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    ARGENTINE Model 1909/47 Mauser bolt-action cavalry carbine # 010357 (7.65x53) mfg. by F.M.A.P. (Rosario) in 1951.  An Excellent example, with 95% bluing on all metal that should be blued, receiver in the white. Argentine crest above chamber. All-matching numbers except for buttstock (which is a replacement faintly numbered 014005). This carbine has an excellent mirror-bright bore, stock has some scuffs and expected handling-marksPHOTOS . . . $575.   C&R   SOLD

    BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.1* Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # 94C4407 (.303 British) mfg. in the U.S.A. by Savage-Stevens in 1944.   Excellent condition, an all-original rifle with over 95% original metal finish, all-matching Savage-made parts, and a gorgeous mirror 2-groove bore.  U.S. PROPERTY on left receiver-rail. All matching numbers (including stock forend and magazine), with 0-marked bolt-head, rear sight is of the milled ladder type.  Lovely birch stock and handguards with a few light dings and scratches from actual use (but still quite lovely). PHOTOS . . . $425.   C&R   SOLD

    CANADIAN Enfield CNo.4 Mk.I* bolt-action rifle # 95L8908 (.303 British) mfg. by Long Branch arsenal in 1950. Excellent condition, metal has full finish on all metal parts and an excellent 4-groove bore that is mirror-bright. Stock has a few dings and handling-marks but is quite attractive with original finish. Back of bolt handle and bottom of magazine numbered to match, bolt-head stamped with # 0. Rear sight is a CMk.3 stamped ladder type. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R   SOLD

    DANISH Model 1867/96 Rolling-Block single-shot rifle # 46692 (11.7x51mm, rimfire or centerfire), mfg. by Geverfabrik Kjobenhaven in 1875.  Excellent condition, receiver and barrel "in the white". Bore is amazingly mirror-bright and extremely strong. Decent walnut buttstock (numbered 46396 on bottom) and forend has original finish with the expected handling-marks, and retains its cartouches, unit-disk stamped 2AB 1347. Completely functional, with cleaning-rod. PHOTO . . . $825.     Antique, no FFL required   SOLD

    DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Model 1953 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # 1207 (.30-06), mfg. in 1960. Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% or better bluing on all metal parts and very little apparent wear. Has very strong markings and a very bright and strong bore. All matching numbers, walnut stock & handguard is nearly flawless with original furniture-type finish. Includes new-looking (certainly unused) tan leather sling and small sight-hood. Not import-marked, very scarce so nice, and worthy of the finest collection. PHOTOS . . . $1250.    C&R   SOLD

    FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 58008 (7.62x54R) barrel mfg. in 1942 by VKT on a hex receiver. Near Excellent condition with nearly all bluing intact (only worn at sharp edges). Numbers 8008 (matching) stamped on bolt-knob.  Bore is mostly bright and strong, includes cleaning-rod. Two-piece Finn stock has a non-military repair on the forend and has been refinished. PHOTOS . . . $300.     C&R    SOLD

    FRENCH Modéle 1936-51 MAS bolt-action rifle # F75453 (7.5x54) mfg. by St. Éttienne in January 1956. UNISSUED condition, NOT arsenal refurbished with 100% external phosphate finish. All matching numbers with shiny, bright bore and very bold cartouches on stock. Includes integral spike-bayonet and grenade launcher with sight, as well as correct sling and (not shown) buttpad still packaged in plastic from factory.   PHOTOS . . . $395.   C&R     SOLD

    ITALIAN Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano Truppi-Speciale bolt-action carbine # A5493 (6.5x52) mfg. by Brescia in 1898. Very Good condition with 60% or so bluing remaining, bore is very bright and strong. Stock was heavily sanded during refurbishment, with A5493 heavily stamped on left side. Includes cleaning rod, front band has original side-mounted bayonet attachment.  Not import marked.  PHOTOS . . . $425.   Antique, no FFL required   SOLD

    ITALIAN Model 91/28 Mannlicher-Carcano Truppi-Speciale bolt-action carbine # 21575 (6.5x52) mfg. by Beretta in late 1933 (the XI year of Mussolini). Very Good or better condition, bore is very bright and strong, stock has a few scuffs and dings but no cracks or anything major. Missing cleaning rod, left side of barrel stamped MADE IN ITALY, but no importer markings.  PHOTOS . . . $300.   C&R   SOLD

