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Index of "New Stuff" page over the last 10+ years
Note: these items are NOT currently for sale

EMPIRE ARMS has published many hundreds of "New Stuff" pages containing many tens of thousands of collectible military firearms over the past several decades.  Until now there has been no way to browse through these past pages to see the great variety of items that we have offered for sale via this unique venue.  We think it serves a purpose to show WHAT we have sold and HOW MUCH we actually obtained for them. Very few of the items on any of these lists went unsold and thus never made it to our "public" pages (we transfer all unsold items after 24 hours).

A word of caution, however.  None of these pages have been updated since the day after they were published, so if an item is NOT marked SOLD on the list, it was likely quickly snapped up later (at which time they were removed from our public web-pages but NOT from their original "New Stuff"  listings detailed here).

The main purpose for presenting these research pages here is to give you an idea of the types of items we regularly obtain and offer for sale to our subscribers.



November 29th www.empirearms.com/112923.htm  40 handguns

October 22nd to 31st, trip to Peru

October 16th www.empirearms.com/101623.htm  25 rifles

September 4th to October 1st, trip to Ireland & Italian Riviera

September 1st www.empirearms.com/090123.htm  30 Mosin Nagants

August 9th www.empirearms.com/080923.htm  28 rifles

August 3rd www.empirearms.com/080323.htm  28 rifles

July 17th www.empirearms.com/071723.htm  25 rifles

July 12th www.empirearms.com/071223.htm  25 rifles

July 7th www.empirearms.com/070723.htm  24 handguns

June 14th www.empirearms.com/061423.htm  12 handguns

May 29th www.empirearms.com/052923.htm  25 rifles

May 23rd www.empirearms.com/052323.htm  25 rifles

April 25th www.empirearms.com/042523.htm  25 rifles

April 11th www.empirearms.com/041123.htm  24 handguns

March 20th www.empirearms.com/032023.htm  21 Finn rifles

March 13th www.empirearms.com/031323.htm  24 rifles

March 6th www.empirearms.com/030623.htm  31 rifles

February 9th www.empirearms.com/020923.htm  26 rifles

January 23rd www.empirearms.com/012323.htm  27 rifles

January 10th www.empirearms.com/011023.htm  25 rifles



December 29th www.empirearms.com/122922.htm  25 rifles

December 6th www.empirearms.com/120622.htm  25 rifles

October 11th to November 6th, trip to Greece & Israel

September 23rd www.empirearms.com/092322.htm  30 pistols, 20 rifles

August 17th to September 17th, trip to Europe & Africa

August 10th www.empirearms.com/081022.htm  25 military rifles

August 2nd www.empirearms.com/080222.htm  24 Mosin Nagants

July 14th www.empirearms.com/071422.htm  25 military rifles

July 5th www.empirearms.com/070522.htm  34 Mosin Nagants

June 28th www.empirearms.com/062822.htm  28 Mosin Nagant  rifles

June 21st www.empirearms.com/062122.htm  23  rifles

June 14th www.empirearms.com/061422.htm  22  rifles

June 8th www.empirearms.com/060822.htm  22  rifles, 12 handguns

April 30th to May 22nd, trip to Northern Europe & Baltics

April 21st www.empirearms.com/042122.htm  30 rifles (South America & Sweden)

April 11th www.empirearms.com/041122.htm  30 rifles (various types)

March 14th www.empirearms.com/031422.htm  20 rifles (no survivors)

February 4th www.empirearms.com/020422.htm  9 handguns, 15 rifles

January 27th www.empirearms.com/012722.htm  26 Mosin Nagant rifles

January 18th www.empirearms.com/011822.htm  28 Military bolt-action rifles

January 10th www.empirearms.com/011022.htm  28 Military bolt-action rifles

January 4th www.empirearms.com/010422.htm  25 Military rifles (mostly semiautos)



November 18th www.empirearms.com/111821.htm  11 military handguns

September 30th www.empirearms.com/093021.htm  23 Mosin Nagant carbines & U.S. rifles

September 24th www.empirearms.com/092421.htm  27 Finn Mosin Nagant rifles

September 20th www.empirearms.com/092021.htm  25 various rifles

September 10th www.empirearms.com/091021.htm  30 various rifles

August 20th www.empirearms.com/082021.htm  30 Japanese & Russian / Soviet rifles

July 29th to August 12th, trip to Athens & Greek Isles

July 26th www.empirearms.com/072621.htm  25 various rifles

July 13th www.empirearms.com/071321.htm  24 various rifles

July 6th www.empirearms.com/070621.htm  34 various handguns

June 18th www.empirearms.com/061821.htm  21 Mosin Nagant rifles, 2 M1 Garands

June 1st to June 12th, trip to Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

