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    ARGENTINE Model Ballester-Molina semiautomatic pistol; # 67740 (.45 ACP), mfg. at Hafdasa  in the mid 1940's.  Excellent-PLUS refinished condition, with full bluing (refinished, as most nice ones are).  Bore is very strong and mirror-bright (looks new). Magazine not matching, barrel unnumbered. Includes one 7-round magazine (all Colt 1911 magazines will function in this pistol). Extremely attractive grooved walnut grips are very sharp (and obviously replacements). This is somewhat of a copy of the Colt 1911 with some differences (no grip-safety) based on the "Star Super" pistols.  They are both very reliable and accurate. Very tiny import-mark on right side of slide near muzzle. Extremely attractive, includes manual and box.  PHOTO. . . $425.   C&R    SOLD

    BRITISH No.2 Mk.I revolver rig with holster # E5164 (.38 S&W), mfg. by Enfield in 1937 with 5" barrel and cropped hammer-spur. Very Good condition, with some holster wear from actual use in the oil-blacked finish. All matching numbers. Has checkered walnut grips without thumb-rests. Has a gorgeous mirror bore and very tight action and 1943-dated web holster. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN Model P-38 Walther semiautomatic pistol rig with holster # 5482i (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Mauser (Nazi code byf) in 1943. Excellent condition, around 95% original bluing with strong and mirror-bright bore. All-matching numbers, strong markings, includes one eight-round magazine and original heavy leather holster (marked dld / 42 in Very Good condition. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $875.    C&R   SOLD

    GERMAN Model 38H semiautomatic pistol # 418012 (.32 ACP), mfg. at Sauer& Son, Suhl in early 1945.   Excellent condition, with 90% or better late war finish and all-matching numbers. Barrel has very bright bore and strong rifling. Left side of triggerguard has e/37 proof and it lacks the cocking / uncocking lever (deleted late in production). Grips are smooth crude black bakelite, small crack at bottom of right one. Includes correct 8-round Sauer-logo magazine. Not import-marked, includes modern tan holster.   PHOTO . . . $475.     C&R    SOLD

    GERMAN Model PP semiautomatic pistol # 94972 (.32 ACP), mfg. at Manurhin in the late 1970's. Excellent-PLUS condition, virtually AS-NEW in (somewhat tattered) box, with two magazines and manual. PHOTO . . . $525.    C&R    SOLD

    EAST GERMAN Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol rig with holster # BP1651 (9x18 Makarov) mfg. at Suhl by Ernst Thälmann in 1963. Excellent condition with 95% or better original high-polish bluing with some minor holster wear at front of slide. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes red thumb-rest plastic checkered grips, one magazine, and proper East German brown leather holster. PHOTOS . . . $450.    C&R    SOLD

    ITALIAN Model 1934 semiautomatic pistol # 19755 (.380 ACP) mfg. by Beretta in 1941. Very Good condition with 90% wartime bluing. Bore is sharp and bright. Includes one finger-rest 7-round magazine. Import-marked on top of barrel.. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R   SOLD

    ROMANIAN Model 1912 Steyr-Hahn semiautomatic pistol # 9429c (9mm Steyr) mfg. by Steyr in 1914. Excellent condition, around 95% original blued finish, some minor scattered freckling. Bore is strong mirror-bright, Romanian crest (crown) is very bold and all markings are intact. Checkered walnut grips have a few bumps, totally functional. Not import-marked, scarce to rare, especially in this condition. PHOTOS . . . $975.    C&R

    RUSSIAN Model 1895 Nagant 7-shot revolver # 70986 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1915 with Peter The Great and  MO /42 stamped on left side. All-matching numbers, a rearsenaled and reblued example in Excellent PLUS condition with full bluing, very strong markings, and a gorgeous mirror-bright bore. Sharp checkered bakelite grips and grip-panels, includes holster. An early import with very small markings on the right side of the barrel.  PHOTOS . . . $375.   C&R    SOLD

