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NOTICE:     We have decided (reluctantly) to discontinue offering reference books on military firearms.   Unfortunately, many (most) of our customers seem to feel that they can acquire their knowledge of these things for FREE on the internet (I do NOT agree with that assessment) and reference book sales have been stagnant for some time.  

As we run out of items we will be removing the listings, but will offer FREE SHIPPING for two or more titles (ordered at the same time) for as long as they last.  These are a VERY LIMITED supply. . . for some titles we only have one remaining, for others as many as eight.

Books on Military Firearms for sale
(updated 13 July 2021)


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Karabiner 98k Volume 1: A collectors guide to the development and production of the German K98k service rifle up to 1938 by Bruce Karem & Michael Steves (2012).  The K98k rifle was Germanys principle battle rifle from 1934 until 1945. In those 12 years the K98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the design improvements to German Model 98 rifles through 1938 and adoption of the K98k rifle. The Mauser Oberndorf chapter covers all of the commercial models based on the Model 98 action including the Standard-Modell, Banner Mausers, contract rifles from China, Japan, Portugal, and special rifles delivered to German Postal and other paramilitary organizations throughout Germany prior to the outbreak of WW2.  588 pages, thousands of detailed photos and illustrations, hardcover with dustjacket,  ONLY $124.95   SOLD OUT

NEW!  Karabiner 98k Volume 2: A collectors guide to the development and production of the German K98k service rifle from 1939 to 1944 by Bruce Karem & Michael Steves (2017). Originally, this was intended to be 1 book, but due to the immense amount of information available (over 910 pages), the volume was split into 2 books, which are sold together as a set. The K98k rifle was Germany's principle battle rifle from 1935 until 1945. In those 10 years the K98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the production and improvements to German Model 98 rifles from 1939 - 1944. The book includes detailed production analysis using factory documents whenever possible, including over 200 pages on Mauser Oberndorf alone. Also covered are the rest of the makers of the K98k rifle during WW2, including Sauer, Steyr, Waffenwerke Brünn AG, Erma, Mauser Borsigwalde, Gustloff-Werke, and Mauser Borsigwalde. Also covered in detail are reworks and rifles of the SS.  Hardcover with Dustjacket,  ONLY $144.95     SOLD OUT

LABAR:  Bayonets of Japan, a comprehensive reference on Japanese Bayonets.  2008.  A limited edition reference and proudly printed in the USA. It has 480 heavy glossy pages in 8.5 x 11 inch size with over 1150 color photographs, and it is printed with a sturdy side-sewn binding that will ensure decades of use. . . $120.00   SOLD OUT

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Ancient Coin Reference Reviews by Dennis Kroh (1994). Over 100 pages listing hundreds of specialized and general references covering ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, including ALL those utilized as standard works today. Arranged by 35 different topics, each book or article is rated according to their usefulness, clarity, illustrations, and availability (utilizing a five-star system similar to that used for movies) with an outline of the essential information it contains. Availability and accurate prices based on market values are also given, and there is also a thorough index. The information in this book is available nowhere else and it is a must-have for every numismatic library and collector (or potential collector) of ancient coins. It is also STILL currently utilized as the STANDARD REFERENCE for many of the most important dealers of ancient coin books worldwide!  $25.00 POSTPAID  autographed upon request

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