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How to order and SAFELY e-mail us your credit card info

Several decades ago we devised a SECURE method of transmittal for those who are worried about sending sensitive information such as credit-card numbers through e-mail.  It's really quite easy and obvious...

E-mail us the details of your order and include your name, address, Zip-code and the first half of your card number PLUS the CVV number (3-digit number on the back of the card, or 4-digit # on front of AMEX cards) to kroh@empirearms.com    The CVV # is no longer optional.

PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK that the numbers are correct.

Send another e-mail to me personally at denny@kroh.rocks with the order information (including the dealer we are to send it to if you do not have your own C&R FFL), but include only the last half of the card numbers as well as the expiration date and your phone number. This second email address goes directly to an encrypted computer in a room (via dial-up modem) that only I have access to (no one else is allowed in that room at all) and that computer is not connected to any network.

PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK (again) that the numbers are correct.

That way I, personally, will be the only person who can put the entire credit-card number together and utilize it, and your risk is completely eliminated.  We will e-mail a confirmation that the numbers were received and your order will go out on the next possible shipping-day.

If you wish us to utilize that same credit card for your next order(s), please add the words "please keep this number on-file" and this will be securely accomplished (so this process will be eliminated for subsequent orders).

We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that this method is safe, and it has NEVER been compromised in the literally hundreds of thousands of times it has been utilized over the past quarter Century.

Dennis Kroh, owner

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