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How our WANT-LIST service works:

If there is a firearm you have long been searching for, EMPIRE ARMS may be able to locate it for you as we have for literally thousands of customers over the past 25+ years. In fact, around 40% of the new items we acquire never make it to our "new stuff" pages or web-offerings as they are offered (and quickly sold) to folks who have submitted want-lists to us by using this service.  

THIS IS FOR FIREARMS ONLY, we will not look for parts, only complete firearms

What we need for you to do is send simply fill out the form below, and click on the SUBMIT button.  

ONE ITEM per submission, please

We MUST have your FFL (or that of your local dealer) on-file ALREADY before we will accept a want-list for a firearm for you.

We would appreciate a detailed description of the item wanted, including minimum acceptable condition and whether or not matching serial-numbers are a must. There is also a large COMMENT field for other factors you feel are a priority to you.

Most important is the field indicating the price-range you are willing to pay for this item. Please be realistic , as you will NOT be contacted if the item we find fits your criteria exactly but is beyond the price-range you have given (we WILL make every effort to attempt to find one for LESS than you indicate if at all possible)

We also require that you include a weekend phone number (preferably a CELL phone) where you can be reached should we locate something for you during a gun-show we are attending.

We keep this info for ONE YEAR only  

There is NO OBLIGATION for you to purchase anything we find for you unless it falls outside of the scope of the kind of items we normally deal in.

Just complete this form. Click on the Submit button below when ready to send.


Your name:

Email address:

Do you have a FFL on-file with us?

Item wanted (be sure to fill this in and please be VERY specific):

Minimum acceptable condition:

Are all matching numbers an absolute must?

Price range you are willing to pay (please be realistic)

any other comments on this item?

Are you satisfied with the service Empire Arms provides?

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Weekend (preferably cellular) phone number (we often call from shows on the weekends when we actually have the gun you want in our hands. . .)

any suggestions on how we can make this want-list service any better?