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New stuff for Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

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CHINESE Type 54 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # 2099797 (7.62x25) mfg. by Factory 66 in 1955 with added Glock-type trigger safety for importation legality (can be easily swapped out with any Tokarev trigger). Excellent refurbished condition with full Parkerized finish and a mirror-bright bore. Includes two non-matching magazines and brown leather holster lined with blue corduroy fabric.  PHOTOS . . . $575.    C&R    

CZECH Model CZ50 semiautomatic pistol # D41424 (7.65mm / .32ACP) mfg. by Ceska Zbrojovka, Strakonice in 1970. Near Excellent condition, with mostly full original blued finish (wear only at edges and corners).  Excellent, mirror- bright bore, with unchipped black grooved bakelite grips. Includes one magazine, no other accessories. PHOTOS . . . $375.    C&R     SOLD

CZECH Model CZ52 semiautomatic pistol # Y7575 (7.62x25) mfg. by Ceska Zbrojovka, Strakonice in 1954. Excellent condition, with full gray Parkerized finish. Excellent, mirror- bright bore, with unchipped brown bakelite grips. Includes two magazines and leather holster, cleaning rod, lanyard, and two spare firing pins,  PHOTOS . . . $525.    C&R     

CZECH Model CZ82 semiautomatic pistol # 199142 (9x18)  mfg. in 1994 by CZ.  Excellent-PLUS condition perfect enamel finish and has a mirror-perfect polygonal bore. Includes two 12-round magazines and ambidextrous tan leather fulkl-flap holster. PHOTOS . . . $425.      C&R     SOLD

GERMAN Model PP semiautomatic pistol # 290025p (32 ACP) mfg. by Walther in 1942. Excellent refinished condition, full bluing, the very weak legend on left side of the slide has been obliterated during refinishing, Has commercial eagle-N proofs on right side of frame and slide. Bore is bright and strong. Has black plastic Walther-logo grips. Two Walther-marked magazines and black leather full-flap holster marked sat 44 (GECO).  PHOTOS . . .  $850.     C&R     SOLD

GERMAN Model P1 Walther semiautomatic pistol # 119326 (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Walther in August 1982.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with full original Parkerizing and Alloy frame, updated with the reinforcing bolt January 1985. Excellent mirror-bright bore. All-matching serial numbers, strong markings, includes two eight-round P1-marked magazines and black leather full-flap holster with manual in original numbered box. PHOTOS . . . $650.     C&R      SOLD

JAPANESE  Type 14 semiautomatic pistol Series 1, # 60145 (8mm Nambu) mfg. at Nambu in December, 1942 (Taisho 17.12) with large triggerguard.  Very Good condition with 70% or better original bluing, some minor freckling. All matching serial numbers including magazine. Bore is very bright, markings are very sharp, and grooved wooden grips are sound. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $675.     C&R      SOLD

ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # ST1397 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1953 with added lever safety. Excellent condition with full bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes one non-matching magazine. PHOTOS . . . $425.    C&R    

ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # BZ1297 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1955 with added lever safety. Excellent-PLUS condition with full bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes two non-matching magazines and brown leather holster stamped LENINGRAD inside flap. PHOTOS . . . $525.    C&R    

SOVIET Model 1895 Nagant revolver # CP755 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1941. Excellent refurbished condition with 95% bluing and an excellent mirror-bright bore. Slightly worn coarsely checkered walnut grips.  PHOTOS  . . $625.    C&R     SOLD

SWISS Model 1882 Schmidt Ordnance revolver # 21372 (7.5 Swiss), mfg. by Waffenfabrik Bern in c.1895 and privatized in 1957.  Excellent condition, with 95% or better original bluing and very strong markings, most of the non-blued small parts have intact golden straw finish. All-matching serial numbers with mirror-perfect bore and very little evidence of use. Grips are grooved wood.  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $975.   Antique, no FFL required      SOLD

YUGOSLAVIAN Model 57 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # H-102454 (7.62x25), mfg. at Zastava in 1965 with added safety on left side of frame (this one actually functions properly). Slide and barrel have a different serial number (I-227977). Has bold Yugoslavian crest on top of slide, Excellent condition with a trace of holster-wear on front of slide. Bore is string but not very bright (a result of firing corrosive ammo and not cleaning promptly). Includes two 9-round magazines, cleaning rod and worn brown leather full-flap leather holster.   PHOTOS  . . . $375.      C&R   


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