    SOVIET Model 1895 Nagant 7-shot revolver # 31524 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1927 with CCCP stamped on left side. All-matching numbers, a rearsenaled and reblued example in Excellent PLUS condition with full bluing, very strong markings, and a gorgeous mirror-bright bore. Sharp checkered wooden grips and grip-panels, includes holster. An early import with very small markings on the right side of the barrel.  PHOTOS . . . $350.   C&R 

    SPANISH Model 1921 (400) semiautomatic pistol # 92734 (9mm Largo), mfg. by Astra in 1940. Excellent condition with 95% or more original bluing. Has a strong and somewhat bright bore and is functional. All-matching serial numbers except un-numbered magazine. . Has sharp checkered walnut grips. A very nice-looking pistol. PHOTO . . . $475.    C&R  

    SPANISH Model 1921 semiautomatic pistol rig with holster # 76008 (9mm Largo), mfg. by Astra in 1937/8. Very Good condition with 70% or more original bluing (some holster-wear on slide). Has a strong if not very bright bore and is functional. All-matching serial numbers except un-numbered magazine. Includes nice black brown leather full-flap holster without markings. Has slightly worn checkered walnut grips. Not import marked, a nice-looking rig. PHOTO . . . $450.    C&R  

    U.S.A. Model 1917 self-loading pistol # 234976 (.32 ACP) manufactured by Savage Arms in.1920. Excellent condition, with 98% or better original bluing. Bore is very strong and bright. Bakelite Savage-logo grips are intact.  Not import-marked, quite a scarce item. PHOTOS . . . $495.     C&R     SOLD


    ARGENTINE Model 1909 Mauser bolt-action carbine # C3651 (7.65x54) mfg. by DWM in 1912.  Only Good condition, with very little bluing on most parts, receiver in the white (as is proper). Argentine crest above chamber clear. All matching numbers, walnut stock has many handling-marks with subtle tiger striping in the figure. Not a very nice example, but is priced accordingly. PHOTOS . . . $275.    C&R    SOLD

   BRITISH Mark IV Martini-Henry two-band musket # 295 (.577/450 Cartridge) mfg. by Enfield in 1887. Very Good condition, entirely functional with surprisingly strong and mostly bright bore.  This one of the Nepal Treasure rifles that was purchased in "as found" condition and carefully cleaned and restored by one of our customers. All English made with a considerable number of proofs, Nepalese characters appear only on the bottom of the triggerguard.  Includes cleaning-rod.    PHOTO . . . $520.   Antique, no FFL required   

    BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.1 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # 5C1510 (.303 British) mfg. in the U.S.A. by Savage-Stevens in 1942 with Canadian property marks on both stock and sling. Excellent-PLUS condition, an all-original rifle with over 98% original Parkerized finish, all-matching Savage-made parts, and a gorgeous mirror 2-groove bore.  U.S. PROPERTY on left receiver-rail. Back of bolt-handle numbered to match, with 3-marked bolt-head.  Flawless birch stock and handguards, rear-sight is of the L-shaped variety (calibrated for 300 & 600 meters), includes 1942-dated olive-green web sling. A gorgeous early example, not import marked. PHOTOS . . . $525.   C&R    SOLD

    BRITISH Enfield No.4 (T) SNIPER bolt-action rifle in wooden chest # L32447 (.303 British) mfg. by BSA Shirley arsenal in 1944. A WWII-era sniper rifle with No.32 Mk.3 scope and mount. Excellent condition, with nearly full stoving finish on all major parts and gorgeous walnut buttstock  (with added wooden cheek-piece) and walnut forend numbered to rifle. Scope has great optics with leather lens-caps and metal scope case (attached label numbered to scope). Bore is exceptionally mirror-bright and strong (showing little if any actual use), 1-stamped bolt-head, bolt handle matching receiver. Stock has a some minor scuffs, G33044 stamped at top of butt and on left side of mount. Also includes correct leather sling. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $3750.    C&R   SOLD

