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GERMAN Model 38H semiautomatic pistol # 381319 (.32 ACP), mfg. at Sauer& Son, Suhl in c.1943.   Very Good condition, with 70% or so fading (to gray) finish and all-matching serial numbers. Barrel has very bright bore and strong rifling.. Includes correct 8-round magazine. Not import-marked, decocker completely functional.   PHOTO . . . $625.  REDUCED! $575.  C&R   SOLD

BRITISH Model 1908 semiautomatic pistol # 75933 (.32 ACP), mfg. by Webley & Scott, Ltd. in 1912.  Very Good condition with about 80% bluing intact, slide pitted on both sides from being "holstered wet". Bore quite bright and strong.  Includes 6-round magazine, checkered black-plastic grips (thin crack in right grip). Not import-marked, scarce. PHOTO . . . $525.  REDUCED! $475.    C&R   

CZECH Model CZ82 semiautomatic pistol # 007776 (9x18)  mfg. in 1984 by CZ. Excellent condition with some minor chipping of enamel on sharp edges, has a mirror-perfect polygonal bore. Includes one 12-round magazine. PHOTOS . . . $450.  REDUCED! $400.   C&R  

U.S.A. Army Special revolver # 346569 (.38 Colt), mfg. by Colt in 1912. Very Good condition with most bluing intact (if a bit mottled). Functions absolutely perfectly with very tight lockup, no end-shake, and one of the smoothest hammer and triggers I have felt on a revolver in quite some time. The bore is excellent with very strong rifling, glued crack in bottom of right grip.  PHOTOS . . . $750. REDUCED! $650.  C&R  

BELGIAN Model 1920 Pieper semiautomatic pistol # 40581 (.25ACP) mfg. by Nicolas Pieper in the 1920's. Very Good condition, bluing has wear only at corners and edges and pistol is functional. Bore is frosted but mostly bright.  Has crudely checkered walnut grips and unusual six-round magazine.  Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $325REDUCED! $295.    C&R   

FRENCH Model 1892 Ordnance revolver # H94225 (8x22R) mfg. by St. Etienne in 1916-18 (undated).  Excellent condition with very little (if any) wear, much "straw" color on non-blued parts. Bore is strong and mirror bright, checkered walnut grips are still pretty sharp.. Includes original stained leather clamshell holster that was altered internally by the soldier who captured it during WWII (his name and service # penciled on back of holster). Holster looks great externally, not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $675.  REDUCED! $595.  C&R 

GERMAN Ortgies semiautomatic pistol # 60410 (.32ACP) mfg. by Deutsches Werk, Erfurt in the early 1920's. Very Good condition, bluing has wear only at corners and edges and pistol is functional. Bore is quite nice and bright.  Has slightly worn OH-logo grips and nickel-plated magazine.  Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $375.  REDUCED! $325.   C&R   SOLD

GERMAN Model 4 semiautomatic pistol # 44870 (.32 ACP) mfg. at Walther in c.1918.  Very Good with 70% bluing, all-matching numbers and some holster-wear and scuffing at sharp corners. Bore is average, markings are very sharp, bakelite grips has Walther logo (small chip on left grip). Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $325. REDUCED! $295.  C&R   SOLD

POLISH Model P-64 semiautomatic pistol # SH11300 (9x18 Makarov) mfg. at Radom in 1969.  Excellent condition with 95% or better original bluing. Bore is mirror-perfect, markings are very sharp, and black plastic grips are not chipped.  Includes one finger-rest magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $325.  REDUCED! $295.  C&R

JAPANESE Type 14 semiautomatic pistol, Series 2 # 32810 (8mm Nambu) mfg. at Nagoya in April, 1944.  Excellent condition with 95% or better original bluing. All matching numbers except  magazine. Bore is mirror-perfect, markings are very sharp, and grooved wooden grips are sound. Includes original leather clamshell full-flap military holster containing cleaning rod. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $975.  REDUCED! $895. C&R  

BULGARIAN Makarov semiautomatic pistol # IN 27 1758 (9x18 Makarov), mfg. at Arsenal in 1986. Excellent condition with 95% or better original bluing and a few minor scratches. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes correct red star grips and one 8-round magazine. PHOTOS . . . $325.     not C&R  


DUTCH EAST INDIES Model 1891 KNIL revolver # 7675 (9.4mm), assembled by Vickers (the British firm of machine gun fame) in 1921. Very Good or better condition with 80% or better external bluing, all matching numbers, bore is extremely strong and bright. Has British proofs atop frame and barrel, and crowned W (for Queen Wilhelmina who ruled 1890-1948) on right side of frame. Action very tight with worn checkered walnut grips, lanyard-ring intact. Not import-marked, these are usually found in very rough condition due to the hot and humid Indonesian climate, this example is particularly nice for these. PHOTOS . . . $750.  C&R  

SPANISH Model 1921 (400) semiautomatic pistol # 85495 (9x23 Largo) mfg. by Astra (Unceta y Compaņia, S.A.) in Guernica (Spain) in c.1925.  Very Good  overall condition, with sharp markings and 70% or better original bluing. Finely-checkered walnut grips, no military markings. Mostly bright bore, all-matching numbers with one magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $375.  C&R    SOLD


U.S.A. "Commando" revolver # 19096 (.38 Special) with 4" barrel, manufactured by Colt in 1944.   Very Good condition with 70% or better phosphate finish and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Very few contact-marks on metal and grips. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $725.   C&R  SOLD

  U.S.A. Model 57 revolver # N635186 (.41 Magnum), mfg. by Smith & Wesson in 1979-80. Excellent-PLUS condition, a faint drag-line around the cylinder being the only sign of wear.  8 3/8" barrel, checkered Goncalo Alves grips with small S&W medallion, this is a 57 no-dash series revolver, virtually as new with no box or paperwork. This model discontinued in 1993. PHOTOS . . . $1250.     not C&R  

  SOVIET Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol # IC2971 (9x18 Makarov) mfg. at Izhevsk in 1970. Excellent-PLUS condition with 99% or better original bluing. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes reddish star grips, two magazines and raindrop-pattern East German holster. Not import marked, very scarce  PHOTOS . . . $1500.    C&R   SOLD


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