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NEW!  Italian Small Arms of the First and Second World Wars by Ralph Riccio (2015).  This is the first comprehensive work, in either English or Italian, to address Italian small arms used during World War I and World War II. It describes each weapon and covers the developmental history and use of all Italian designed and produced pistols, rifles, submachine guns and machine guns used during both conflicts, as well as prototype weapons and foreign weapons used by the Italians. Other appendices cover bayonets, accoutrements, markings, ammunition, small arms manufacturing facilities, Italian small arms designers, production summaries, and collector’s notes. It includes many previously unpublished photographs and background information on small arms producers, ammunition production facilities, and designers. In addition to the new material, it also corrects previously published errors about Italian weapons. Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ | 608 b/w and color photos | 224 pages, ISBN13: 9780764345838 | Binding: hard cover   ONLY $69.95     

NEW!  Karabiner 98k Volume 1: A collectors guide to the development and production of the German K98k service rifle up to 1938 by Bruce Karem & Michael Steves (2012).  The K98k rifle was Germanys principle battle rifle from 1934 until 1945. In those 12 years the K98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the design improvements to German Model 98 rifles through 1938 and adoption of the K98k rifle. The Mauser Oberndorf chapter covers all of the commercial models based on the Model 98 action including the Standard-Modell, Banner Mausers, contract rifles from China, Japan, Portugal, and special rifles delivered to German Postal and other paramilitary organizations throughout Germany prior to the outbreak of WW2.  588 pages, thousands of detailed photos and illustrations, hardcover with dustjacket,  ONLY $124.95     

NEW!  Kriegsmodell Volume 3: A collectors guide to K98k production in the last months of WW2 by Michael Steves & Bruce Karem (2012, revised edition). This book will educate and entertain both the casual and the seasoned K98k collector. With over 400 pages of full color and black and white photos, along with never before seen factory documentation and wartime photos, this book is both educational and visually satisfying. Bonus material such as capture boxes, capture papers, accessories, and gallery photos give this book dimension and heft. Includes tills from US Army wartime newsreels (US NARA) showing capture piles and the destruction of captured rifles, along with many detailed photos of features and inspections on 1945 production K98k rifles. 417 pages, hardcover with dustjacket, ONLY $99.95     

LAW:  Backbone of the Wehrmacht: The German K98k Rifle, 1934 - 1945. Revised Edition 2nd printing with Errata Sheet, 384 Pages, 478 Illustrations.  The most comprehensive study ever of the 14,000,000 bolt-action K98k rifles produced from 1934 to 1945 in Nazi Germany. Known as the "98k Bible", this work contains extensive information on the military and commercial background to the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the components of the K98k; a year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacture, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations; plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel and costs; commercial and contract K98ks, and many rare ‘one-offs’ and experimentals. Illustrates and describes virtually every K98k accessory ever produced. Hardbound with dustjacket, ONLY $69.95    

A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO MILITARY PISTOL & REVOLVER DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY by Stuart C. Mowbray & Joe Puleo (2011). Your comprehensive guide to disassembly and reassembly steps for military handguns. 51 complete breakdowns PLUS many partial disassemblies of variations. This is by far the best book on this topic out there. The amazing part, given the price, is that every single one of the photos in this book is printed in FULL COLOR on coated paper. You won't find a better value...that's for sure. Find out why the editor of American Rifleman calls this "an invaluable reference...and a must buy for all gun enthusiasts." FULL COLOR, 278 pages, deluxe coated paper, 1,217 color photographs, softcover, ONLY $39.99  

A COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO MILITARY RIFLE DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY by Stuart C. Mowbray & Joe Puleo (2008). Your comprehensive guide to disassembly and reassembly steps for cartridge military rifles. Everything from the Trapdoor Springfield to the AK47 is included! 49 complete breakdowns PLUS 31 partial disassemblies of variations. This is by far the best book on this topic out there. You won't find any sporterized rifles or pieces of junk here. All the guns are collectible classics. The amazing part, given the price, is that every single picture in this book is printed in FULL COLOR on coated paper. You won't find a better value...that's for sure. Find out why the editor of American Rifleman calls this "an invaluable reference...and a must buy for all gun enthusiasts." FULL COLOR, 304 pages, deluxe coated paper, 1500+ color photographs, softcover, ONLY $39.99  

M1 CARBINE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE by R. C. Larson (2010). For the first time ever, an extensive full-color comprehensive guide for the historically significant M1 carbine. The text contains 850 pages of glossy, razor sharp images of the M1 carbine, the M1A1, sniperscope variations, as well as all of the components used during manufacturing right down to the last spring and screw! This is a must have for every M1 carbine enthusiast. Over 4 years in the making and containing over 4,000 photos, this book will dazzle your eyes as well as provide an incredibly extensive index of marking with close up shots to show every detail. Absolutely a must for any collector.    ONLY $49.99   

