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New stuff for Thursday, November 18th, 2021

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    CZECH Model CZ52 semiautomatic pistol # R10975 (9mm Luger) mfg. by Ceska Zbrojovka, Strakonice in 1953 and factory converted to 9mm in 1996.  NEW condition, in original box, with high-gloss bluing with unchipped brown bakelite grips. Includes two magazines. Very few of these were imported, quite rare (we have never had one before). PHOTOS . . . $450.     C&R    SOLD

    EGYPTIAN Model 52 semiautomatic pistol # 1062452 (9mm) mfg. by Helwan in c.1958. A licensed copy of the Beretta 951, marked in English on the left side of the slide. NEW IN BOX, an Interarms import with a perfect mirror-bore, and including two eight-round finger-rest magazines.  PHOTOS . . . $395.    C&R      SOLD

    FRENCH MAB Modele D semiautomatic pistol # 39562 (.32 ACP),  scarce prewar military issue mfg. in early 1940 by Bayonne. Near Excellent condition, with 90+% original bluing and a strong mirror-bright bore. Right side of frame has MAS after serial number. Includes MAB-logo black plastic grips. PHOTOS . . . $625.    C&R 

    GERMAN Model PP semiautomatic pistol # 342669p (32 ACP) mfg. by Walther in 1942. Excellent refinished condition, full bluing, the very weak legend on left side of the slide has been obliterated during refinishing, Nazi proof WaA359 on left side of frame weak but visible. Bore is excellent with clean chamber. Has black plastic Walther-logo grips. One Walther-marked magazine. Not import marked.  PHOTOS . . .  $650.     C&R    SOLD

    EAST GERMAN Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol # BT1926 (9x18 Makarov) mfg. at Suhl by Ernst Thälmann in 1962. Excellent condition with 95% or better original high-polish bluing with some minor holster wear at front of slide. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes integral black core lanyard, two magazines.  PHOTOS . . . $595.   C&R      SOLD

    JAPANESE Type 94 semiautomatic pistol # 7842 (8mm Nambu) mfg. at Nambu in March, 1939 (Taisho 14.3). Good condition with much external pitting from exposure to the elements, but 100% functional. Magazine numbered 842 (matching). Bore is surprisingly excellent, markings are very sharp, and checkered Bakelite grips are not chipped. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $575.    C&R 

    POLISH Model P35 Nazi Type II Radom VIS semiautomatic pistol # L8196 (9mm) mfg. by Radom in c.1942.   Near Excellent condition with 90% blue on all parts.  All-matching serial numbers with WaA77 inspection-marks as well as eagle over swastika proof.  Bore is bright and strong. Great external surfaces and appearance with a little holster-wear at corners and sharp edges. Has original FB / VIS logo black-bakelite grips.  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $950.    C&R     SOLD

    ROMANIAN Model TTC Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # AC939 (7.62x25) mfg. by Cugir in 1953 with added lever safety. Excellent-PLUS condition with full original bluing and a mirror-bright bore. Includes one non-matching magazine. PHOTOS . . . $325.    C&R     SOLD

    SOVIET Model 1895 Nagant 7-shot revolver # LM358 (7.62x38R Nagant), mfg. by Tula in 1941. All-matching numbers, a rearsenaled and reblued example in Excellent PLUS condition with very strong markings and a gorgeous mirror-bright bore. Has reddish-brown checkered Bakelite grips and grip-panels and leatherette full-flap holster with wood-handled screwdriver, cleaning rod and leather lanyard. PHOTOS . . . $475.   C&R     SOLD

    SPANISH Model B semiautomatic pistol # 236871 (9mm Parabellum), mfg. by Star in 1943 (Eibar date-code Ñ). Excellent arsenal-refinished condition with 95% or better bluing and all-matching serial numbers, possibly spurious WaA251 proof on  right side of grip tang. Has a strong and bright bore, and is functional. Includes one magazine, with slightly worn and battered checkered walnut grips.  PHOTO . . . $425.    C&R      SOLD

    SWEDISH Model 40 Lahti semiautomatic pistol # 68607 (9mm Parabellum), mfg. by Husqvarna circa 1948. Excellent condition, very nice mirror bore, and 98% original bluing with a few contact marks. Danish police markings Rplt. S 310 on right side. Brown bakelite grips incorporating the Husqvarna logo. Includes one magazine.  PHOTOS . . . $950.     C&R     SOLD

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