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    BELGIAN Model 1916 Mauser bolt-action carbine # B9710 (7.65x53mm) mfg. in Birmingham (England) during WWI. Very Good condition with 65% original browned bluing and a mostly bright bore. Serial numbers on barrel and stock matching receiver, bolt and magazine floorplate mismatched (but all parts correct), includes cleaning-rod.  Receiver marked ETAT BELGE BIRMINGHAM, with ladder sight calibrated from 100-500 meters laying down and 600-1900 meters standing up, with steel barrel-jacket.  Stock has many handling marks and compressions from actual use, sling bracket on left side.  A sound example of a scarce WWI carbine.  PHOTOS . . . $575.    C&R   SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.5 Mk.1 Enfield bolt-action "Jungle Carbine" # BJ7863 (.303 British) mfg. at BSA Shirley in 1946. Excellent or better condition, with most stoving intact on external finish. All matching serial numbers, has mirror-bright 5-groove bore and 1-marked bolt-head. Stock has some handling marks from actual use but is sound and finish is quite good, Includes unmarked olive-green web sling, very attractive.  PHOTOS . . . $975.     C&R   SOLD

    CZECH Model vz52/57 semiautomatic rifle # GR39232 (7.62x39) mfg. by CZ Bystrica in 1959. Excellent-PLUS condition, virtually UNISSUED with all original gray Parkerized blued finish intact and a mirror-bright and very strong chrome-lined bore. Serial number on bolt actuator does not match but this cannot be seen without handguard removal. Stock is excellent with original finish, includes correct sling and muzzle-cap as well as spare magazine contained in leather pouch.  PHOTOS . . . $1750.     C&R   SOLD

    DUTCH Model 1895 No.4 Old Model Mannlicher bolt-action carbine # 7752G (6.5x53R) mfg. by Hembrug in 1916 with sling swivels on left side and a shorter handguard. Very Good condition, with 70% bluing (receiver in the white, which is proper for these). All matching serial numbers, bore is strong and quite bright. Stock is walnut with subtle tigerstriped figure and has many handling marks from actual use over the last 103 years, a 1" or so chip on right side by handguard.  Includes wood panel on left side of magazine, but missing cleaning rod. Not import-marked, only 18,000 manufactured. PHOTOS . . . $525.    C&R

    EGYPTIAN "Hakim" semiautomatic rifle # 42438 (8x57) mfg. by Maadi in 1965. Excellent condition, full original blued finish with a mirror-bright very strong bore. Beech stock and handguard has a hew handling marks but nothing major or ugly. Includes removable 10-round magazine.  A very handsome example. PHOTOS . . . $950.    C&R    SOLD

    EGYPTIAN "Rasheed" semiautomatic carbine # 7599 (7.62x39), mfg. at Maadi  in 1968. Excellent condition, with 90% or better external bluing and a mirror chrome-lined bore. Beech stock has original finish with a few of the expected superficial scrapes and handling-marks with Arabic numerals 147 painted on left side. Includes 10-round magazine and attached blade bayonet. PHOTOS . . . $1075.    C&R   SOLD

    FRENCH Model 1907-15 M34 Berthier bolt-action cartridge carbine # F32888 (converted to 7.5x54mm) originally mfg. by St, Etienne in c.1915 with 1936 dated Tulle barrel. Excellent condition, most remaining black enamel finish on metal parts. All serialized parts including triggerguard matches. Bore is strong and mirror bright, stock is very attractive. Not import-marked.  Extremely rare conversion, and very seldom offered for sale at any price. PHOTOS . . . $1650.     C&R     SOLD

    FRENCH Model 1949-56 MAS semiautomatic rifle # G10134 (7.5x54) manufactured at St. Etienne in c.1964 and refurbished in 1986. Excellent-PLUS condition, with all Parkerizing intact and very little signs of wear. Has great mirror-bright bore. Includes three ten-round magazines, buttpad and sling. Wood stock has only a few handling marks. PHOTOS . . . $975.      C&R   (no California sales)    SOLD

    GERMAN Model Gewehr 98 bolt-action infantry rifle # 400c (8x57mm) mfg. by Danzig in 1900 (with S-marked barrel).  Very Good condition, metal has a gray coloration (receiver originally produced "in the white") and quite a bit of remaining bluing on barrel (faded to brown on other parts).  Bolt and barrel bands match receiver and barrel, other parts mismatched.  Bore is quite strong and somewhat bright. Has original "roller coaster" rear sight the operates as intended, missing cleaning rod. Beech buttstock has the expected handling marks and dings and several old repairs, with faint Imperial cartouches on right side.  Still attractive, and ideal for WWI re-enactors. PHOTOS . . . $750.      C&R