THE BROWN BESS, An Identification Guide and Illustrated Study of Britain's Most Famous Musket by Erik Goldstein and Stuart Mowbray (2010).  A pattern-by-pattern, full-color guide to the muskets of the Red Coats.  Learn to identify and understand Brown Bess muskets quickly and easily. Useful features include quick identification guide,  959 detailed photographs, straightforward explanation of common Brown Bess markings, illustrated bayonet guide.  160 deluxe coated pages, softcover. AUTOGRAPHED COPIES!  ONLY $39.99     

Collector's Guide to Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World by George Layman (2010).  Your country-by-country identification guide to the Military Rolling Blocks of the U.S.A. and the world. 672 detailed photographs show you exactly what to look for. Startling new research that reveals the long-lost secrets of the Remington Rolling Block. Correctly identifies and explains more than fifty rile models that have never been identified before. Shows you the markings and features that turn "just another rolling block" into a true collector's prize! Clearly lists and illustrated correct original features and finishes s you can tell a valuable rarity from a nearly worthless parts gun.  240 deluxe coated pages, hardcover.  ONLY $39.95    

BACK IN STOCK!  Bolt Action Military Rifles of the World by Stuart C. Mowbray & Joe Puleo (2009).  Discover a whole world of bolt action military rifles as your authors take you on a country-by-country tour of these fascinating weapons. Never before has this subject been covered in such detail -- including an astounding 2,431 professional color photographs. Each rifle is shown in a number of large overall and close-up views, including serial numbers and mechanical variations. Small features like proof marks are blown up in massive, clear enlargements so every detail can be observed. Translations are provided when rifles are marked in another language and all confusing proofs, serial numbers and markings are explained. Handy tables list key specifications for each rifle, making identifying rifles in your collection easy, while the straight-forward text covers manufacture of the weapon and its issue to the troops. Special attention is given to identifying valuable rarities while avoiding rebuilds and fakes. Find out why the editor of the "American Rifleman" calls this new guide, "absolutely the finest single volume on the subject to date...invaluable" and says "if you are at all interested in military bolt-action rifles, you must buy this book." And since it is written by the editors of Gun Collector magazine, you know you can trust the information. Whether you are interested in Mausers, Mosin-Nagants, Enfields, Springfields, Lebels or Arisakas or any other military bolt action, this "must have" reference guide will quickly become a trusted tool in your reference arsenal. Printed to the highest standards in full color, it might just be the most beautiful gun book ever produced...so don't hesitate. You are going to love it!  11"wide x 8.5"tall, Hardcover, 408 pages, too many illustrations to count!   ONLY $69.95     

BACK IN STOCK!  BOWSER: Rifles of the White Death, a Collector's and Shooter's Guide to Finnish Military Rifles 1918-1944. Camellia, 2008 reprint. An extremely useful survey with many line-drawings and so much practical information you'll be overwhelmed. 234 pages, spiral-bound card covers, each one AUTOGRAPHED by the author. $24.95   

ADAMEK: PISTOLS of WORLD WAR I The definitive work on sidearms used by 16 countries during WWI.  Illustrates over 90 pistols, with technical data, history, proof marks, serial-number ranges and other useful statistics.  Also has disassembly instructions for most models. 298 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", cardcover, heavily illustrated, each one AUTOGRAPHED by the author. $40.00 

BALL, Mauser Military Rifles of the World. 3rd edition, 2003. An excellent photographic reference, arranged by country. 367 pages (expanded from 265 pages in the first edition and 300 in the second), profusely illustrated with over a thousand black & white and color photographs, hardbound with dustjacket. $44.95  

FREY: Imported Military Rifles 1866-1899, Identification, Shooting Tips, Making Ammunition, Parts & Supplies, Values & Trivia. Third Printing, 1995. A 100-page spiral-bound book with much valuable information available nowhere else.  Autographed copy, $14.95   

HUON: Proud Promise, French Autoloading Rifles 1898-1979. 1995. A very detailed standard reference for the MAS semiauto rifle family with much technical information and data. 216 pages, 299 great illustrations, hardbound with dustjacket. . . $39.95      

