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ARGENTINE Model 1891 Mauser bolt-action rifle # K0446 (7.65x54) mfg. by Loewe in 1894. Excellent condition, with 95% or better bluing, crest has been ground off top of receiver (as usual).  All metal parts numbered to receiver (except stock and cleaning-rod). Bore is excellent and extremely bright with very strong rifling. Stock has original finish with some dings and handling marks from actual public use. Handguard is a replacement held on with copper wire (as were the originals).  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $325.    Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

ARGENTINE Model 1909/47 Mauser bolt-action cavalry carbine # 005763 (7.65x53) mfg. by F.M.A.P. (Rosario) in 1949.  An Excellent example, with 95% bluing on all metal (including receiver, an indication of arsenal refurbishment), Argentine crest above chamber. All-matching numbers except for buttstock (which is a replacement faintly numbered A0170). This carbine has an excellent moistly bright bore, stock has some scuffs and expected handling-marksPHOTOS . . . $475.   C&R    SOLD

BRAZIL Model 1908 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle #7482Nn (7x57) mfg. by DWM, Oberndorf in c.1914.   Very Good, with around 80% original bluing (receiver in the white as is proper for these). Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, Brazilian crest is bold and attractive.  All-matching numbers, complete with cleaning-rod, some areas of pitting at wood-line.  Somewhat battered walnut stock, unsanded with original finish (very bold cartouches, including circled B in diamond flag) having considerable handling-marks from actual use. PHOTOS . . . $375.   C&R    SOLD

BRITISH No.1 Mk.III* Enfield bolt-action rifle # W3063 (.303 British), a "peddled scheme" rifle mfg. by Standard Small Arms in 1917. Excellent arsenal-refinished condition (F T R 1953 on left side of receiver-rail), with 80-90% oil-blacked finish and a very strong and bright 4-groove bore. All numbered parts matching, beech stock is quite nice for these. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R   SOLD

BRITISH Model No.4 Mk.1/2 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifle # A44151 (.303 British) mfg. by B.S.A. Shirley in 1945.  Near Excellent condition, with over 95% enameled metal finish, matching bolt has 0-marked bolt head., rear sight is L-shaped peep. Lovely birch stock and handguards is a replacement (likely from when it was converted from Mk.1 to Mk.2 configuration) with a few light dings and scratches from actual use (but still quite lovely). Includes correct 1945-dated web-sling. PHOTOS . . . $375.   C&R    SOLD

BRITISH Model No.5 Mk.1 Enfield bolt-action "Jungle Carbine" # V3025 (.303 British) mfg. at Fazakerly in March 1946. Near Excellent condition, with 90% military stoving (glossy black paint), some chipped from external metal. No matching serialized parts, has very strong and bright 5-groove bore and 1-marked bolt-head. Wood has a few handling marks from actual use and has metal-capped fore-end. Includes undated British web-sling. PHOTOS . . . $375.     C&R    SOLD

BULGARIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action carbine # 884B (8x56R) mfg. by Steyr in 1904.  A rearsenaled carbine in Excellent condition with 98% or better bluing and a bolt that is electro-penciled to match. Bold Bulgarian royal crest (rampant lion in crowned shield) on top of chamber, bore is mostly bright and strong. Light beech wood stock is pretty with some minor handling marks and has been renumbered 884 on right side to match rest of rifle. PHOTO . . . $195.   C&R   SOLD

CHILEAN Model 1895 Mauser bolt-action rifle # M376 (7x57) mfg. by DWM in 1899-1900.  Excellent condition, with 95% or better deep bluing.  All matching serial numbers except for bolt (headspaces properly), includes matching cleaning rod. Has strong Chilean crest above chamber with strong and bright bore, tigerstriped walnut stock (with Chilean Navy cartouche) has original finish with a few dings, dents and other handling-marks. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R    SOLD

CHILEAN Model 1912-61 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # A5118 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Steyr in 1912 and rechambered to 7.62 NATO in 1961.  Very Good condition, with 60% or better thinning bluing.  No matching numbers, has strong Chilean crest above chamber. Bore is mirror-bright and extremely strong, walnut stock has original finish with considerable dings, dents and other handling-marks but is sound. Missing cleaning-rod but includes original Chilean leather sling with brass buckle and detachable rear sling swivel. PHOTOS . . . $375.      C&R   