    GERMAN Karabiner 98 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 1912a (8x57mm), mfg. by Amberg in 1911.  Very Good or condition with all matching serial numbers on metal components, stock numbered 5566.  Bolt has bent-down handle and knob is flattened and checkered on the bottom. Bore is strong and mostly bright, Stock has clear Weimar cartouches on right side, with some scrapes and handling marks. Not import marked. PHOTO . . . $950.    C&R   SOLD

    GERMAN Model 33/40 Mauser bolt-action "mountain carbine"  # 1767 (8mm) mfg. by Brno Arms Factory (Waffen Werke Brunn, code dot) in 1942 with a mere 19.6" barrel.  A Very Good condition original example with very sharp and distinct markings and 80% original blue.  All-correct with matching 33/40 bolt and a mostly bright very strong bore. Sound solid wood buttstock with metal kickplate. Includes cleaning-rod, sling and front sight-hood.  Rare, only about 50,000 of these were produced at Brno 1941-1943).  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $2500.    C&R    SOLD

    ISRAELI Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 676530  (7.62x51 NATO)  mfg. by Fabrique National in the early 1950's. Near Excellent condition with 80% bluing on all metal surfaces. Has mismatched bolt (as usual) but is proper FN bolt, no other numbered parts. Bore is mirror-bright and very strong. Has bold IDF crest at top of receiver. Includes front sight hood, stock and handguard has almost zero handling marks and no provision for cleaning rod. An extremely attractive example. PHOTO . . . $750.    C&R   SOLD

     PERUVIAN Model 1909 Mauser bolt-action rifle # 2071 (7.65x53) mfg. by Mauser in c. 1914. Very Good condition, with 70% or better original bluing (receiver in the white as is proper for these). Bore is near-perfect, Peruvian crest is clear, and that roller-coaster rear sight works perfectly. All serialized parts mismatched (as usual), stock is very decent with some of the expected handling marks and has large and bold MAUSER BANNER cartouche on right side. Includes cleaning-rod, muzzle-cao, and correct leather sling in excellent condition. Not import-marked, rare. PHOTOS . . . $950.     C&R

    SOVIET Model SKS semiautomatic carbine # HT3066 (7.62x39) mfg. by Tula in 1952. Very Good or so condition, with most bluing remaining and all matching serial numbers (except fixed Yugo magazine, solid wood buttstock renumbered to match). Excellent chrome-lined bore, includes blade bayonet and cleaning rod, cleaning kit in the butt-trap. Stock missing most of its finish, has the look of a carbine that has "been there and done that". PHOTOS . . . . $525.    C&R    SOLD

    SOVIET Model SKS semiautomatic carbine # BE4028 (7.62x39) mfg. by Tula in 1953. Excellent-PLUS condition, with full bluing and all matching serial numbers (solid wood buttstock renumbered to match). Gorgeous chrome-lined bore, includes blued blade bayonet, correct sling  and cleaning rod, cleaning kit in the butt-trap. Solis stock and handguard has lovely "red" finish with virtually no handling marks. PHOTOS . . . . $850.    C&R    SOLD

    SPANISH Model FR-7 Mauser bolt-action tactical carbine #FR7-01839 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. from an uncertain date Model 1916 small-ring Mauser. Excellent condition, with 95% Parkerized metal surfaces and a very sharp mirror-bright bore. Matching bent (correct) bolt, wood is sound with very few handling-marks. Very scarce. PHOTOS . . . $750.   C&R   

    SPANISH Model FR-8 Mauser bolt-action tactical carbine # FR8-43162 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by La Coruņa in 1958. Excellent condition, with 98% Parkerized metal surfaces and a sharp mirror-bore. Matching serial numbered bolt (no other parts numbered), crest atop receiver extremely clear. Wood has original finish and is quite handsome with just a few minor dings. PHOTOS . . . $825.     C&R  

    SWEDISH Model 94/14 bolt-action Mauser carbine # 61383 (6.5x55) mfg. by Carl Gustaf in 1915. Excellent condition, about 95% or better external bluing with near-perfect mirror-bore.  All-matching visible serial numbers including barrel-bands (all parts numbered 383). Walnut buttstock and handguard has some of the expected handling-marks over the past 104 years, has attached leather sling-buckle on right side, with correct excellent condition carbine sling. Has muzzle extension (required for importation). Not import-marked, a very attractive example. PHOTO . . . $1450.     C&R    SOLD

   SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin short rifle # 867227 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1946. All-matching serial numbers including magazine. Excellent condition with 90% or better external bluing and a near perfect, mirror bore. Wood is walnut with the usual handling marks, IV 44 stamped beneath buttplate (which contains soldier's tag). PHOTO  . . . $625.    C&R    SOLD

   SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin short rifle # 914193 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1948. All-matching serial numbers including magazine. Excellent condition with 90% or better external bluing and a near perfect, mirror bore. Wood is beech with the usual handling marks, V 48 stamped beneath buttplate (which contains soldier's tag). PHOTO  . . . $575.    C&R    SOLD

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