    RUSSIAN Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 69813 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Sestroryetsk in 1916 on a hexagonal receiver. Excellent condition with 95% or better bluing on all metal parts. All-matching STAMPED numbers (triggerguard made by Izhevsk). Bore is a bit dark and rough but has strong rifling and muzzle has been counterbored. Buttstock has some of the expected handling marks, Bulgarian "pinecone" stamp on right side above rear sling slot, some paint on left side has unknown significance. Includes cleaning-rod. PHOTOS . . . $625.    C&R  

    SOVIET Model 91/30 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # BA1812 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Tula in 1943 on a round "high-wall" receiver. Excellent arsenal-refurbished condition with 99% or better bluing on all metal parts. All-matching STAMPED serial numbers. Bore is mirror-bright (has NOT been counterbored at muzzle). Buttstock and handguard has some scuffs and scrapes in shellac but also has many cool inspection stamps. PHOTOS . . . $200.    C&R

    SOVIET Model 1891/59 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine # CB1408 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1943. Excellent-PLUS condition with 98% or better bluing with all matching STAMPED numbers (including letter prefixes). Bore is mirror-bright (and has NOT been counterbored at muzzle). Stock has a few minor handling marks from storage and a hairline crack about 1" long at tang. Includes cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   SOLD

    SOVIET Model 44 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine # YAS4400 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1944. Excellent condition with 98% or better bluing with all matching STAMPED numbers (including letter prefixes) except for bolt, which is very lightly electro-penciled with a different number. Bore is quite bright (and has NOT been counterbored at muzzle). Laminated stock has been refinished and is extremely striking, Missing cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $275.   C&R    SOLD

    SWEDISH Model 94 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 1297 (6.5x55), mfg. by Mauser  in 1895 (determined from early serial number) with bent-bolt and no provision for bayonet attachment.  Excellent condition, with 90% or better original bluing on all parts (triggerguard and magazine floorplate faded from carry).  Has very strong markings (date scrubbed and overstruck with INTERARMCO G33/50) and a very bright and strong bore, WITHOUT the usual ugly muzzle-extension that was required for importation into the USA until 1986.  No matching numbers (all bolt parts stamped 173, remainder of numbered parts mixed). Walnut stock and handguard was sanded long ago and has gained very few handling marks since. Sling-buckle is present, but unit disc is not. Not import-marked, rare this nice.  PHOTOS . . . $1250.    Antique, no FFL required 

    SWEDISH Model 96B Mauser bolt-action rifle # 151752 (6.5x55), mfg. by Carl Gustaf  in 1904 with bent-down bolt and threaded muzzle.  Excellent condition, with full bluing on all parts (triggerguard and magazine floorplate shows some wear from carry). Has very strong markings and a very bright and strong bore (disk marked 6.52/3).  All matching numbers (unnumbered cleaning rod). Walnut stock & handguard with few of the expected handling-marks and compressions. PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   SOLD

    SWEDISH Model 38 Mauser bolt-action short-rifle # 661438 (6.5x55), mfg. by Husqvarna in 1942 with bent-bolt and non-threaded muzzle.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with 98% original bluing on all parts. Has a mirror-bright very strong bore (bore-disk indicating 6.50/1).  T-marked rear sight has 150 meter zero. All-matching stamped numbers (crooked crowns on magazine floorplate and barrel-bands).  Beech stock & handguard has its original finish, with very few handling-marks and scuffs, one scratch on left side by buttplate, range-plate on right side has been removed, leaving four small nail-holes where it once was. Includes unnumbered cleaning-rod and front sight-hood, as well as a new Swede tan leather sling bearing three crowns and quick-detach clip.  A truly gorgeous example, the best we have seen in quite a few years. PHOTOS . . . $625.   C&R   SOLD

    SWISS Model K11 Schmidt-Rubin straight-pull cavalry carbine # 190248 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1930. All-matching numbers including magazine.  Excellent condition with most original bluing remaining except at corners and edges (bluing on magazine floorplate and triggerguard browned from carry) and a near-perfect mirror-bore.  Walnut stock and handguard has its original finish with very few handling-marks from actual use.  PHOTO  . . . $450.     C&R    SOLD

    U.S.A. Model 1941 Johnson semiautomatic rifle # 4738 (.30-06) mfg. by Johnson Automatics in 1942.  Excellent-PLUS condition with 100% Parkerized finish on all external metal and a perfect mirror bore. Matching bolt is numbered 4738. Walnut stock is literally flawless and has much figure, includes olive-green military web sling. Not import-marked, UNIMPROVABLE and worthy of the finest collection. PHOTOS . . . $7500. including shipping and sent in a hard case    C&R   SOLD

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