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    ARGENTINE Model Ballester-Molina semiautomatic pistol # 71422 (.45 ACP), mfg. at Hafdasa (Hispano Argentine Automobile Plant Corporation) for the Argentine Border Guards in 1948.  Excellent condition, with full gray phosphate finish.  Bore is very strong and mirror-bright. All markings clear with bold Argentine crest and GENDARMERIA NACIONAL on right side of slide. One 7-round magazine (all Colt 1911 magazines will function in this pistol). Grooved walnut grips are very sharp and look as-new.   PHOTO. . . $825.   C&R    SOLD

    ARGENTINE Model 84 semiautomatic pistol # 30841 (.32 ACP) manufactured by Bersa.  This is a single-action exposed-hammer pocket pistol in NEW in BOX condition with mirror-perfect bore, and functioning is excellent. Includes one 8-round magazine. PHOTOS . . . $225.   not C&R   SOLD

    CHINESE Model 213 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # 16037643 (9mm), commercial model mfg. at NORINCO in the early 1990'sNEW in BOX condition, with no appreciable wear and a perfect mirror-bright bore. Includes one 8-round fingergrip magazine, has added safety and is import-marked. PHOTO  . . $425.    not C&R    SOLD

    CHINESE Model 54-1 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol # 405042 (7.62x25), mfg. at NORINCO in the early 1990's Excellent condition, with no appreciable wear and a perfect mirror-bright bore. Includes one 8-round magazine, has added safety and is import-marked. PHOTO  . . $350.    not C&R   

    DUTCH  Model Maréchal Sabaré six-shot revolver # 37 (.44-40 caliber), made in Liege in the early1900's. Very Good or better condition with 80% or better external bluing, Serial number 37 is stamped on the frame beneath left grip, the bottom of the barrel, and the front of the cylinder.  Bore is extremely strong and bright, has Liege (Belgium) proofs on barrel and cylinder. Cylinder has no flutes, chambers # 1 & 2 are marked. Dutch law required this as the two marked chambers were to hold blanks or tear-gas cartridges as a warning shots, while the remaining chambers were for loaded (lethal) cartridges. This revolver is unique as it features a very effective safety lever on the left side that locks into the front of the  cylinder so it cannot turn.  Action very tight with slightly worn checkered walnut grips, lanyard-ring intact. Not import-marked, these are usually found in very rough condition. PHOTOS . . . $675.     C&R     SOLD

    DUTCH Model 1873 "New Model" revolver # F640 (9.4mm), by Hembrug in 1909-1925 with round barrel. Near Excellent or better condition with 90% or better external bluing, all matching serial numbers, bore is extremely strong and bright. This is a large-frame double action revolver that was standard issue for the Dutch Army up until the Nazi invasion of 1940.  Crowned W (for Queen Wilhelmina who ruled 1890-1948) stamped on right grip. Action very tight, lanyard-ring intact. Not import-marked, this example is particularly nice for these. PHOTOS . . . $950.     C&R    SOLD

    EAST GERMAN Model 59 Makarov semiautomatic pistol # BV1414 (9x18 Makarov) mfg. at Suhl by Ernst Thälmann in 1962. Excellent condition with 95% or better original high-polish bluing. Bore is excellent and mirror-bright. Includes black plastic thumb-rest grips and two magazines.  PHOTOS . . . $625.     C&R   SOLD

    HUNGARIAN Model P9RK "Hi-Power" semiautomatic pistol # K11143 (9mm) mfg. at FÉG in c.1990NEW condition, absolutely flawless with full high-polish bluing and perfect bore with extremely smooth double-action functioning.  Includes three 13-round magazines and checkered walnut grips with plastic box. . . PHOTO . . . $425.     not C&R   SOLD

    ISRAELI Model M6000 GAL semiautomatic pistol # 55800471 (.45 ACP) mfg. by Israel Arms Ltd. in c.2000 with blued slide and stainless steel frame.  Excellent condition, with very little wear on barrel, none evident anywhere else.  This is an extremely high-quality "tricked-out" match 1911 clone with oversized safety lever, slide release, and magazine button. Has skeletonized hammer, with a very light match-type skeletonized trigger. It has been fitted with a (removable) muzzle-break at the end of the slide. Includes one 10-round MEC-GAR magazine, original box (which pistol will no longer fit in unless muzzle break is removed) and other paperwork,  Has soft rubber grips with beveled magazine well and features extremely smooth functioning. PHOTOS . . . $875.    not C&R   

    ITALIAN Model "Witness" semiautomatic pistol # AE59869 (.45 ACP) mfg. by Fratelli Tanfoglio in c.2015 with blued finish and frame-mounted safety lever. As-NEW condition, with zero wear whatsoever. Essentially a very high-quality CZ75 clone with a 10-round MEC-GAR magazine.  Has soft rubber grips and is very smooth functioning. PHOTOS . . . $575.    not C&R   SOLD

    ITALIAN Model GT27 "Titan" semiautomatic vest-pocket pistol # D956485 (.25 ACP) mfg. by Fratelli Tanfoglio in c.1985 with blued finish. Very Good or so condition, with a 7-round magazine and black plastic FIE-logo grips. Functional is about the nicest thing I can say about this thing. PHOTOS . . . $125.    not C&R    SOLD

    SPANISH Model BM semiautomatic pistol # 1798673 (9mm) mfg. by STAR in 1986 (Eibar date-code F2 under left grip). A compact semiauto, with all-matching serial numbers, in Excellent-PLUS condition with 100% original nickel-plated "Starvel" finish. Bore is mirror-like and very strong with little evidence of use. Includes two magazines, three manuals, and original plastic box. PHOTO . . . $375.      not C&R     SOLD

    U.S.A. Model "Luger" semiautomatic pistol # CL09418 (.22 Long Rifle) manufactured by Stoeger Arms Corporation in 1976-1986. Excellent plus condition, with all remaining external finish and no signs of actual wear. This is a toggle-action copy of the German Luger with simplified blowback mechanism, 4.5" barrel and finely checkered walnut grips. Functional, with two 10-round magazines. PHOTOS . . . $375.    not C&R   SOLD

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