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ARGENTINE Model Ballester-Molina semiautomatic pistol # 0025 (.45 ACP), mfg. at Hafdasa for the Argentine Air Force in the mid 1940's.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with full original Parkerized metal (not refinished).  Bore is very strong and mirror-bright. All matching numbers (unnumbered magazine), all markings clear with bold Argentine crest and AERONAUTICA ARGENTINA on right side of slide. Includes one 7-round magazine. Extremely attractive two-tone grooved walnut grips are very sharp and look new. Very tiny import-mark on left side just behind magazine release button. Extremely attractive.  PHOTO. . . $1250.     C&R   

GERMAN Model CZ27 semiautomatic pistol # 155377 (.32 ACP) mfg. at Bohemian Weapons Factory, Strakonice in c.1941 with high-gloss finish  Excellent condition with virtually no wear, intact "Straw" color on many small parts. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, markings are very sharp and grips are not chipped.  Not import-marked, a really handsome example.  PHOTOS . . . $525.   C&R       SOLD

CZECH Model CZ70 semiautomatic pistol # J82765 (.32 ACP) mfg. at Ceska Zbrojovka, Strakonice in 1972. Excellent condition with 95% or better blued finish. Bore is mirror-bright, markings are very sharp, and black plastic grips are not chipped. Includes full-flap brown leather holster and spare magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $250.    not C&R

GERMAN Model 1883 Officer's model Reichsrevolver # 1204S (10.6mm), mfg. by V.C. Schilling & C.G. Haenel in 1885. Very Good or better condition, the metal has been refinished with a lovely satin surface. All-matching numbers with a strong very shiny bore and very good rifling remaining. Exceptional lock-up of action (I would not hesitate to fire this), backstrap unit-marked B. 1. R. 8. 2..   Not import-marked, rare this nice.  PHOTO. . . $950.   Antique, no FFL required 

GERMAN Model P-08 Luger semiautomatic pistol # 3246s (9mm)  mfg. by Mauser (Nazi factory code S/42, date code G) in 1935.  Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing, all matching numbers and a mirror-perfect bore. A literally pristine example with zero wear, most likely the finest G-date I have ever handled. Very sharply checkered walnut grips with no chips and one non-matching aluminum-bottomed magazine stamped WaA 655. Not import-marked, includes new reproduction leather holster for protection.  PHOTOS . . . $2250.    C&R   SOLD

GERMAN Model P-38 Walther semiautomatic POLICE pistol # 3956  (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Mauser (Nazi code byf) in 1943.  Near Excellent condition, retains over 95% bluing with some even wear on grip.  Has very strong and bright bore. All-matching serial numbers, very bold Eagle L on right side of slide. Includes one eight-round jvd-marked magazine. Not import marked, one of only 3200 police P38 pistols produced. PHOTOS . . . $875.     C&R     SOLD

GERMAN Model P-38 Walther semiautomatic pistol # 8799t  (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Mauser (Nazi code byf) in 1944.  Excellent condition, retains over 95% bluing with strong and bright bore. All-matching serial numbers, very strong markings, includes one eight-round WaA135-marked magazine and 1944-dated black leather full-flap holster. Not import marked. PHOTOS . . . $875.     C&R    SOLD

JAPANESE Type 14 semiautomatic pistol # 92314 (8mm Nambu) with large trigger-guard mfg. at Nagoya in May, 1941 (Showa 16.5). Excellent completely functional condition, has all-matching numbers (including magazine) and a gorgeous mirror-bright bore, external metal is nearly perfect. Includes reproduction leather clamshell holster. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $725.    C&R     SOLD

CZARIST RUSSIA Model 1895 Nagant revolver # 6027 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1904 with ИϹПР. 1928 stamped above (improved, 1928).  Excellent-PLUS arsenal-refurbished condition with 100% bluing and an excellent mirror-bright bore. Nice bakelite grips, with holster (no other accessories). PHOTOS  . . . $325.    C&R   SOLD