May 17th www.empirearms.com/051721.htm  21 foreign-contract Mauser rifles

May 7th www.empirearms.com/050721.htm  24 rifles (many U.S. military)

April 30th www.empirearms.com/043021.htm  25 interesting rifles

April 27th www.empirearms.com/042721.htm  20 more interesting handguns (many antiques)

April 22nd www.empirearms.com/042221.htm  24 very interesting handguns (many antiques)

March 29th www.empirearms.com/032921.htm  28 various rifles

March 18th www.empirearms.com/031821.htm  24 Mauser rifles

March 11th www.empirearms.com/031121.htm  21 various rifles & carbines

March 2nd www.empirearms.com/030221.htm  35+ Mosin Nagant rifles

February 15th www.empirearms.com/021521.htm  28 Various handguns

January 25th www.empirearms.com/012521.htm  29 Various rifles

January 4th www.empirearms.com/010421.htm  36 Various rifles



December 21st  www.empirearms.com/122120.htm  13 handguns

December 14th  www.empirearms.com/121420.htm  17 semiauto & 10 bolt-action rifles

December 9th  www.empirearms.com/120920.htm  36 various rifles and carbines

November 18th  www.empirearms.com/111820.htm  33 various rifles and carbines

October 26th  www.empirearms.com/102620.htm  34 Mauser & Mosin Nagant rifles

October 12th  www.empirearms.com/101220.htm  19 military handguns

October 8th  www.empirearms.com/100820.htm  30 military rifles & carbines

October 1st  www.empirearms.com/100120.htm  30 military rifles & carbines (13 U.S.)

September 11th  www.empirearms.com/091120.htm  30 Mauser rifles & carbines

September 4th  www.empirearms.com/090420.htm  27+ Mosin Nagant rifles & carbines

August 18th  www.empirearms.com/081820.htm  30 various rifles (ten U.S. military)

August 13th  www.empirearms.com/081320.htm  30 various rifles (several 98k's)

June 29th  www.empirearms.com/062920.htm  26 various rifles

June 8th  www.empirearms.com/060820.htm  27 British & U.S. rifles & shotguns

June 2nd  www.empirearms.com/060220.htm  26 Mosin Nagant rifles & carbines

May 26th  www.empirearms.com/052620.htm  13 Straight-pull rifles & 10 semiautos

May 20th  www.empirearms.com/052020.htm  33 German & Italian rifles

May 15th  www.empirearms.com/051520.htm  26 handguns

April 30th  www.empirearms.com/043020.htm  23 rifles

April 13th  www.empirearms.com/041320.htm  18 rifles

March 31st  www.empirearms.com/033120.htm  24 rifles

March 24th  www.empirearms.com/032420.htm  14 modern handguns

March 23rd  www.empirearms.com/032320.htm  30 rifles

March 17th  www.empirearms.com/031720.htm  10 handguns, 28 rifles

February 28th  www.empirearms.com/022820.htm  29 various rifles

February 19th  www.empirearms.com/021920.htm  34 various rifles

January 23rd  www.empirearms.com/012320.htm  31 various rifles

January 11th  www.empirearms.com/011120.htm  30 various rifles

January 7th  www.empirearms.com/010720.htm  35 various rifles



December 6th  www.empirearms.com/120619.htm  56 nice handguns

November 22nd  www.empirearms.com/112219.htm  29 semiautomatic rifles

November 14th to November 19th, trip to London & UK

November 8th   www.empirearms.com/110819.htm  20 rifles

November 6th   www.empirearms.com/110619.htm  30 rifles

October 28th   www.empirearms.com/102819.htm  53 handguns (many German)

September 19th   www.empirearms.com/091919.htm  42 rifles

August 20th   www.empirearms.com/082019.htm  30 rifles

August 13th   www.empirearms.com/081319.htm  38 rifles

August 7th   www.empirearms.com/080719.htm  38 rifles (18 of them antiques)

July 30th   www.empirearms.com/073019.htm  35 handguns

July 15th   www.empirearms.com/071519.htm  35 rifles

June 21st   www.empirearms.com/062119.htm  26 semiautomatic rifles

May 29th   www.empirearms.com/052919.htm  9 handguns, 30 rifles

April 26th to May 22nd, trip to Ireland & Northern Europe

April 22nd   www.empirearms.com/042219.htm  22 rifles

April 16th   www.empirearms.com/041619.htm  20 rifles

March 25th   www.empirearms.com/032519.htm  21 Model 1911 handguns

March 22nd   www.empirearms.com/032219.htm  24 rifles

March 18th   www.empirearms.com/031819.htm  28 handguns (mostly U.S.)