CHINESE Model  "Chiang Kai-Shek" Mauser bolt-action rifle # E8769 (8mm), mfg. in Dec. 1942. Basically a copy of the Mauser "Standard Modell" short rifle with fingergroove stock and straight bolt in Very Good condition with 80% or better bluing.  Bolt is not numbered, bore is rough but has bold lands and grooves. Stock and handguard shows some hard use, stock unit-disc marked E. 16. 57. , includes cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R    SOLD

CZECH Model vz22 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # A504 (8x57) mfg. by CZ in 1922-3.  Very Good or better condition (nearly all external reblue intact, wear only at triggerguard and magazine-floorplate from carry) with curved 3-line legend atop receiver. Serial numbers on triggerguard and magazine-floorplate matches receiver, bolt does not match but is a CZ bolt (with Turkish crescent atop knob). Bore is mi9rror-bright and very strong, includes cleaning rod and detachable rear sling swivel. Nicely figured walnut buttstock has been nicely smoothed long ago, handguard has small chips in rear. PHOTOS . . . $275.   C&R    SOLD

CZECH Model vz24 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # 4475M4 (8x57mm) mfg. by CZ in 1937.  Very Good or better condition with a very sharp if not very bright bore. Beautiful bold double-tailed Lion crest atop chamber. Buttstock serial numbered to receiver, no other parts are. Walnut stock has a few handling-marks and one dent, includes leather sling with crosshatch pattern. Missing  cleaning rod, not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R   

FINN Model 38 Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action short rifle # N9309 (7.35x53 Carcano) mfg. by Terni in 1939 with [SA] Finn marking on left side of barrel-shank and PO 1897 on top (a reused 6.5 barrel rebored to 7.35mm). Excellent condition with 95% original bluing. Bore is mirror-bright and quite strong. Stock has been refinished recently with few handling-marks since.  Includes correct [SA] stamped thin brown-leather Carcano sling.  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R  

 FINN Model 39 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 231096 (7.62x54R) barrel mfg. in 1943 by SAKO on a scrubbed hex receiver. Excellent condition with 90% or better remaining external bluing. Bolt-knob and magazine-floorplate stamped 1096 to match, bore is mirror bright and strong, includes cleaning-rod. Three-piece wartime stock has a few handling marks with bold SAKO cartouche on rights side. Includes proper green-leather Finn M39 sling in VG condition. PHOTOS . . . $425.     C&R   SOLD

FRENCH Modéle 1907-15 Berthier bolt-action infantry rifle  # 4426 (8x50R Lebel), mfg. by St. Éttienne in 1917, with POLISH property mark Z in rounded triangle on left side of both barr4el-shank and receiver. Near Excellent or better condition, is not N-marked (has small Polish eagles instead) and has been modified to the M-16 configuration with the 5-round magazine. No matching numbers, bore is mostly bright and strong, metal has nearly full bluing. A few handling-marks on stock (diagonal crack at wrist has expertly done arsenal repair and barely visible). Not import-marked, SCARCE with Polish property markings.  PHOTOS . . . $475.    C&R    SOLD

GERMAN Model Gewehr 88/14 bolt-action Commission rifle # 4765t  (8x57mm) mfg. by Steyr in 1890.  Good to Very Good condition, much bluing weak (receiver correctly "in the white"), some external metal browned. No matching numbers except for triggerguard, bolt has Turk markings (but rifle does not except that numbers on rear sight have been removed and restamped with Arabic numerals), has S-marked bore. Nice strong and extremely shiny bore.  Buttstock is original walnut with small 1" diagonal crack on left side in front of bolt-release, rear barrel-band unit-marked 18.R.R.E.2.17. on left side (struck-through). Retains barrel-jacket and cleaning-rod as well as detachable rear sling swivel. cap on bottom of magazine-well stamped G.B.N. 1915. Rifle is functional and I would not hesitate to shoot it. Not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $325.    Antique, no FFL required  

