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U.S.A. Mark I semiautomatic pistol # 12-49799 (.22 LR), mfg. by Sturm-Ruger in 1974. A single-action TARGET pistol with checkered black plastic grips and 6 7/8" barrel with adjustable rear sights.  Excellent condition with aftermarket ten-round magazine. Very little actual wear, a few thin handling marks, else in great shape for these.  Not import marked. PHOTOS . . . $475.  REDUCED!  $395. not C&R   

GERMAN Model PPK/S semiautomatic pistol # 48711LR (.22 Long Rifle), mfg. at Walther in 1991. Excellent condition in numbered plastic Interarms box with one magazine, test target and manual. Wears plastic thumbrest grips, with additional rubber Pachmeyer grips in box.  Very attractive. PHOTO . . . $825.   REDUCED!  $795.    not C&R

CHINESE Type 54 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # 2099797 (7.62x25) mfg. by Factory 66 in 1955 with added Glock-type trigger safety for importation legality (can be easily swapped out with any Tokarev trigger). Excellent refurbished condition with full Parkerized finish and a mirror-bright bore. Includes two non-matching magazines and brown leather holster lined with blue corduroy fabric.  PHOTOS . . . $575  REDUCED!  $525.    C&R    

ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # ST876 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1953 with added lever safety. Excellent condition with full bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes one non-matching magazine. PHOTOS . . . $395.    C&R  

ROMANIAN Model TT-33 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # AN1652 (7.62x25), mfg. by Cugir in 1956 with added lever safety. Excellent condition, with 95% bluing remaining, bore is very bright with strong rifling. All matching serial numbers except magazine. PHOTOS . . . $425.   REDUCED!  $395.   C&R   

  FRENCH Model 1892 Ordnance revolver # G98389 (8x22Rmm Lebel) mfg. by St. Etienne in 1903. Very Good condition with 70% evenly worn original bluing. with some "freckling" in finish. Bore is very strong and bright. Checkered walnut grips are still pretty sharp, includes reproduction leather "clamshell" holster. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $625.  C&R   

  GERMAN Model 1930 Broomhandle semiautomatic pistol # 858614 (7.63x25), mfg. by Mauser in c.1935 with 6" barrel  Very Good  external condition, with most original bluing turned to plum and some verdigris and rough spots on barrel. Bore has been re-lined and is mirror-bright with strong rifling. The action is exceptionally smooth. All original markings sharp and clear. includes very attractive Chinese wood shoulder stock / holster with leather shroud. A early Navy Arms import (most likely from China). PHOTOS . . . $1650.  C&R   

  GERMAN Model 1914 semiautomatic pistol # 115275 (7.65mm, .32 ACP) mfg. by Mauser at Oberndorf in 1916 and having WWI military proof on slide in front of rear sight. Very Good overall condition, bore is strong and very bright, some fire-blue remaining on trigger and other small parts.  Some areas of corrosion on end of barrel and slide corresponding with the damage to the holster (likely from being "holstered wet"). Has slightly worn checkered walnut grips. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $425.  C&R   

  GERMAN Model 1914 Artillery Luger semiautomatic pistol # 5574 (9mm) mfg. by DWM in 1914 with an 8" barrel and rifle-type tangent rear sight. Very Good or better condition, with some freckling on barrel from adverse weather. All matching serial numbers (either 5574 or 74) on all parts EXCEPT takedown lever (24) and sideplate (60). Wood bottomed nickel-plated magazine is unnumbered.  All markings are very sharp. Bore is a bit rough but has strong rifling. Completely functional as well as very attractive.  Includes repro holster as well as board-type buttstock, cleaning rod, magazine tool, and two repro wood-bottomed magazine.  Altogether a really nice "rig". Not import marked.  PHOTOS . . . $2750.  C&R   

  GERMAN Ortgies semiautomatic pistol # 187015 (.32ACP) mfg. by Deutsches Werk, Erfurt in the mid 1920's. Very Good condition, bluing has wear only at corners and edges and pistol is functional. Bore is quite nice and bright.  Has slightly worn D-logo grips and nickel-plated magazine with crude faux-pigskin pasteboard full-flap holster.  Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $450.  C&R   

  JAPANESE Type 26 (1893) double-action six-shot revolver # 25515 (9x22R) mfg. at Koishikawa (Tokyo) in c.1914. Very Good condition, metal has usual poor finish (especially on the barrel) with some verdigris and minor external pitting. Bore is surprisingly excellent and mirror-bright. Very tight cylinder lock-up. Glass-smooth action and worn checkered wooden grips, totally functional. Lanyard ring intact, includes reproduction leather clamshell holster. Not import-marked.    PHOTOS . . . $950.  C&R    

  SPANISH REPUBLIC faithful copy of Astra Model 1921 (400) semiautomatic pistol # 8965 (9x23 Largo) mfg in Valencia in 1937-1939.  Excellent condition, with full bluing and a nice bright and strong bore.  Top of barrel and right grip has entwined RE in oval (one of about 15,000 manufactured in a converted textile factory). Includes two magazines (both with RE in oval stamps on floorplate) and black full-flap holster. Not import marked, rare. PHOTOS . . . $1250.  C&R    

  U.S.A. .38 Hand Ejector Military & Police (pre-Model 10) revolver # C246558 (.38 Special) mfg. by Smith & Wesson in 1953. Near Excellent condition, nickel plating near perfect and is completely functional with tight lockup. Has 4" barrel, cylinder numbered 246558 (matching).  Bore is mirror bright with strong rifling. Plain walnut grips have a few nicks and dings but are not cracked. . .  PHOTOS . . . $850.  C&R    


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