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New stuff for Monday, December 15th, 2014

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ARGENTINE Model Ballester-Molina semiautomatic pistol; # 20779 (.45 ACP), mfg. at Hafdasa for the Argentine Army in the mid 1940's.  Excellent-PLUS condition, with full bluing (possibly refinished, as most nice ones are).  Bore is very strong and mirror-bright. All matching numbers (unnumbered magazine), all markings clear with bold Argentine crest and EXERCITO ARGENTINA on right side of slide. Includes one 7-round magazine (all Colt 1911 magazines will function in this pistol). Extremely attractive two-tone grooved walnut grips are very sharp (and obviously replacements). This is somewhat of a copy of the Colt 1911 with some differences (no grip-safety) based on the "Star Super" pistols.  They are both very reliable and accurate. Very tiny import-mark on left side just behind magazine release button. Extremely attractive.  PHOTO. . . $625.   C&R   

GERMAN Model P-38 Walther semiautomatic pistol rig # 6070L (9mm Parabellum) mfg. at Spreewerke (Nazi code cyq) in February 1944. Excellent condition, around 95% original bluing with strong and mirror-bright bore. All-matching numbers, strong markings, includes two eight-round magazines (one eagle / 88 marked magazine and one jvd marked magazine and original leather holster (marked CXB / 4 in Very Good condition. Slide will not lock open after last round with either magazine, otherwise fully functional. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $975.    C&R 

GERMAN Model PP semiautomatic pistol # 418079 (.32 ACP), mfg. at Manurhin in the late 1970's. Excellent-PLUS condition, virtually AS-NEW IN BOX, with two magazines, test target, official document, and manual. PHOTO . . . $525.    C&R     SOLD

ITALIAN Model 1919 semiautomatic vest-pocket pistol # 172736 (.25 ACP)  mfg. by Beretta in c.1925. All-matching numbers, Very Good condition with 75% or so bluing.  Really sharp slightly frosted bore, with 7-round magazine. Grips have PB logo, magazine is a little bent and difficult to extract.  Quite rarely offered in any condition, not import-marked.  PHOTOS . . . $250.   C&R      SOLD

MOROCCAN Model Rr51 semiautomatic pistol # 103904 (.32 ACP)  mfg. just after WWII by Manufacture d'Armes des Pyrénées, Hendaye. Basically a pistol of the time-tested "Ruby" design with exposed hammer. Excellent PLUS condition with 99% or better bluing, very little (if any) actual wear and a near-perfect mirror bore. Black-plastic RF-logo grips, faint Moroccan "palm tree" property mark on right side of frame. Extremely smooth functioning, includes one 9-round magazine. Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $475.   C&R   

U.S.A. H&R self-loading pistol # 29188 (.32 ACP) with 2" barrel, manufactured by Harrington& Richardson in c.1914 under license from Webley & Scott.  Excellent condition, with 98% or better original bluing (some minor oxidation on rear of slide). Bore is very strong and bright. Bakelite H&R-logo grips are intact.  Not import-marked, quite a scarce item. PHOTOS . . . $495.     C&R    SOLD

U.S.A. Model 1917 revolver # 69536 (.45 Colt) manufactured by Colt in August 1919.   Near Excellent condition with 85% or better dark bluing (some holster-wear on sides) with a very bright, strong bore. "UNITED STATES PROPERTY" on underside of barrel, bottom of butt stamped U.S. ARMY / MODEL 1917 / No. 69 / 536. Front sight has been reshaped for better accuracy.  Not import-marked. PHOTOS . . . $975.   C&R   


AUSTRIAN Model 1895 Mannlicher straight-pull bolt-action stuetzer carbine # 7282Q (8x56R) mfg. by Steyr in 1917 with bayonet and scabbard. Near Excellent condition, arsenal refinished with full bluing. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright, wood has very few handling-marks. Includes bayonet and scabbard that actually fits properly.  PHOTO . . . $225.     C&R   SOLD

BRITISH Mark II* Snider-Enfield two-band musket conversion of an 1853 Enfield musket # 407 (.577 Cartridge) mfg. by Enfield in 1860. Very Good condition, entirely functional with surprisingly strong and mostly bright bore.  All external metal in the white, original buttstock. All English made with a considerable number of proofs.  Includes cleaning-rod.    PHOTO . . . $750.   Antique, no FFL required   

BRITISH Enfield No.4 Mk.1*/3 bolt-action rifle # 33L7614 (.303 British) mfg. by Long Branch in 1943, with a Factory Thorough Repair (FTR) at Fazakerly in 1951. Near Excellent condition, with 90% or better original finish (enamel worn and chipping at corners and edges) with all-matching numbers. Mostly bright 5-groove bore with 0-stamped bolt head. Stock has some handling marks with white F / 141 painted on left side. PHOTOS . . . $450.    C&R     SOLD