ISRAELI Model 98k Mauser bolt-action rifle # 610000 (7.62x51 NATO) mfg. by Fabrique National in the mid-1950's.  Good condition, with most metal finish a bit pitted and usual mismatched bolt (however it is a proper FN 98k bolt). Top of receiver stamped with massive Star of David IDF logo. Bore is dark and rough. Stock is Beech with 7.62 deeply stamped in bottom by buttplate. Includes front sight hood but no cleaning-rod (stock is not even routed out for one) and leather (Yugp) sling. PHOTOS  . . . $275.   C&R   SOLD

JAPANESE Type 38 Arisaka bolt-action carbine, no Series, # 112423 (6.5x50) mfg. at Nagoya in c.1915. Excellent condition with nearly full original bluing (barrel-bands are browned) and bright and strong bore. Mum is intact but for one diagonal cut. Bolt (and all bolt parts) numbered 671 likely to match assembly number. Includes original cleaning rod with open V-type ladder rear sights. Wood has original finish with a few of the expected handling marks, small strip of wood missing on left forend.  Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $575.    C&R

JAPANESE Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action short rifle Series 4, # 79124 (7.7x58) mfg. at Nagoya in mid 1943. Near Excellent condition with much original finish intact. Bluing is thinning but finish is good. Bore is chrome=plated and extremely bright and strong. Mum is intact. Has 021 stamped on bolt and all bolt-parts. Includes cleaning rod, stock finish looks original with some minor damage from shrapnel. Not import-marked. PHOTO . . . $425.    C&R   SOLD

PAKISTANI Model No.4 Mk.2 Enfield bolt-action rifle # C27215 (.303 British) mfg. by Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) in 1959. Excellent condition, with full oil-blacked finish on the metal. Very little actual wear, all-matching numbers, with a mirror-perfect 5-groove bore and a 0-marked bolt-head. Wood has some handling-marks and storage-dings as well as rack-numbers stamped in the left side and a reinforcing screw in left forend. These were made on equipment purchased from Fazakerly and are of very high quality and workmanship. PHOTOS . . . $425.    C&R   SOLD

PERUVIAN Model 1891 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # S3377 (7.65x54) mfg. by DWM in 1901 with a 29 1/2" barrel.  Very Good overall, with 75% weak bluing (turning brown with age) but has an excellent mirror-bright bore.  Features lange-vizer (rollercoaster) rear-sight, crest has been buffed off of receiver, matching bolt. Barrel has S.I.G. (Swiss) markings on left side of shank. Stock has arsenal-repaired crack at left side of tang and many banged-up and grease-stained areas. No cleaning rod but has correct muzzle-cap. Not import-marked.   PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   SOLD

PERUVIAN Model 1891 Mauser bolt-action short rifle # R0111 (7.65x54) mfg. by DWM in 1901 with a 24" barrel.  Very Good overall, with 80% weak bluing (turning brown with age) with a mostly-bright bore.  Features lange-vizer (rollercoaster) rear-sight, clear Peruvian crest (REPUBLICA PERUANA) atop chamber, no parts are matching, has bent-down bolt. Decent stock and handguard has the expected handling-marks from over a Century of use, missing cleaning rod. Not import-marked, this is literally the very first Peruvian short rifle I have ever seen or heard of.   PHOTOS . . . $450.    C&R    SOLD

PERUVIAN Model 1891 Mauser bolt-action infantry cavalry carbine 0182 (7.65x54) mfg. by DWM in 1901 with a 18" barrel.  Good to Very Good overall condition, with 40-50% weak bluing (turning brown with age) but has an excellent mirror-bright bore.  Features lange-vizer (rollercoaster) rear-sight, crest has been removed from top of chamber, bent bolt has no serial number. Barrel has Belgian proofs on shank. Stock and handguard has many gouges, scrapes and contact-marks from use and handling, with a 1" long hairline crack behind tang. No cleaning rod, not import-marked.   PHOTOS . . . $350.   C&R  

RUSSIAN Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle # 62474 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Tula in 1917 with Peter The Great barrel marking. Very Good original condition with 70-80% external bluing on all metal parts and a rough and dark bore (NOT counterbored at muzzle) that may "shoot clean. Buttplate matches, bolt and magazine floorplate do not. Stock has splice at forend (Romanian?) with a few dings and handling marks in finish, but is far from ugly. Barrel-bands have broken bolts (from over-tightening when a previous owner attempted to remove them) so some (easily accomplished)  ingenuity is required to keep the handguard attached, Includes cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $225.    C&R   

