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Another EXCLUSIVE feature from EMPIRE ARMS

For the past several decades we have been asked for photos of individual firearms that EMPIRE ARMS has sold to our customers.

Here's an easy solution. . . just pull up an internet browser from any computer and type in the browser line http://www.empirearms.com/yourserialnumber.jpg
(replacing the text "yourserialnumber" with the actual serial number of the firearm you purchased) and hit <ENTER> and the photo should magically pop up on your screen (if we took one).

(CAVEAT: we did not illustrate very many of the tens of thousands of Russian-captured 98k's or Finn M39's we sold WITHOUT PHOTOS during the 2002-2008 period as they pretty much all looked identical)

From this point you can, with our permission:

a)  copy the photo to your own computer to use later

b)  print it out to show it off or frame it and hang it on the wall (or whatever)

c)  use it to list your item on one of the firearm auction sites (Gunbroker, ArmsList, Gun Auction, etc) if you so desire (instead of selling it back to us at AT LEAST 80% of what you paid)

d)  use it in a publication (web-site, printed or electronic book, etc.) ONLY IF credit is physically given in the form of "photo courtesy of EMPIRE ARMS"

Only *YOU* have this permission, as the rights to utilize each photo comes with every firearm, HOWEVER we do NOT give permission for anyone other than the original buyer to utilize our photos for *ANY* purpose and we do not have any "larger format" photos or any other images of your firearm in our archives due to the large number of firearms we deal in.

Literally NO ONE ELSE offers this exclusive service!

95 Seminole Ave   Ormond Beach, FL 32176   (386) 677-7314
click HERE to email us: kroh@empirearms.com