Collector Grade Publications Gun Books - Crown Jewels

JONES, D.: Crown Jewels: The Mauser in Sweden, A Century of Accuracy and Precision, Deluxe First Edition, 2003. Here is the first in-depth study of all the Swedish Mausers - the 6.5mm m/94 carbines, m/96 long rifles, m/38 short rifles, Swedish K98Ks (called the m/39 in 7.92x57mm, then, after rechambering to fire the 8x63mm machinegun cartridge, the m/40); sniper rifles, and other military adaptations such as grenade launchers and artillery simulators. Then the focus shifts to the experimental prototypes and trial match rifles of the 1950s - some in .30-'06 - and finally to the precision competition rifles which became famous around the world. These include the CG 63 and its two military versions, the m/6 and m/7; the folding-stock CG 62 and the CG 63S Biathlon rifles; the CG 63E, which was approved by the British National Rifle Association; the CG 63 Junior Rifles in .22LR; and the later match rifles such as the FFV 67 and CG 80. The Swedish 6.5x55mm m/94 cartridge, one of the most accurate military rounds ever designed, was further improved in 1941 by the adoption of the excellent m/41 boat-tailed "torpedo" bullet, and numerous loadings are depicted and discussed. It also covers a wide variety of the micrometer-adjustment rear sight inserts and "diopter" receiver sights which were produced in order to allow shooters to take full advantage of the accuracy and precision of the Swedish Mauser. Full chapters on bayonets and the many accessories, both military and civilian, conclude.  312 pages, 691 illustrations, hardcover with dustjacket. . . $49.95   OUT OF PRINT and NOT AVAILABLE!

KEHAYA & POYER: The SKS Carbine. Expanded 4th edition, 2008.   The first thorough study of this famed Soviet-designed shoulder arm, which, with the AK47, armed hundreds of thousands of "National Liberation Front" fighters from Vietnam to Angola. Manufactured in seven countries, total production ran into the tens of millions. Between 1986 and 1995, nearly 1,000,000 Russian, East German, Chinese, North Vietnamese, North Korean and Yugoslav SKS carbines were imported into the United States, and in 1998 several thousand C&E eligible Romanian SKS carbines (not known before to even exist) were also imported.  This newest book in the For Collectors Only series examines the SKS Carbine on a part-by-part basis so that you will know which parts are original, in which country they were produced and which parts are interchangeable, and which are not. Since the vast majority of SKS Carbines in the U.S. are military surplus, you will learn how to examine and select an SKS Carbine; also complete assembly/disassembly instructions, how to manufacture most parts if you cannot find a commercial source and ammunition characteristics and ballistic information as well as factory-codes and information dating these rifles by serial number.   218 pages, cardcover, with hundreds of illustrations.  $19.95       

KEHAYA & POYER: The Swedish Mauser Rifles. 1999. The most accurate, precision-produced military arm in history is thoroughly examined and described part-by-part. All models are covered including the elusive 94 carbine, infantry rifle, sniper rifle and target rifles (and their accessories). 251 pages, profusely illustrated, cardcover. . . $16.95   

LABAR:  Bayonets of Japan, a comprehensive reference on Japanese Bayonets.  2008.  A limited edition reference and proudly printed in the USA. It has 480 heavy glossy pages in 8.5 x 11 inch size with over 1150 color photographs, and it is printed with a sturdy side-sewn binding that will ensure years of use. . . $120.00   

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POYER: Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles 1869 to 1958, Vetterli and Schmidt-Rubin Rifles and Carbines.  In 1869, the Swiss government adopted the world's first successful magazine loading rifle for their army. In the latter half of the 19th Century, Prussia was the military power to be feared and the Swiss, living right next door, were determined to guarantee the integrity of their borders. The Vetterli rifle was a clever Swiss design that combined the spring-loaded magazine tube and cartridge elevator of the Winchester Model 1866 and the bolt action of the Dreyse needle-fire rifle. It provided the Swiss infantryman with eleven shots as fast as he could work the bolt. By the end of the 1880s, the Vetterli had been made obsolete by the march of technology. A new rifle design using a straight pull system was developed. The Model 1889 underwent major redesigns ending in the K-31, one of the finest, most accurate bolt action infantry rifles ever developed. The promise of the magazine loading rifle was fulfilled: the Swiss were able to avoid invasion and involvement in two world wars and one cold one.  Swiss Magazine Loading Rifles, 1869 to 1958 by Joe Poyer is the newest book in the "For Collectors Only" series. It describes, on a part-by-part basis, all the models of both the Vetterli and Schmidt-Rubin rifles including infantry rifles, short (Stutzer) rifles, carbines and cadet models. All markings and codes are explained and tied to models and serial number ranges. Also included are exploded views, ammunition details, assemble/disassembly instructions, maintenance and trouble shooting. The Swiss rifles are not only extremely accurate and a great deal of fun to shoot, but their wide range of variations makes them a great collectible.  235 pages, profusely illustrated, the only book in English on the subject.  $19.95    