SOVIET Model 38 Mosin-Nagant bolt-action carbine # IR2194 (7.62x54R) mfg. by Izhevsk in 1943. Excellent arsenal-refurbished condition with full bluing on all metal parts and a mirror-bright bore (counterbored at muzzle, as usual). All numbered parts stamped matching (except bolt). Stock has very few handling marks. Includes correct olive-green web-sling. PHOTOS . . . $295.    C&R    SOLD

SWEDISH Model 96B Mauser bolt-action rifle # 210116 (6.5x55), mfg. by Carl Gustaf  in 1907 with straight bolt and threaded muzzle covered by aftermarket metal cap.  Very Good condition, with 60% or better fading bluing on all parts (triggerguard and magazine floorplate shows more wear from carry). Has very strong markings and a very bright and strong bore (disk marked 6.51/3).  All matching numbers (except all bolt-parts which are numbered 119, and rear sight which is numbered 219 with unnumbered cleaning rod). Nicely figured walnut stock & handguard has few of the expected handling-marks and compressions. PHOTOS . . . $325.   C&R   

SWEDISH Model 96/38B Mauser bolt-action short-rifle # 32509 (6.5x55), mfg. by Waffenfabrik Mauser in 1899 with straight-bolt and threaded muzzle with aftermarket metal muzzle-cap.  Excellent condition, with 90% original bluing on all parts, bluing on magazine-floorplate and triggerguard browned from carry. Has a very bright and strong bore (disk marked 6.50/2).  All-matching serial numbers except for rear sight (847), Walnut stock & handguard was refinished long ago, with some handling marks since. Includes cleaning-rod and used tan-leather Swedish military sling with quick-release clip. PHOTOS . . . $350.   C&R   SOLD

SWISS Model K-31 Schmidt-Rubin short rifle # 548750 (7.5x55mm) mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in 1935. Very Good or better condition, with much external bluing. All-matching numbers including magazine. Bore is bright and strong, wood is walnut with the usual handling-marks. No soldier's tag, end of stock stamped V 33 beneath buttplate. Includes sling and muzzle-cap (not shown). PHOTO . . . $325. C&R   

TURKISH Model 38 Mauser bolt-action infantry rifle # 34012 (8x57) rearsenaled by Ankara arsenal in 1938. Excellent condition, with full bluing remaining on all external meta (browning at bottom from carry). Bolt not matching (but is correct straight bolt). Bore is extremely bright and strong, completely functional. Includes brass cleaning-rod. Stock is Beech with a thin 3" long diagonal crack on left side by recoil-lug and some scuffs in finish. PHOTOS . . . $225.    C&R  

U.S.A. Model M1A semiautomatic rifle # 120924 (.308 WIN) mfg. by Springfield Armory, Inc. The commercial version of the military M-14, this is their Model 9822 (fully-loaded) rifle with a stainless-steel barrel and walnut stick in excellent-PLUS condition (has been fired, but very little and really taken care of) with original box numbered to this rifle and two magazines (one 20-round, one 10-round), leather sling and white-plastic sight covers.  Extremely attractive and supremely accurate. PHOTOS . . . $1525.    NOT C&R   SOLD

VENEZUELAN Model 24/30 Mauser bolt-action carbine # 022235 (7x57) mfg. by Fabrique National in the mid-1930's. Very Good condition, with 50-60% or better bluing remaining, receiver is blued (as is proper for carbines) with bold crest above chamber. Bore is bright and shiny, no matching numbers (but it is a proper 24/30 carbine bent-bolt) with cleaning-rod. Has milled magazine-follower and wavy stamped buttplate. Wood is walnut with a few handling-marks from contact with adjacent rifles.  A very attractive and handy 7mm carbine, quite a bit rarer than the short rifle, not import-marked. I can count on one hand (with fingers left over) how many of these I have ever seen offered for sale. PHOTO . . . $525.    C&R   SOLD

YUGOSLAVIAN Model 48 Mauser bolt-action rifle # K57187 (8x57mm) mfg. c.1950. Excellent-PLUS condition with 98% bluing. Bore is very sharp and mirror-bright, all-matching serial numbers. Teak stock has no finish and just a few dings and handling-marks. Includes cleaning rod. PHOTOS . . . $375.      C&R    SOLD

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