Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

SWISS Model 96/11 Schmidt-Rubin infantry rifle # 214905 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1897. All-matching numbers including magazine.  Very Good condition with much faded original bluing (some wear from carry on magazine-floorplate) and a near-perfect mirror-bore.  Walnut stock and handguard appears to have original finish with some of the expected handling-marks.  Not import-marked.  PHOTO  . . . $425.   Antique, no FFL required   SOLD

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