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    BRITISH Enfield No.4 (T) SNIPER bolt-action rifle # C34882 (.303 British) mfg. by British Small Arms, Shirley in 1944. A Genuine WWII-era sniper rifle in overall Excellent condition, with nearly full stoving finish on all major parts and a very bright and strong bore with non-numbered bolt. Original mount wears a Weaver K25 commercial scope. Nice original walnut buttstock (with added wooden cheek-piece), forend has Canadian property marks (broad arrow inside of large C), butt has Indian property cartouche on right side. Stock has some handling marks from actual service use and storage, includes proper leather sling.  Not import-marked, many No.4 sniper rifles were shipped with mounts but without scopes to Australia in the 1960's, and it was common practice to install Weaver scopes on them so they could be utilized. PHOTOS . . . $1950.    C&R   SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.2 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # PF154703 (.303 British) mfg. by Fazakerly in November 1949.   Very Good or better condition, an all-original rifle with around 80% original (chipping) painted finish, bolt, forend stamped PF154703 (matching), magazine not matching.  Has a gorgeous mirror 4-groove bore with 2-marked bolt-head, rear sight is of the milled ladder type.  Beech stock and handguards has some dings and scratches from actual use.   PHOTOS . . . $575.   C&R    SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.2 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # PF307088 (.303 British) mfg. by Fazakerly in August 1953.   Near Excellent condition, an all-original rifle with over 90% original painted finish, bolt, forend and bottom of magazine stamped PF307088 (matching).  Has a gorgeous mirror 4-groove bore with 2-marked bolt-head, rear sight is of the milled ladder type.  Beech stock and handguards has quite a few light dings and scratches from actual use. Includes correct military web-sling.  PHOTOS . . . $625.   C&R    SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.5 Mk.1 Enfield bolt-action "Jungle Carbine" # Y7900 (.303 British) mfg. at Fazakerly in December, 1946. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% Suncorite finish. All matching serial numbers (including magazine and forend). Has very strong and mirror bright 5-groove bore and 0-marked bolt-head. Stock and handguard looks as new with just a few scratches and handling marks, includes correct web sling.  Not import marked, quite rare this nice. PHOTOS . . . $1250.     C&R

    CHILEAN Model 1912 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # B4913 (originally 7x57mm, rechambered by the Chileans to 7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Steyr in 1912.  Excellent condition, with 95% bluing (including receiver) and a very strong mirror-bright bore. All serialized metal parts matching.  Mismatched stock (all rechambered 7.62 rifles have mismatched wood) has original finish with many handling marks in the 109-year interim, 1912-dated cartouche on left side. Missing cleaning-rod (went AWOL when rechambered)PHOTOS . . . . $850.    C&R   

    COLOMBIAN Model 47 bolt-action rifle # 4666-58 (.30-06),  mfg. by Madsen in 1958.   Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% original black-painted finish, bore is mirror-perfect.  Stock has no apparent wear. This was the last military bolt-action designed for general use (complete with very effective muzzle-break and recoil-pad), not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $1250.      C&R     SOLD

    CZECH Model vz24 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # 2519 V4 (8x57mm) mfg. by CZ in c.1938.  Near Excellent original condition, with nearly all bluing remaining.  Mismatched bolt, all other serial numbers matching (even on the stock), top of chamber has very bold two-tailed rampant Czech lion. Bore is quite bright and strong. Walnut stock has been refinished with very few scuffs and dents from actual use, handguard is cracked and chipped, but a replacement is included. Includes cleaning rod and front sight protector.  PHOTOS . . . $725.    C&R  

    FRENCH Modéle 1936 MAS bolt-action rifle # FH13239 (7.5x54) mfg. at St. Éttienne in July 1952.  UNISSUED condition, NOT arsenal refurbished, with 100% external phosphate finish. All matching serial numbers (on bolt handle, bottom of forend, magazine floorplate, triggerguard, and left side of butt) with shiny, bright bore and very bold dated circular cartouche on right side of stock. Includes integral spike-bayonet.  PHOTOS . . . $750.     C&R    SOLD

