SWISS Model K31
Schmidt-Rubin short rifles

updated 3/12/2013

The following Swiss K31 rifles are in used condition, however their bores are mirror-bright, and near-perfect.  They have been well cared-for while in military service, and they make exceptional shooters.  Each is chambered for the 7.5x55 SWISS cartridge that, although designed back in 1889, was WAY ahead of its time and its ballistics is comparable to the modern .308 Winchester round. These rifles utilize a unique straight-pull turn-bolt system (built with the precision of a Swiss watch), and the crisp trigger-pull and amazing accuracy of these rifles are are legendary.  All have matching-numbered bolts, magazines, and receivers (unless noted otherwise). The wood stocks and handguards have some minor to moderate handling-marks from actual use as well as transport & storage, but have their original finish with intact Swiss "cross in shield" cartouches on the wood.  We have described the external bluing-wear on these in the table below. . . most apparent wear is on corners and edges (as well on bottom of magazine from carry).  Some of these rifles appear to have had the metal aggressively cleaned while in service (with resultant loss of bluing) rather than as a result of excess wear.

The above standard Swiss backpack carrying arrangement should show why so many of these rifles will have handling-marks on the exposed parts of the buttstock. . . unavoidable.  A unique thing about these rifles is that MOST will have a plastic card underneath the buttplate with the previous owners name, address, and often the military unit he was assigned to inscribed on it (if this is the case, the column marked tag? will have a Y in it).  Many of our customers have corresponded with these fellas (now usually old men if still alive) and they are almost always pleased to know what has become of the rifle they so lovingly carried up and down the Alps for so many years in anticipation of the invasion that (thankfully) never came.

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serial #

year mfg. handguard/stock % bluing on receiver #'s match? tag?


598279 1939 walnut (stock dated X 36) w/ arsenal repairs 90% matching Y $375 SOLD 
532528 1934 (second year of issue) walnut (dated VIII 34) 70% matching N $325  SOLD 
919028 1948 beech (stock dated I 43) 90% matching N $350 SOLD
809544 1944 superb + beech (stock dated I 54) 95% matching, has 5+ match labels (1994-2002) Y $575 SOLD 
623551 1940 striped walnut (dated XI 36), rear sling slot on right side 95% matching, target buttplate Y $525 SOLD 
775421 1943 walnut (dated I 43) 75% matching with sling Y $395 SOLD 
254256 1956 beech (dated VIII 54) 95% matching with sling Y $425 SOLD
888944 1947 streaked walnut (dated V 44) 95% matching with sling Y $425 SOLD 

SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin carbine # 975616 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1952. All-matching numbers including magazine. Excellent condition 95% bluing remaining and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Beech stock and handguard (dated XII 51)  has original finish with some of the usual scuffs and handling marks.  PHOTO . . . $395.    C&R   SOLD


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