SOVIET Model 1895 Nagant revolver # 21847 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1926 with CCCP legend. Excellent-PLUS arsenal-refurbished condition with 100% bluing and an excellent mirror-bright bore. Nice walnut grips, with holster (no other accessories). PHOTOS  . . . $275.    C&R    SOLD

SOVIET Model 1895 Nagant revolver # EY489 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Izhevsk in 1944. Excellent-PLUS arsenal-refurbished condition with 100% bluing and an excellent mirror-bright bore. Nice coarsely checkered walnut grips.   PHOTOS  . . . $295.    C&R 

U.S.A. "Commando" revolver # 50258 (.38 Special) with 4" barrel, manufactured by Colt in 1944.   Very Good condition with 70% or better phosphate finish (holster-wear only on barrel, cylinder, corners and sharp edges) and a near-perfect mirror-bore. Very few contact-marks on metal and grips, some light porousit on left side of barrel from being "holstered wet". Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $725.   C&R    SOLD


BRITISH No.1 Mk.III SMLE bolt-action rifle # H94326 (.303 British), mfg. by Birmingham Small Arms in 1918.  Near Excellent condition with nearly all oil-blacked finish on external metal. Bore is very bright and strong, bolt matching receiver but other parts mixed.  Retains windage-adjustable rear sight. Stock is extremely attractive with very few handling marks from actual service use. Includes later era military web-sling. PHOTOS . . . $380.   C&R    SOLD

BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.2 Enfield bolt-action rifle # A9812 (.303 British) mfg. by Fazakerly in 1955. Excellent-PLUS condition, basically an all-matching new rifle that was unwrapped from cosmoline, cleaned, and perhaps fired a few times. Perfect mirror-bore, nice metal and wood (a few contact marks but nothing major). All-matching numbers, as nice as is obtainable for these. Includes British military web-sling in as-new condition. PHOTOS . . . $950.   C&R 

CHILEAN Model 1895 Mauser bolt-action rifle # G5326 (7x57mm) mfg. by Loewe in 1895.  Excellent condition, with 95% or better deep bluing (some wear on magazine floorplate and triggerguard from carry).  All matching serial numbers, bolt-handle turned down. Bore is extremely strong and mirror-bright. Has very strong Chilean crest above chamber. Nice walnut stock with very few (if any) handling-marks. Includes cleaning rod and new Swedish Mauser leather sling. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $425.    Antique, no FFL required   SOLD

COLOMBIAN Model 47 bolt-action rifle # 1516-58 (.30-06), mfg. by Madsen in 1958. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 99% or better original black-painted finish, bore is mirror-perfect. Stock has virtually no scuffs from handling and no apparent wear. Includes sling and mint condition bayonet & scabbard (not shown in photo). This was the last military bolt-action designed for general use (complete with very effective muzzle-break and recoil-pad), not import-marked, literally UNIMPROVABLE!  PHOTOS . . . $950.    C&R    SOLD

FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 300443 (7.62x54R), with barrel-shank mfg. by Sako in 1967 on an 1898-dated Tula receiver.  Essentially UNISSUED, with 100% bluing and a perfect mirror-bore.  Matching bolt-knob, new-looking postwar wood with very few handling-marks from transit & storage. Includes cleaning-rod and correct green-leather sling. PHOTOS . . . $625.    Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

FRENCH Model 1949/56 MAS semiautomatic rifle # H71541 (7.5x54) manufactured at St. Etienne in c.1970. Excellent condition, with nearly all Parkerizing intact. Has great bore, includes three ten-round magazines and a few  accessories.  Also has attached APX L.806 sniper scope with rubber eye-piece and scope carrying case as well as manuals, etc.  PHOTOS . . . $1375.    C&R   (no California sales)  

GERMAN Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 4702L (8x57) mfg. by Bystrica (code dou) in 1944. A very interesting rework with JUBILUMSMODELL K98K stamped on right side of barrel-shank. Excellent condition, with 100% bluing, Nazi eagle on left side of barrel-shank ground but visible. Has all-milled parts (solid front band), the bore is very strong and mirror bright. Buttstock is laminated with cupped buttplate and has a thick shiny lacquer finish. Bolt-root, magazine-floorplate and triggerguard renumbered 4702 to match receiver. Iincludes cleaning-rod, front sight-hood, locking-screws and repro smooth ;leather sling with buckle. PHOTO . . . $525.    C&R   SOLD