POYER, REISCH & STODDARD: M1 Garand 1936 to 1957, a part by part examination of the M1 Garand. 4th revised & expanded edition, 2005. This guide to the "greatest battle implement ever" (General George Patton) describes the entire range of MI Garand production in text and quick-scan charts--dimensions, makings, finishes and changes by serial number range. Using it anyone can analyze any Garand in minutes for "as manufactured" and replace or rebuild parts and return it to its original condition to increase its collector's value. Every part by each of the four manufacturers, pre-World War II, World War II and post-War is analyzed and described. The most complete analysis yet of the M1C, M1D and MC52 sniper rifles, and their telescopic sights and mounts. The U.S. Navy's 7.62 x 51mm NATO rifles are described and a classification structure for National Match Rifles has been devised. This book is the best way to determine if your M1 Garand is original or to assist one in restoring a Garand to original configuration. 223 pages, profusely illustrated. $19.95   

SCARLATA: Collecting  Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles. (2001).  Bolt Action Military Rifles are the hottest field in arms collecting today - and it's easy to see why! While there are plenty of inexpensive examples out there to entice beginning collectors, there are just as many great rarities and exotic models for the experts. In this new book, the author covers all aspects of this exciting field. He clearly describes all of the various bolt action systems used by the different nations, and how they differ from each other. Over 400 large photographs detail key features you will need to recognize in order to identify guns for your collection. Learn the original military configurations of these service rifles so that you can tell them apart from altered guns and bad restorations. The historical sections are particularly strong, giving readers a clear understanding of how and why these rifles were developed, and which troops used them. Advanced collectors will be fascinated by the countless historical photographs of these guns in the hands of troops. And, in order to show which rifles were superior to others and why some armies had an advantage over their rivals, Scarlata tests a selection of these rifles on the range, giving you in-depth reports on their performance, not just for accuracy, but for ease of use, durability, quality of ammunition and combat effectiveness.   During the era of the classic bolt action military rifle, a soldier's rifle was his best friend, protecting him from danger and serving him faithfully.  Hardover, 280 pages 8.5 x 11, 400+ black and white photos, $39.95     

STRATTON: British Enfield Rifles, Volume 1, The SMLE Mk 1 and Mk III Rifles. 1998. A systematic and thorough examination on a part-by-part basis of the famous British battle rifle that endured for nearly 70 years as the British Army’s number one battle rifle. All parts, codes, markings, finishes and changes identified in chronological order, covering British, Australian and Indian manufacture. $16.95  

STRATTON: British Enfield Rifle, Volume 2, The No. 4 and 5. 1999. The second in this new discussion of the famed No. 4 rifle and No. 5 "jungle carbine" complete with a part-by-part analysis including all codes and manufacturers; history of development and use and assembly/disassembly. $16.95  

STRATTON: British Enfield Rifles, Volume 4, The Pattern 1914 and U.S. Model of 1917 Rifles.  published December 2000.  Often called the "American Enfield," the Pattern 1914 in .303 caliber was the only British military rifle ever built wholly in the United States even though it was designed by the engineers at Enfield Arsenal. The U.S. Model 1917 was the same rifle, but rechambered for the American .30-06 cartridge. Over 1.2 million Pattern 1914 rifles and 2.5 million Model 1917 rifles were built during World War I by three American companies, Winchester, Remington and Eddystone (a division of Remington). More American soldiers, including Sergeant Alvin York, were armed with the Model 1917 Enfield in WWI than with the Model 1903 Springfield.  The Model 1917 Enfield has long been a favorite American collectible. Over the years, it has been sporterized for hunting and restored for collecting by thousands of shooters. Parts are commonly available and many P-14 parts are interchangeable with M1917 parts, making it quite easy to return a given rifle to original condition.  As in the previous two volumes, Mr. Stratton has provided a detailed description of each rifle on a part by part basis and noted whether or not the particular part is interchangeable between the two models. He provides a series of charts and explanations for the markings, codes and inspection stamps that appear on each part and tells how to determine which were originally manufactured for the P-14 or the M1917. He also provides a complete history of the rifle's development and use in both World War I and World War II. Also a complete description of the two sniper rifle variations of the P-14 that were fielded in both wars, the Pedersen device developed for the M1917, and the accessories that were issued with the rifle to soldiers of both countries, including ammunition belts, bayonets, tools and cleaning equipment. Separate appendixes provide an exploded view and nomenclature, production statistics, ammunition descriptions and sporting rifle derivations.   $16.95  

Ancient Coin Reference Reviews by Dennis Kroh (1994). Over 100 pages listing hundreds of specialized and general references covering ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins, including ALL those utilized as standard works today. Arranged by 35 different topics, each book or article is rated according to their usefulness, clarity, illustrations, and availability (utilizing a five-star system similar to that used for movies) with an outline of the essential information it contains. Availability and accurate prices based on market values are also given, and there is also a thorough index. The information in this book is available nowhere else and it is a must-have for every numismatic library and collector (or potential collector) of ancient coins. It is also STILL currently utilized as the STANDARD REFERENCE for many of the most important dealers of ancient coin books worldwide!  $25.00 POSTPAID  autographed upon request  

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