March 14th   www.empirearms.com/031419.htm  12 U.S. pistols, 19 U.S. rifles

March 5th   www.empirearms.com/030519.htm  25 U.S. military rifles

February 7th   www.empirearms.com/020719.htm  9 handguns, 14 rifles

January 9th   www.empirearms.com/010919.htm  22 rifles

January 4th   www.empirearms.com/010419.htm  33 rifles



November 26th   www.empirearms.com/112618.htm  26 Mosin Nagant rifles

November 11th   www.empirearms.com/111118.htm  26 rifles

October 15th   www.empirearms.com/101518.htm  25 rifles

October 10th   www.empirearms.com/101018.htm  19 rifles

October 8th   www.empirearms.com/100818.htm  28 rifles

October 2nd   www.empirearms.com/100218.htm  38 handguns

September 13th   www.empirearms.com/091318.htm  23 rifles

September 10th   www.empirearms.com/091018.htm  27 handguns

September 3rd   www.empirearms.com/090318.htm  25 rifles

August 14th   www.empirearms.com/081418.htm  11 handguns

July 31st   www.empirearms.com/073118.htm  20 rifles

July 24th   www.empirearms.com/072418.htm  23 rifles

July 17th   www.empirearms.com/071718.htm  29 handguns

July 11th   www.empirearms.com/071118.htm  23 rifles

July 6th   www.empirearms.com/070618.htm  14 rifles

June 29th   www.empirearms.com/062918.htm  22 rifles

May 6th   www.empirearms.com/050618.htm  13 handguns & 13 rifles

May 3rd   www.empirearms.com/050318.htm  20 rifles

April 26th   www.empirearms.com/042618.htm  23 rifles

April 24th   www.empirearms.com/042418.htm  20 rifles

March 28th   www.empirearms.com/032818.htm  31 Finnish Mosin Nagant rifles

March 19th   www.empirearms.com/031918.htm  26 pistols

March 16th   www.empirearms.com/031618.htm  24 rifles

February 5th   www.empirearms.com/020518.htm  34 rifles

February 7th   www.empirearms.com/020718.htm  17 rifles

February 5th   www.empirearms.com/020518.htm  34 rifles

January 22nd   www.empirearms.com/012218.htm  21 rifles

January 15th   www.empirearms.com/011518.htm  26 rifles

January 3rd   www.empirearms.com/010318.htm  18 rifles



December 27th   www.empirearms.com/122717.htm  22 handguns

December 11th   www.empirearms.com/121117.htm  35 rifles

November 28th   www.empirearms.com/112817.htm  42 rifles

October 23rd   www.empirearms.com/102317.htm  23 handguns

October 17th   www.empirearms.com/101717.htm  40 rifles

August 23rd   www.empirearms.com/082317.htm  8 pistols, 13 rifles

July 12th   www.empirearms.com/071217.htm  32 rifles

July 10th   www.empirearms.com/071017.htm  22 handguns

June 18th to June 23rd, trip to Cuba

May 26th   www.empirearms.com/052617.htm  15 handguns, 20 rifles

May 19th   www.empirearms.com/051917.htm  31 handguns

May 16th   www.empirearms.com/051617.htm  25 rifles

May 8th   www.empirearms.com/050817.htm  30 rifles

April 25th   www.empirearms.com/042517.htm  19 rifles

April 11th   www.empirearms.com/041117.htm  26 rifles

March 6th   www.empirearms.com/030617.htm  22 rifles

February 2nd   www.empirearms.com/020217.htm  25 rifles



December 2nd   www.empirearms.com/120216.htm  16 handguns, 13 rifles

November 16th   www.empirearms.com/111616.htm  30 rifles

October 25th to November 9th, trip to London and Rome

October 14th   www.empirearms.com/101416.htm  33 rifles

September 28th   www.empirearms.com/092816.htm  33 rifles

September 2nd   www.empirearms.com/090216.htm  40 rifles

August 26th   www.empirearms.com/082616.htm  38 rifles

August 19th   www.empirearms.com/081916.htm  30 rifles

August 12th   www.empirearms.com/081216.htm  43 rifles

July 23rd   www.empirearms.com/072316.htm  23 M1 Garand rifles

July 13th   www.empirearms.com/071316.htm  36 handguns

June 1st   www.empirearms.com/060116.htm  28 rifles

April 11th   www.empirearms.com/041116.htm  12 handguns, 15 rifles

April 6th   www.empirearms.com/040616.htm  12 handguns, 15 rifles