INDIAN Enfield No.2A1 bolt-action rifle converted into "Jungle Carbine" configuration # P6399 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Ishapore Arsenal in 1967. Excellent condition, metal thickly covered in black enamel. Bolt not matching (rear sight does). Bore is bright and sharp. Stock has been cut down to carbine length with a cone flash-hider added. Looks quite handly, but of course it is not original. PHOTOS . . . $395.    C&R    SOLD

PERSIAN Model 98/29 rifle # C03749 (8x57) mfg. by Brno in 1931. Excellent-PLUS (basically UNISSUED) condition, with all-matching numbers. Internally perfect with a mirror-perfect bore, stock and handguard is walnut with gorgeous furniture-type finish and virtually zero contact-marks. Includes correct Persian leather sling and non-matching bayonet and scabbard in Excellent condition. Literally unimprovable!  PHOTOS . . . $950.   C&R    SOLD

SOVIET Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine # FL2756 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1946. Excellent-PLUS condition with full bluing on all metal parts and a mirror-bright bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle). All numbered parts stamped matching (with letter prefixes). Stock has almost zero handling marks and is extremely attractive. Includes cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $350.    C&R

SWISS Model 1896/11 Schmidt-Rubin infantry rifle # P1214 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1904. A private-series rifle in Very Good condition, has been factory reconfigured from a 1889/1900 short rifle to 96/11 infantry rifle configuration (keeping its original 1889/1900 serial number and adding dovetailed pistol-grip). Bolt matching receiver, magazine not numbered. Bore is mirror-bright and extremely strong. C. DAUBENMEIER, / DIETIKON (a retailer that is still in business just outside of Zurich) stamped on barrel and receiver. Gorgeous tiger-striped walnut stock and handguard (considerably more vivid than appears in the photo) has original finish with a few dings and handling marks, diamond-shaped plaque inset on left side. Very rare and unusu7al conversion.  PHOTOS . . . $475.    C&R    SOLD

U.S.A. Model of 1917 bolt-action infantry rifle # 573362 (.30-06) mfg. by Eddystone in May 1918. Excellent-PLUS condition with full original blued finish on metal and a gorgeous mirror-bright bore (MW = 1.0, TE = 2.0). Stock is literally pristine with no handling marks. Includes nice military web sling. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $950.    C&R    SOLD

U.S.A. Model M1 Carbine # 3769180 (.30 Carbine) mfg. by International Business Machines (I.B.M.) in October 1943 with a 10-43 I.B.M. CORP barrel.  Excellent-PLUS condition with full uniform Parkerized surfaces (round-top bolt and 15-round magazine fully blued) and excellent mirror-bore. Stock looks unissued, includes web-sling and oiler as well as plastic-handled M8 bayonet and scabbard. Not import-marked, magazine cannot be shipped to California or where mags over 10 rounds are prohibited. PHOTOS . . . $950.    C&R    SOLD

U.S.A. Model M1-D Garand semiautomatic SNIPER rifle # 3591462 (.30-06)  mfg. by Springfield Armory in March 1945.  Unissued condition, with SA 1-52 barrel (throat-erosion 2.0). Includes prong-type Hart flash-hider, leather cheek-pad (MRT / 6-52), WWII era M1 web-sling, and M10 cleaning-kit in butt-trap. Bedding of metal to wood is so good that it is difficult to remove the action. Walnut furniture is in perfect original condition with nary a dent or scratch. M84 scope # 33669 has perfect optics.   PHOTOS . . . $3250.    C&R   SOLD

U.S.A. Model M17S "bull-pup" semiautomatic carbine # P02252 (.223 Remington) mfg. by Bushmaster in c.1992.  As new, with no signs of wear. Accepts any M-16 or AR15 magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $825.    not C&R

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