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Russian captured 98k from WWII
updated 2/9/2015

The following Nazi 98k rifles are RUSSIAN CAPTURES in EXCELLENT external condition with either  laminated (or, infrequently) solid-walnut buttstocks as-noted (some having visible Nazi cartouches on the right side of the wood). All minor parts are milled unless mentioned otherwise (solid front bands are milled but do not have the cut-outs at the top and bottom featured on the earlier H-type bands).  We literally "hand picked" every single rifle, and selected them for bore condition and uniformity of appearance.

The above photo is of one of these 98k rifles taken completely at random from our stock.

ALL have mixed parts (as initially dismantled and then rebuilt by the Soviets during the 1950's) that are fitted to the rifle and each part is electro-penciled to match the receiver (the buttstock is always stamped on the left-side to match).  If it has a X-like stamp on the receiver (a Russian-capture mark representing two crossed rifles) there will be a Y in the X? column, if not there will be a N in the X? column. 

Some rifles had their muzzles counterbored to increase accuracy, if so there will be a  Y in the counterbored muzzle? column,  We also added some columns to determine if the groove for a front-sight hood was present and the length of the cleaning rod.   NONE currently have cleaning-rods or front sight-hoods (we offer high-quality reproductions of cleaning-rods at the bottom of this page), and the trigger-guards that used the small non-essential "guard-screws" will be missing those "guard-screws" (Gun Parts Corp sells reproductions of the guard-screws cheap).  While there are reproduction 98k slings offered elsewhere, we do not sell or recommend them.  We used to offer repro sight-hoods but no longer have any for sale and do not know where to obtain more.

ALL have a 99% or better refinish (which is hot-dip blued) on the metal though there may be some evidence of slight external speckling caused by a reaction of the metal from exposure to blood (these were, after all, used by the losing side during wartime).  Though the wood is very sound and serviceable it will likely show old bumps and dings from actual wartime usage and may have some nicks and scrapes in the thick shellac-type finish (as is common on all Soviet reworks) from handling and storage. Headspace has been carefully checked for each rifle, and all are excellent in that regard, all bolts are turned-down and blued (as issued). The bores on these 98k's are much better than to be expected for a 60+ year-old battle-rifle with sharp lands and grooves, however none are perfect or "like new" (they were, after all, actually issued to and used by German soldiers during WWII that only had corrosive ammunition available to use in them).

These rifles were assembled to be (and are) excellent shooters, and many identical examples saw action in Vietnam and other politically unstable places like Angola during the 1960's.  


All original Nazi markings, being either Weimar-style eagles with folded wings (standard on all German military arms mfg. before 1938) or the more familiar Nazi-style eagles with outspread wings atop a Swastika (on most rifles mfg. after 1938) have (unless noted otherwise) NOT been pinged-out or otherwise obliterated, and are usually very bold and clear!.  

NOTE:  The Russians captured literally MILLIONS of 98k's, and "reworked" EVERY SINGLE ONE!  Not a *SINGLE* example exists for sale in Russia or the former Soviet States that did NOT undergo this "refurb" treatment, and literally no "original configuration all-matching" Nazi 98k Mauser rifles exist behind what once was "the iron curtain" (except for the few exhibited in museums) so aside from G.I. bring-backs these are all that will ever be available with intact German markings.

THIS is how they were packaged for storage and transportation. . .

Here is how one of our customers was able to easily 
refinish an actual RC 98k he purchased from this page:

They clean-up pretty darned nice, don't they?

EMPIRE ARMS has, since September 2002, sold over ten thousand (10,000) Russian-captured 98k's off of this very page, and have had only THREE (3) returns ever. 

The "gravy train" ended in mid-2007, and ever since it has been slim pickings.

Unlike other dealers we *WANT* to repurchase items that we have previously sold, as there are unfortunately no more of these available overseas (we literally bought them all and all supplies have been entirely depleted, whether any of you want to believe it or not).  

The following rifles (if not marked SOLD) are the only ones currently available. . . we will add more as we are able to repurchase them, but make no promises as to future availability.

All qualify as "Curios & Relics" by ATF for direct delivery to licensed collectors.

 Please read and agree to our Terms of Sale HERE *FIRST*, 
then order by serial-number from the following table 
(we will not "HOLD" any item without BOTH payment and paperwork in-hand)

Sorry, no individual photos available, no exceptions


serial #

eagle type

X? counterbored muzzle? grooved for sight-hood? cleaning rod length? wood-type




1937 S/27 ERMA 1136d stick-type eagles Y N N 12.5" laminated flat all milled parts $425 SOLD
1937 BSW Berlin-Sühler 3989a Weimar N N N 12.5" (included) laminated flat all milled parts $475 SOLD
1940 337 Gustloff 7923b swastikas Y N Y 10" laminated flat all milled parts $525 SOLD
1941 bnz Steyr-Daimler-
7591e swastikas Y N included included solid walnut cupped bluing removed from bolt $425 SOLD
1935 S/42G Mauser 6359r Weimar Y N N 12.5" aminated w/ Army cartouche cupped all milled parts $480 SOLD
1937 S/147 Sauer & Son 4346a Weimar Y N N 12.5" laminated cupped solid front band, dark bore $375 SOLD
1942 bnz Steyr-Daimler-
229e swastikas Y N Y 12.5" laminated w/ Army cartouche cupped stamped mag-fplt rough bore $375 SOLD
1941 bnz Steyr-Daimler-
5858j swastikas Y N Y 10" laminated flat all milled parts, rough bore $425 SOLD
1938 S/243 Mauser Borsigwald 3142a Weimar, 3 eagle/swastikas on right side Y N N 12.5" laminated flat all milled parts, nice bore $475 SOLD

All markings unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine

REPRO 10" or 12.5" 98k cleaning-rods, excellent quality (installed on any rifle you buy from us) . . . $12 each

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