    CZECH Model vz52 semiautomatic rifle # J13233 (7.62x45) mfg. by CZ Brno in 1955. Excellent condition with full original Parkerized finish intact strong mirror-bright bore. Includes folding bayonet and correct web sling.  Stock and handguard retain their original finish and are both un-cracked and excellent with only a few minor handling-marks. A legitimate WAR TROPHY from Grenada by a Marine in 1984, with framed DD Form 603-1!   Not import-marked (duhhh), a most literally UNIMPROVABLE and historic item.  PHOTOS . . . $1750.     C&R     SOLD

    GERMAN Model 98/40 Huzagol bolt-action Mannlicher rifle # 4495L (8x57mm) mfg. by Femaru Fegever (FÉG, nazi code jhv) in 1944. An unusual WWII Nazi milsurp rifle with Mauser-style magazine and Mannlicher-style rotating bolt (the bottom of the bolt-knob flattened and checkered). Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing and all matching serial numbers. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. All Nazi eagle / swastika markings strong. Two-piece wood has zero handling marks and retains its original finish. Includes original front sight hood and cleaning-rod as well as original leather sling. Not import-marked, very scarce. PHOTOS . . . $1350.    C&R  

    GERMAN Model G43 semiautomatic rifle # 3764f (8x57mm) mfg. by Berliner-Lübecker-Maschinenfabrik (factory code duv) in 1944.  A Very Good condition rifle with some issues. Bolt carrier is mismatched, cleaning rod is missing, but the most serious issue is that some idiot decided long ago to make a "sporting" rifle out of this classic by grinding off the sling swivel on the front band, filling in the rear sling slot with what appears to be a piece of wood, and finally drilling two holes on the bottom of the stock for sling swivels (which I have removed). No other modifications (other than sanding and varnishing the stock) were done, and all of the above can be restored without much effort (I have seen G43 barrel-bands for sale in the past). Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, very bold Nazi markings, completely functional with aye-marked G43 magazine. Includes front sight-hood. Not import marked, I have seen much worse. PHOTOS . . . $1750.   C&R    SOLD

    SOVIET Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # ZHb3315 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Tula in 1940. Excellent arsenal-refurbished condition with 99% bluing on all metal parts and a very bright and strong bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). All matching numbers (bolt and magazine floorplate electro-penciled to match), laminated stock has a few minor scuffs and scratches. Includes cleaning rod and correct web sling. PHOTOS . . . $210.    C&R    SOLD

    SOVIET Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine # PP6382 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1948. Excellent condition with full bluing on all metal parts and a mirror-bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). All numbered parts stamped matching except for electro-penciled bolt-body. Stock has a few nicks in scrapes but is otherwise very nice. Includes very nice brown leather sling and cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R    SOLD

    SWEDISH Model 96 Mauser bolt-action TARGET rifle # 695483 (6.5x55), mfg. by Husqvarna in 1943 for the civilian Volunteer Shooters' Movement (Frivilliga skytterörelsen) with Soderin diopter sights. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 99% or better original bluing on all parts. Has a mirror-perfect bore. Bolt knob is numbered 483 (matching), no other parts are numbered but have the Husqvarna "crooked crown" stamp. Beech stock & handguard looks like-new with just a couple of very minor handling-marks, a silvery disk stamped TEMPO 3 is on the right side. A beautiful example, quite rare to find in the U.S.A. PHOTOS . . . $925.     C&R    SOLD

    SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin short rifle # 248246 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1955. Excellent-PLUS condition with 95% original bluing and a mirror-bright, very strong bore. All matching numbers, Beech stock looks as if it has been expertly refinished, as it is by far the nicest I have ever seen (with intact cartouche on right side), end of stock stamped I 45 beneath buttplate. Includes correct sling and muzzle cap.  PHOTO  . . . $375.  C&R    SOLD

    VENEZUELAN Model FN-49 Saive semiautomatic rifle # 6193 (7x57) mfg. by Fabrique National in c.1954. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% original painted finish (stoving) and mirror-bright and very strong bore. Venezuelan crest on receiver is bold, with slotted muzzle-break. Walnut stock has some very minor scuffs from storage, with very bold circular FUERZAS ARMADAS VENEZUELA (Armed Forces of Venezuela) cartouche stamped on right side. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $1350.    C&R   SOLD

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