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CANADIAN Model New Service Mark II revolver # 102083 (.455 Eley AKA .455 Webley) mfg. by Colt in 1915-17 with 6" barrel and issued to the NORTHWEST MOUNTED POLICE.  Very Good overall condition, with mostly full original bluing (some holster wear at sides of barrel and cylinder), very few of the usual small contact-marks. All matching numbers, has a mostly bright mirror bore and very tight action. bottom of butt stamped N. W. MP No. 77.   Not import-marked, very rare! PHOTOS  . . . $1375.  REDUCED AGAIN! $950.    C&R 

CZECH Model "DUO" semiautomatic pocket-pistol # 176950 (.25 ACP) mfg. by Ceska Zbrojovka, Strakonice (after nationalization of the F. Dušek, Opotschno factory post-war) in 1949. Excellent condition, with 95% bluing and very bold markings. Excellent, bright bore, with black DUO-logo bakelite grips and one 6-round magazine. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R     SOLD

GERMAN Model 1919 commercial semiautomatic Luger pistol # 81374 (7.65 Luger) mfg. by DWM in c.1922. Excellent or better condition (slight wear only evident on the front and rear grip straps), small parts have very vivid "straw" color.  All markings very clear and bold.  All matching serial numbers (wood-bottomed magazine not numbered, as is correct for these), bore is mirror bright and very strong. Original checkered walnut grips, functional and very tight. Not import-marked, scarce this nice. PHOTOS . . . $1650.    C&R

ITALIAN Model VP semiautomatic vest-pocket pistol # 86619 (.25 ACP)  mfg. by V. Bernardelli in 1963. All-matching numbers, Very Good condition with 75% or so bluing.  Really sharp slightly frosted bore, with scarce and unique extended 8-round magazine. Grips have VB logo on right side.   Quite rarely offered in any condition, not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   SOLD

SWEDISH Model 1887 Nagant revolver # 10107 (7.5 Swedish Nagant) mfg. by Husqvarna in 1903. Excellent-PLUS condition with 98% high-gloss bluing and full "straw" on hammer, trigger, and loading-gate. Strong mirror-bright bore and all-matching numbers. Unit-marked L № 3474 on right side of frame. Lovely checkered walnut grips, includes lanyard-ring. Comes with excellent leather holster with three crowns and stamp T1 / 21 on outside front flap,  R № 79 / AR15 and crown above A2 / 13 / 1. Totally functional and basically as-new, not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $825.    C&R 

SPANISH Model Gecado semiautomatic vest-pocket pistol # 25066 (6.35mm = .25 ACP) made by the Eibar firm Santiago Salaverría in 1931 (Eibar date-code D) for G. C. Dornheim AG (Ge Ca Do) in Hamburg, Germany. A copy of the Browning Model 1906 (a.k.a. "Baby Browning") in Very Good condition with most bluing intact (some wear and light external verdigris).  Has very strong markings with a bright and strong bore. Includes 6-round magazine, grips are not chipped, completely functional. Not import-marked, quite cute. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R      SOLD

  ARGENTINE Model 1927 Systema Colt semiautomatic pistol # 77799 (.45 ACP), mfg. at Hafdasa  in 1953 for the Argentine Army.  Near Excellent condition, original blued finish (some holster wear at edges of slide) and checkered hard-plastic grips.  Bore is very strong and mirror-bright (barrel stamped 77799, matching rest of pistol). Includes one 7-round non-matching magazine. Extremely attractive with very strong markings. PHOTO. . . $825.      C&R   

  ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # JA620 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1953 with added lever safety. Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes two non-matching magazines, cleaning rod and full-flap maroon leather holster.  PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R

  ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # SB298 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1953 with added lever safety. Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes one non-matching magazine. PHOTOS . . . $295.    C&R

  SPANISH Model 1921 (400) semiautomatic pistol # 77885 (9mm Largo), mfg. by Astra in 1937/8. Very Good condition with 75% or more original bluing. Has a strong and somewhat bright bore and is functional. All-matching serial numbers with one un-numbered magazine, cleaning rod, and numbered box from importer. PHOTO . . . $325.    C&R       SOLD

  GERMAN Model P-08 Luger semiautomatic pistol # 1911r (7.65 Luger) mfg. at DWM in the early 1920's. Excellent-PLUS condition, with full gorgeous bluing (most straw on some small parts), mirror-bright bore and all-matching serial numbers except for aluminum-bottomed magazine. Has commercial proofs, no military markings other than Su / 25 on right side of frame. Checkered walnut grips are very sharp and like new (but so is the rest of the pistol). Not import-marked, possibly part of the Finnish contract. A truly beautiful example. PHOTOS . . . $1575.    C&R

  GERMAN Model P1 semiautomatic pistol # 118382 (9mm) mfg. by Walther in 1980's (undated). Excellent condition having only the slightest holster-wear on corners and sharp edges of metal. Bore is mirror-perfect with clean chamber. This is the modernized version of the Walther P38 (slide actually marked P38) with an alloy-frame. Has black plastic grips, one jhv-code WWII P38 magazine with worn postwar black-leather full-flap holster (not shown).  PHOTOS . . .  $375.   C&R SOLD

  CZECH Model CZ82 semiautomatic military pistol # 139941 (9x18)  mfg. in 1989 by Česká Zbrcjovka. Near Excellent condition with some light holster wear at sides of barrel. Has a mirror-perfect polygonal bore. Includes one 12-round magazine. PHOTOS . . . $425.      C&R

  ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # BD1937 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 195(3) with added lever safety. Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes one non-matching magazine.  Unusually, the last digit of  the date was not stamped. PHOTOS . . . $275.    C&R 

  YUGOSLAVIAN Model ZC-70 semiautomatic pistol # G-272795 (.32 ACP) mfg. at Crvena Zastava in 1976.  Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing (slight holster wear at sides if slide). Bore is mirror-perfect, markings are very sharp, and black plastic grips are not chipped.  Includes one magazine. No longer importable, scarce.  PHOTOS . . . $325.    not C&R


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