    FRENCH Model 1949-56 MAS semiautomatic rifle # H17005 (7.5x54) manufactured at St. Etienne in c.1964. Excellent condition, with full Parkerizing. Has great mirror-bright bore. Includes one ten-round magazine, no other accessories. Wood stock has a few very minor handling marks on both sides. PHOTOS . . . $975.      C&R   (no California sales)    SOLD

    GERMAN Model Gewehr 98 bolt-action infantry rifle # 1654d (8x57mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Mauser in 1918.  Very Good PLUS condition, metal has most bluing.  All parts except for bolt numbered 54 matching  receiver serial number, bolt renumbered 35974. Turkish crescent-moon stamped atop receiver. Has a very strong and somewhat bright bore, with original totally-functional "roller coaster" rear sight. Includes cleaning rod. Beech buttstock was refinished long ago, with very few handling marks since, faint German Imperial cartouches on right side. Extremely attractive, and ideal for WWI re-enactors. PHOTOS . . . $850.      C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN DSM-34 bolt-action single-shot training rifle # 2122 (.22 Long Rifle) mfg. by Franz Schmidt (Zella Mehlis) in c.1935 in original configuration.  Very Good condition, with 75% or better bluing, bore is bright and strong. No numbered small parts. All markings (including beautiful logo atop action) are extremely clear, Franz Schmidt, Waffenfabrik / Zella-Mehlis (Thur.) on left side of receiver, Deutsche Sportmodell in Olde German script on right side of receiver.  Stock has original finish with slot for sling and round bolt disassembly disc and has had break expertly repaired at wrist. Very rare manufacturer. John Speed's book lists fifteen DSM34 manufacturers in addition to Mauser, and states "Franz Schmidt probably did not make more than 100 DSM-34's". PHOTOS . . . $750.    C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 8747c (8x57) mfg. by Sauer & Son (code 147) in 1939. A Russian reworked rifle in Excellent condition, with 100% re bluing, has Weimar eagles (with spread wings) on left side of the receiver and barrel, three Nazi proofs (eagles holding swastikas) on right side of receiver. Has all milled parts electro-penciled to match receiver. Buttstock is laminated with flat buttplate. Has repro cleaning-rod and original locking-screws, with Czech leather sling with buckle. Extremely attractive.  PHOTO . . . $925.    C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN  Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 3744n (8x57) mfg. by Gustloff Werke (code bcd 4 ) in 1944.  A Russian-capture in Excellent condition, with 95% or so bluing with Nazi eagles (which unfortunately have the swastikas pinged). Parts matched by electropenciled numbers by the Russians, has stamped triggerguard, magazine floorplate and front band with milled rear band. Bore is very strong and very bright. Has solid buttstock (but is missing handguard) with bright cupped buttplate. Also lacks cleaning-rod, sight hood and locking screws (usual for Russian captured 98k's). PHOTO . . . $525.    C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN Model G43 semiautomatic rifle # 2032d (8mm) mfg. by Berliner-Lübecker-Maschinenfabrik (code duv) in 1944. Very Good condition, matching-numbered bolt carrier. Very strong and mostly bright bore, 60% external finish, forend of laminated stock looks to have been duffle-cut and spliced, has bakelite handguard. Lacks sliding action-cover and cleaning rod, but has front sight-hood.  Intact scope-mount on right side. Has gcb code K43 magazine with usual chipping black paint. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $3250.    C&R     SOLD

   GREEK Model 1903/14 Mannlicher-Schoenauer bolt-action sporting rifle # 5955B (6.5x54 M/S) mfg. by Breda in 1927. This is a very nicely (and professionally) conversion to elegant sporting rifle utilizing a Greek 1930 action with its rotary magazine. Near Excellent condition with most bluing remaining, spoon handle unnumbered bolt, Greek crest bold, has open ramp sights. Bore is mirror bright and very strong. It is stocked all the way to the muzzle in beautifully figured walnut having nicely-done checkering on forend and grip with a Pachmeyr rubber buttplate and quilted leather sling. Extremely attractive, not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $750.      C&R    SOLD

    INDIAN Enfield No.2A1 bolt-action rifle # A44830 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Ishapore Arsenal in 1965. Excellent condition, metal has full Parkerized finish. All serial numbers matching except magazine. Bore is bright and sharp. Stock has some handling marks and non-crucial crack on the right side of the receiver.  PHOTOS . . . $475.    C&R     SOLD