March 23rd   www.empirearms.com/032316.htm  30 rifles

March 4th   www.empirearms.com/030416.htm  26 rifles

February 9th   www.empirearms.com/020916.htm  36 rifles

January 22nd   www.empirearms.com/012216.htm  27 rifles

January 20th   www.empirearms.com/012016.htm  23 rifles

January 4th   www.empirearms.com/010416.htm  16 rifles



December 14th   www.empirearms.com/121415.htm  24 rifles

December 8th    www.empirearms.com/120815.htm  34 rifles

November 11th    www.empirearms.com/111115.htm  31 handguns

November 9th    www.empirearms.com/110915.htm  32 handguns

September 30th    www.empirearms.com/093015.htm  16 Mosin Nagants

September 28th    www.empirearms.com/092815.htm  20 Mosin Nagants

September 9th    www.empirearms.com/090915.htm  18 rifles

August 19th    www.empirearms.com/081915.htm  19 rifles

August 10th    www.empirearms.com/081015.htm  17 rifles

July 24th    www.empirearms.com/072415.htm  23 rifles

June 9th    www.empirearms.com/060915.htm  28 handguns

May 27th    www.empirearms.com/052715.htm  5 handguns, 26 rifles

May 15th, death of Desiree Kroh

April 30th    www.empirearms.com/043015.htm  26 handguns

April 29th    www.empirearms.com/042915.htm  23 rifles

April 27th    www.empirearms.com/042715.htm  24 rifles

March 3rd   www.empirearms.com/030315.htm  14 rifles

February 27th   www.empirearms.com/022715.htm  24 rifles

January 30th   www.empirearms.com/013015.htm  26 handguns

January 28th   www.empirearms.com/012815.htm  26 handguns



December 15th   www.empirearms.com/121514.htm  7 handguns, 10 rifles

November 21st   www.empirearms.com/112114.htm  24 rifles

November 18th   www.empirearms.com/111814.htm  21 rifles

October 17th   www.empirearms.com/101714.htm  20 rifles

September 10th   www.empirearms.com/091014.htm  4 handguns, 9 rifles

August 18th   www.empirearms.com/081814.htm  23 handguns, 15 rifles

August 5th   www.empirearms.com/080514.htm  10 handguns, 19 rifles

July 15th   www.empirearms.com/071514.htm  15 Mosin Nagant rifles

July 11th   www.empirearms.com/071114.htm  18 rifles

July 7th   www.empirearms.com/070714.htm  24 rifles

June 26th   www.empirearms.com/062614.htm  19 rifles

June 6th   www.empirearms.com/060614.htm  20+ rifles

June 3rd   www.empirearms.com/060314.htm  32 rifles

May 23rd   www.empirearms.com/052314.htm  22+ rifles

May 20th   www.empirearms.com/052014.htm  22 rifles

May 14th   www.empirearms.com/051414.htm  28 rifles

May 7th   www.empirearms.com/050714.htm  26 rifles

May 1st   www.empirearms.com/050114.htm  18 rifles

April 1st   www.empirearms.com/040114.htm  37 pistols

March 24th   www.empirearms.com/032414.htm  41 rifles

March 11th   www.empirearms.com/031114.htm  22 U.S. military rifles

March 7th   www.empirearms.com/030714.htm  25 rifles

February 25th   www.empirearms.com/022514.htm  18 rifles

February 24th   www.empirearms.com/022414.htm  16 handguns

February 14th   www.empirearms.com/021414.htm  20 rifles

February 12th   www.empirearms.com/021214.htm  17 rifles

February 7th   www.empirearms.com/020714.htm  17 rifles

February 5th   www.empirearms.com/020514.htm  20 rifles

January 6th   www.empirearms.com/010614.htm  19 U.S. military rifles



December 27th   www.empirearms.com/122713.htm  15 U.S. military rifles

December 17th   www.empirearms.com/121713.htm  22 rifles

November 5th   www.empirearms.com/110513.htm  19 handguns

October 9th   www.empirearms.com/100913.htm  14 rifles

October 1st   www.empirearms.com/100113.htm  25 rifles

August 2nd   www.empirearms.com/080213.htm   20 rifles

July 31st   www.empirearms.com/073113.htm   22 rifles



compilation of rifles (only) from all 2006 New Stuff lists HERE  (searchable)

We plan to continue to add prior dates as time (and our patience) permits.

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