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Finn Model 39 Mosin Nagant rifles

updated 2/25/2013

We have just purchased several collections of Finnish rifles, most originally bought from us. While some of these are "safe queens" in the highest condition imaginable, many others are honest wartime rifles with signs of actual use and "battle scars" and look like they have "been there and done that" because they ACTUALLY HAVE!   All require a C&R or dealer FFL on-file with us already to purchase.

Since the quality of finish and stock type varies, we have photographed each one individually (click on the serial-number for its photo). The bores are all excellent or better (why would we have purchased them if otherwise) and all have matching-numbered bolts (unless noted otherwise). Any serious defects other than normal dings and scratches (cracks, pitting, etc) will be detailed in the NOTES column.


serial #

% of bluing stock type NOTES


1942 Tikka 28906 100 post rare barrel manufacturer, old pitting on magazine / triggerguard $625 SOLD
1942 B 34596 100 post subtle plum color on barrel $475 SOLD
1944 VKT 67294 100 post a few nicks and 5 round plugs on stock $425 SOLD
1944 SK.Y 509860 95 shield
mismatched bolt-knob $425 SOLD
1944 VKT 66111 100 post Unissued, couple scrapes & dings $440 SOLD
1944 SAKO 250101 100 war matching magazine floorplate, stock scratches on l. side & small round plugs on r. by butt $475 SOLD
1968 SAKO 303226 100 post very pretty swirled figure on stock with 1 round plug on left side $475 SOLD
1941 SAKO
208779 70 war PUOLUISTUSLAITOS, straight stock with bold crossed-cannon & SAKO wheel on ANTIQUE receiver (Tula, 1895) $625 SOLD
1944 VKT 61224 100 post some old pitting on receiver, else perfect $450 SOLD
1970 SAKO 305318 100 post Unissued $500 SOLD
1942 B 42673 100 post vivid plum color on barrel, w/ correct sling, mismatched bolt, some nicks on wood $450 SOLD
1942 SK.Y 501467 100 shield
some scuffs, pretty cool RK44 carved on l. side $475 SOLD
1943 SK.Y 505285 95 shield
nice wood and metal $475 SOLD

stock types: war = wartime with rounded finger-joints, trans = transitional with pointed finger-joints, post = postwar with squared finger-joints

We will add more M39's to this page as items sell, and this page will always be kept up to date.

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