    INDIAN Enfield No.2A1 bolt-action rifle converted into "Jungle Carbine" configuration # J5273 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Ishapore Arsenal in 1966. Excellent condition, metal thickly covered in black enamel. All serial numbers matching (including magazine). Bore is bright and sharp. Stock has been cut down to carbine length with a cone flash-hider added. Looks quite handly, but of course it is not original. PHOTOS . . . $495.    C&R     SOLD

    INDIAN  No.4 Mk.I* Enfield rifle # 10486 (.303 British) mfg. by Ishapore in 1963. Excellent condition, bore is mirror-bright and extremely strong. All-matching serial numbers, has Ishapore screw through forend. Short-marked butt has repair at heel, includes correct web-sling. Very scarce.   PHOTOS . . . $575.   C&R     SOLD

    SOVIET Model SKS-45 Simonov semiautomatic rifle # GL2477 (7.62x39) mfg. by Tula  in 1954.  Excellent refurbished example with 100% blue and a chromed mirror-bright bore.  All matching serial numbers, but has been "Bubba-fied" (bolt cover replaced with on installed with a scope-mount installed with a cheap 4x28 scope with lens-caps) and has muzzle-break installed.  Bolt-carrier has been blackened during refurb process, blade-bayonet still bright. Has slightly scuffed-up (but matching #) laminated stock & handguard, cleaning-kit still in the butt-trap, includes cleaning rod. Original matching bolt cover unfortunately AWOL. PHOTOS . . . $750.     C&R

    SOVIET Model SKS-45 Simonov semiautomatic rifle # OY8457 (7.62x39) mfg. by Tula  in 1955-6 (undated).  Excellent refurbished example with 100% blue and a chromed mirror-bright bore.  All matching serial numbers, but has been "Bubba-ized" (put in a Zytel side-folding stock (which does NOT fold) and has had its magazine replaced with a 30-round "detachable" metal magazine made by U.S.A. Magazines. bolt-carrier has been blackened during refurb process, blade-bayonet still bright, includes cleaning rod. Original magazine and stock/handguard set AWOL, unfortunately. PHOTOS . . . $750.     C&R

    SPANISH Model 1895 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # 2Q15  (7x57mm) made by Oviedo in 1925. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 95% or better original blued finish. All matching serial numbers on all parts, bore is extremely bright and strong. Walnut stock was lightly sanded in the distant past, with few handling marks since.  Not import marked.   PHOTOS . . . $975.        C&R    SOLD

    TURKISH Model 98/22 Mauser bolt-action rifle # A1712 (8x57) mfg. by Brno in 1923. Excellent condition, with 93% or better bluing remaining on all external metal. Bore is extremely bright and strong, bolt mismatched, but all other stamped numbered parts match receiver. The only indication of its Turkish service is the rear sight (which is calibrated with Arabic numerals instead of Western numerals). Walnut stock and handguard have some minor scratches and dings but no cracks. Completely functional, includes cleaning-rod.  PHOTOS . . . $525.       C&R

    U.S.A. Model 03-A3 Springfield bolt-action rifle # 4101290 (.30-06), receiver mfg. by Remington in November, 1943 with RA 11-43 barrel.  Excellent-PLUS condition with 98% or better Parkerizing throughout. Bore is mirror-bright and very strong (gauges TE = 2.5, MW = 2.0).  Includes front sight-hood and web sling. Walnut stock has RA FJA and ordnance-wheel cartouches with a few handling marks and scratches, OG (for Ogden Arsenal) on left side.  Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $1275.    C&R     SOLD

    VENEZUELAN Model FN-49 Saive semiautomatic rifle # 5016 (7x57) mfg. by Fabrique National in c.1953. Excellent-PLUS condition, essentially unissued, with 99% or better original painted finish (stoving) and mirror bright and strong bore. All-matching numbers (5016), Venezuelan crest on receiver is bold, includes muzzle-break. Beautiful Walnut stock has some insignificant minor scratches with original finish. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $1650.    C&R    SOLD

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