BRITISH Model No.5 Mk.1 Enfield bolt-action "Jungle Carbine" # D9830 (.303 British) mfg. at Fazakerly in December 1944. Near Excellent condition, with 80% military stoving (glossy black paint) chipped in spots from external metal. Bolt is matching, no other parts numbered with strong mirror-bright 5-groove bore and 2-marked bolt-head. Wood has quite a few handling marks from actual use as well as paint on both sides and an original web sling. Not import-marked, a very early WWII example. PHOTOS . . . $675.    C&R    SOLD

FINN Model 28/30 Mosin Nagant bolt-action rifle # 50806 (7.62x54R) barrel mfg. in 1937 by SAKO with SK.Y civil-guard marking, S15390 Civil Guard district (Salo) on right side of barrel-shank. Very Good condition with 80% fadied bluing. Bolt-knob numbered 0806 (matching), bore is strong and bright (and NOT counterbored). Includes cleaning-rod. Stock has original finish with the expected dings and scrapes from actual service use. PHOTOS . . . $575.    C&R    SOLD

JAPANESE Type 99 Arisaka bolt-action rifle Series 37 # 20260 (7.7x58) mfg. at Tokyo Juki Kogyo in c.1945. Excellent condition with full original bluing (browning at bottom of action), bolt and bolt parts numbered 260 (matching), Has partially ground mum. Features peep-ladder rear sight (without anti-aircraft wings), lacks monopod, action-cover and cleaning-rod. Bore is chrome-lined and mirror-bright. Stock has original finish and has not been sanded. No import-marks, functional. PHOTO . . . $375.    C&R   SOLD

PORTUGUESE Model 904/39 Mauser-Verguiero bolt-action short rifle # D8219 (8x57) mfg. by DWM in 1904. Very Good condition with all-matching numbers and bold royal crest above chamber. Original (browning) finish with a nice mirror-bright bore, includes cleaning-rod, leather sling and hinged muzzle-cap. Originally chambered in the obsolete 6.5x58 Verguiero cartridge, these rifles were rechambered to 8x57 in Germany just before WWII and have one of the smoothest actions of any military rifle. PHOTOS . . . $475.     C&R 

SOVIET Model SVT-40 Tokarev semiautomatic rifle # AL3703 (7.62x54R), mfg. at Tula in 1941. Excellent arsenal-refurbished condition with a strong mostly bright bore. Numbers on parts (except magazine) electro-penciled to match barrel during refurb, receiver is grooved for scope-mount, features 12-slotted muzzle-break. Stock and handguard have very few handling marks and has all remaining Russian shellac, with one barely visible arsenal-repair on left side. Includes cleaning-rod, 10-round magazine and Russian Mosin Nagant web sling. Extremely attractive. PHOTOS . . . $1350.    C&R    SOLD

SOVIET Model SVT-40 Tokarev semiautomatic rifle # LB1135 (7.62x54R), mfg. at Tula in 1941. Excellent arsenal-refurbished condition with full bluing and a strong mostly bright bore. Numbers on parts (except magazine) electro-penciled to match barrel during refurb, receiver is grooved for scope-mount, features 12-slotted muzzle-break. Stock and handguard have very few handling marks and has all remaining Russian shellac, with one arsenal-repair on left side. Includes cleaning-rod, 10-round magazine and Romanian leather sling. Extremely attractive. PHOTOS . . . $1300. C&R    SOLD

SWISS Model 1869/71 Vetterli bolt-action infantry rifle # 2886 (10.4mm Swiss, bolt has been converted to centerfire) mfg. by Valentin Sauerbrey, Basel in c.1870. Near Excellent condition overall, all-matching numbers, all exterior metal (except bands and buttplate) has bluing that is fading to brown. Has 12-round tubular magazine. Bore quite strong, with bright lands but areas of crud and possible pitting in the grooves. Wood is quite dark Walnut, with checkered forend and only a few handling-marks on its original finish with all cartouches clear. Rear sight is incorrect and very stiff but usable, is missing its cleaning rod.  No import marks, a very scarce manufacturer, with only 7,000 produced. PHOTOS . . . $375.    Antique, no FFL required    SOLD

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Soviet Model 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifles

We have just discovered a crate of Soviet 91/30 rifles in our warehouse that have been there for at least eight years. All are arsenal refurbished rifles but, unlike most available in today's marketplace, all have very small import marks beneath the barrel near the muzzle rather than enormous "billboard" import marks on their receivers that other firms have for sale. Every one has stamped matching serial numbers (unless noted otherwise), and aside from cleaning-rods no accessories are included.  CLICK on the photo above to access our 91/30 page or surf to http://www.empirearms.com/9130.htm


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